Adventures of Darth Daddy

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Pretty nice day

Not much goin on today: Went to Boogerkign with family for breakfast, and saw a Praying Mantis on the wondow by our booth! That was way cool! Logan and I kept turning around to watch it - then went and saw it up close outside, when we were leaving.

The air mattress I bought to help my back developed a smll airleak - I woke up in a limp pool of plastic this mourning. Quick trip to Walmart, and I got another one to try tonight. Think I pinched my siatic (sp?) nerve. Back is much better, but my legs twinge in the front when I walk for too long.

Also bought a new book bag / urban warrior pack / manly diaper bag. I love the old on , but I think a smaller one will be better once I am on my own with a 2 yr old and a 3 month old. Boy am I gonna have my hand filled! Im scared - Im nervous - and I can't wait!!
Oh Darth Logan has developed a rash on his body - a call to teh doc says that it is due to the Viral infection that caused the fever - and to ride it out. Doesn't seem to bother him. Now my toothache, on the other hand - ouch! Dentist said that the tooth was infected (bacterial) and put me on an antibiotic. I go back in 10 days for a root canal, then a filling and crown. Ever since that damn visit, the tooth thinks it has a free license to hurt! And he never touched it! No poking, no proding - just looking. But the tooth wants to go out with a bang.

Well, it's 2 am - just finshed cleanign all the pots/pans/dishes in the kitchen - time to settle down and watch the end of Rocky 3.
(Damn - just missed the ending - there's always the dvd..........

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Fantastic day for Darth Logan

No fever - no sickness - just a little cranky.  My back is getting better, even the toothache eased up.  I took Logan out today for a McDonalds run.  It still amazes me that he can devour his own cheeseburger.  This is the same child that I made formula in a bottle for, and now he's mooching my french fries!

Trip to the dentist today revealed that I need a root canal, filling, and a crown  (all on the same tooth).  Total cost :$1,300.  Total out of pocket with insurance :$500.  A lot less, but sure would be nice if more was covered.  I guess when the pain in the tooth stops, the pain in the wallet starts, to compensate.

Haven't answered many work calls - been taking it easy last few days.  Also haven't worked on hearse lately.  Gotta get that goin soon - Darth Unborn is on the way soon.  Only 2 more months (or so) to go! 
I get a twinge of fear now and again at going to be a SAHD (Stay At Home Dad) with an infant AND a toddler. Most of the time, recently, that twinge is just a pinched never cause of the backpain.  But when it's not - wooboy.  I thought that being a first time daddy was hard - the next phase is going to require juggling abilty of epic proportion!  Strange, when I think of it, that Im alrady thinking past the delivery and the "Wife is home with the baby" phase, and jumping right into the "on our own" part.  I guess everyone has a favorite part of a movie- nothing wrong with skipping right to that scene.

Well, that's it for now.  Darth Logan has acheived room temterature - and all is well in the "looneyverse".

Poor baby just wants to be held. His fever spiked at 104. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A ray of sunlight!

The baby woke up this morning - and seemed just fine.  That is, until mommie had to go to a meeting..then all hell broke loose.  He cried, he fell, he threw things, he cried some more.....poor dear.  After a 20 minute bout of "Do you whatTHIS?  Do you want THIS? Do you want THAT?", he finally led me to the door, outside, and pointed at my car.  I asked if he wanted to play in it, and he said NO.  I asked if he wanted go to on a road trip, and he shook his little weeping face up and down.  So we got suited up, and went for a spin.....a 2.5 hour spin!  He was content for about 30 minutes, then he fell asleep.  I figured "As long as I got gas, we drive!"
At one point, a Weird Al song came on, and he actually started to smile and giggle in his sleep.  I guess weird really IS genetic based.
After we came back in the house, he went back to throwing his fit.  But at least he had no fever.  He seemed like he was upset that he had missd 2 days worth of playing.  I told him to pick a movie - and he found the dvd box to the ONLY movie that I cant find the cd to "The Karate Kid".  A few minutes of explaining and begging and crying (and that was ME),  he settled on George of the Jungle. MAYN that Ursula is fine!
Back still is a bit sore, at certain positions.  And to make matters worse, a nerve is pinched that is tweaking my right leg from time to time.  OH OH OH    I almost forgot  - that damn toothache acted up last night. Kept waking me up - I think Im falling apart. At least it's physical now, instead of emotionally!  I made a dentist appt for tomorrrow. If the back dont get better, I will make a Dr appt for friday.  I had considered making a deal with the devil - let Logan get better, and you can take me instead.  I fear that he has taken me up on it!  But that's ok - he just blew a shot at a 2002 Corvette for a 1970 Chevy Impala (HAHAHAHHAHA)

Well, it's 11:30pm, and I'm off to Walmart for either some Doan's pills or Advil.  The backache is nowhere near as bad as it was yesterday - so I think it's on the way out -and Im not typically a meds taker - but hell, if it'll help...

And I thought YESTERDAY was bad....

The baby's fever broke at about 3 am Monday night.  He woke up with energy for both of us.  Wanted to drink , and eat, and play , and watch The Wigles and Babar. So we let him do his thing for a while..we were just to happy that he was feeling better. He fell asleep on the livingroom couch, so I just crashed on the floor below him.  I even put down the large cushions from the other sof to lay on.  OH MY GOD!  When we woke up this morning, he still had a slight fever, but I couldn't move.  I tried to stand up, but pain shot thru my lower back and I dropped back to the ground. Even crawling was painful.  It got better as the day went on, but still aches a bit.  I've never been in so much pain that I actualy yelled out (in pain, not in joy) when I got to my feet. Good thing the wife was home to help with Logan! 
Took him to the Dr. office - they tested his blood and said it was a viral infection.  Expect fevers for about 2-3 more days. That sounds ok, except when you have to look at how pathetic your child looks just melting into your arms.  He got so bad at one point ( temp as 104) that he was almost too hot to hold.  ANd you cant do anything for him - cept Tyleonol, Motrin, an occastional bath, and wiping him down with a cold washrag (which really upset him).  FINALLY, after a few hours of dangerously high temps, the fever broke, and he started to come around.  I had to go to the drug store for more meds for him, and the whole time I'm thinking "Don't let anything bad happen while I'm out".  I dont want it to happen while Im home either, but Id feel twice as bad if something happened while I wasn't home.

So - here it is - almost 1am - the baby is asleep ( got to check on him as soon as I post this), the wife and unborn are alseep, and Im wide awake with a nagging backache that seemed to shout today "Guess what ?!  YOUR OLD!!"  Good thing I didnt sign that contract with the martial arts place (yet).  Im almost afraid to go to sleep - at least now I can get up and walk.   I've had a kidney stone before, and it was pretty bad.  But this backache comes in a very strong second. And with all Ive done in my life, that really says something.
Good night all...

Monday, July 26, 2004

Rough day

First day that the wife has been home all day in a while ( no skool for her this week).  We slept in late, as did the baby. Olive Garden for lunch .  He took a mid-day nap, and we went out to eat with my mother to IHOP.  The poor baby spewed all over the table, right before the food got there.  Luckily, we had a change of clothes for him.  It's weird..Im the one that has to clean it up, but all I could do was feel sorry for the little guy.  He had not only this sick look about him, but looked like he was worried that he was in trouble.  We kept reassuring him that it was ok -that dada would take care of everything.  Got him changed - got the food to go - and brought him home.  We have a 9:30am dr appt for him tomorrow.  The wife's assleep - she'll have to tend to him tomorrow.  I'm keeping watch over him tonight.  He stirs alot, grunt, just seems really wrestless.  Hasn't woke up yet - I got a sippy cup of water for him when he does.  He's been sleeping face down, so I haven't been able to feel his forehead.  His legs seem ok - and his neck seems warm to the touch.  I don't want to go for the forhead, for fear of waking him.  Better to be sick and asleep, then sick and awake.

A few more minutes, and I'll check on him again.  Been leaving this entry to do so occasionally.

Oh  - I've been in contact with another Shannon Frye.  Really nice girl. Now if I could get the others to chime in, it'd be nice.  Been checking the ShannonFrye blog, and nothing new yet.  Maybe it just takes some time.

Sunday, July 26, 2004

Not much goin on.  Wife has had college classes, leaving me with the baby.  He's had this "come and go" sickness.  Sometimes his nose runs - never a high fever, but his body will be slightly warm.  Clingy at times, tempermental at others.   I'm doing my best to keep him happy.  We watch Elmo, The Wiggles, Babar, Scooby Doo -the movie, and the Karate Kid as much as he wants to. He threw a major fit today when I tried to put him in the backpack thingy.  You'd have thought I was killing him.  But once he was in, we were out the door, and on a walking adventure, he was just fine.   It started to rain slightly on the walk home - nothing too bad - we walked under tall trees for some protection.  And it was so warm today, that I don't think he was chilled or anything by the slight rainfall.  It was nice to get out of the house for a while, and just walk. We went to Walmart later, for milk and juice, and  (as he calls them) na-nana's.  It's so adorable - in the mourings, he'll play for a while..then crawl up on my chest - put his nose on mine, and when I open my eyes, he'll whisper"Na-na-naw: (For banana).  It's so adorable!  A memory I'll certainly carry to the grave with me.
HEARSE:  I painted the interior a bit - a really nice shade of medium blue.  The old interior color is a faded mediuym to light blue, so the new paint is really doing the trick of looking new, while not clashing with what I haven't painted yet.(or the blue (p)leather seats).
KARATE: Unable to find anyother dojo in the area that's worth a damn.  I found an ATA Taekwondo skool - but it's a further distance to travel (for each class) - and I've been reading some interesting articles on the web about how ATA is all about money!  I'll call tomorrow anyways - just to get a comparison of prices.  Im still toying with the idea of signing up at the "Pissy Lady" place.  My gym is nice , but I can't kick and punch stuff there.  And if I ever intend to open my own dojo someday (I've wanted to since I was 14), I really must have a blackbelt (with actual certification behind it, not the $125 one from Ebay).  I'm trying really hard to reframe the dojo experience with the bitch.  Instead of "she will win if I sign a contract there", perhaps "I will not let this bitch get in the way of what I want". I like the skool, the Grandmaster, and will need a dojo to release stress from having 2 babies under my care.  I can see myself turning old and knarled, without having something (like karate) to keep me active.  I can also see myself being more dedicated to martial arts each week than going to the gym (which I admittedly don't do much anymore).  With just the past few months that I started back (with the YMCA class, and the 4 trial classes) , I can definitely see an improvement not only in my physical fitness, but in my mindset.  Im back to doing what I like to do - and am not to shabby at .  Few more days, a nice pair of rose colored glasses, and I just might swallow my pride, waltz back up there, and sign up for a year.  We'll see.  I aint never let some bitch get in the way of what I want - I aint about to let it happen now.



Friday, July 23, 2004

My personal Fan Club

I did something today (yesterday actually) that may prove to be fun and enlightening.  I created a seperate blog site, and contacted (by email) any and all others that share my first and last name.  We all have access to the site, and can post entries.  Hope we get a good responce.


Highlights of today

The baby was in his room, picke dup a few toys, and flung them in his crib.  He then climbed In the crib, threw the toys back out, and climbed right back out!  He has never done this before.  THis was a wonderful suprise! As well as freaked me out, thinking "He's gonna get out in the middle of the night - and have full access to all sorts of stuff that he shouldn't get in to!

I wrote a letter explaining to the Psycho TKD lady how rude she was, that I don't like being treated like a child, and she blew the sale cause of her bad attitude.  Havne't sent it yet.  TO do so would mean completely deciding not to go there - a death sentence.  There is still a small part of me that's thinking" Once I get past this bitch, I don't have to deal with her often".  I'm in desperate need of a martial arts place.  It will get me out of the house - keep me fit - sharpen my reflexes - and get me that coveted Black Belt ( to show my son that his dada can stick with something).  It sucks that it is so perfect, and she was such a bitch.  Gonna have to meditate further  - on the Tree of Woe.

It rained today - we played outside a bit  - stomping in puddles!  What fun!


Thursday, July 22, 2004

Breaking point !!!

Man, I really don't know how much more to the edge I could get today, without having a clue of what's going on.   Let me preface this by saying that I the day started (7am-5:45pm) wonderfully.  Took the baby to the store - stopped for lunch - had a good old time.  He didn't want to take nap, but was pleasant  - so it wasn't a big issue.  He gave me time to do what I needed, while he sat and watched a Babar dvd for over an hour.  I don't think I could have asked for a nicer day (cept that we didn't go to the zoo- maybe  we'll do that tomorrow).
  THe wife gets home - I hand off the baby - and go to yet another scheduled meetings with Master "Office Lady" at the TKD place.  I got tons of questions, all written down.  Where do I begin to talk about where this went wrong?
1.  She calls me into the office, and has 2 other people (black belts), sit on a couch 3 ft behind me, for the meeting.   They are not involved, just there cause she was talking to them, and will talk more once she'd done with me.   This was uncomfortable.  Having 2 people behind you, listening to your every word, but not involved or participating.  I started asking  - she started answering.  The "$90 a month - pay as you go" that the Grandmaster told me about - turned into $125, and then there were all the contract variations - "12 mth, 18 mth, 1 yr , 2yr, 3yr, standard or Blackbelt club -"  Blackbelt club means you get invited to picnics (whoopee) and can coem to the weapons class on Saturdays (neat).  I asked what weapons they taught, and this is where things started to go to shit.  She mentions a few weapons - so I asked about sai and tonfa.  She mentioned the original ones again - not answering my question.  SO I reworded it, and she got pissed.  I asked, in the 16 yrs that she had been there, had she ever seen anyone use sai or tonfa (I even described what they looked like).  She flew off the handle, turned beat red, and started pacing in the office - that she doen't know everything, and she can tak eme over to ask the Grandmaster (interupt class) if I like, bla bla bla.  She also got pissed when I said that the sai were not "chineese forks" as she called them, but were Okinawan SAI - Japanese.  Again, this was an example of how Korean arts have a Korean chip on thier shoulder.  She sits down, slams the contract on the desk , and says" Look - if you want to train here, then sign - if you don't , then don't...Im not going to force you " - and she said it really angry like.  I was in disbelief.  Nah - she didn't just do a potencial client, a new student.  Unfuckinbelivable.  I treid to backup, and explain what I said - tryin to see where she misinterpreted it...but it was useless.  She told me that she has to discipline people - and if I acted that way out on the mat, she would have to take issue with my attitude.  I told her that I'd be just as obstinent on the mat, if everyone asked me to sign a 3 yr contract.  She couldn't get it thru that damn thick skull that I wasn't meaning to be insultive (not then , at least -  now Im pissed, when writting this) -and that as a potencial student, I simply had questions.  I got a 30 min lecture on all that she does, and doesn' t have time to know everything.  hooooollly shit.  When i said that I had had enough - and was finished, she saw the sale slipping away, and tuned really nice all of a sudden.  But still had to get digs in on how disrespectful I had been.  This was NO WAY to conduct a business meeting.  And this really sucks.  I told her that I had been nothing but respectful during the 4 trail classes, as well as during our meeting.  She kept saying "Just try one month - try us out"  I told her that I had tried it out - and had enjoyed all the experiences WHILE ON THE MAT.  I doubt she ot the point that she had just screwed up the sale - less money for them, one less student, and mor eheadache for me, cause what the hell do I do now?  All the other places sucked worse.  AND she is a "master" at the skool, which means that she is a belt tester.  When I would go for rank, this anger-control problemed witch would be deciding my fate.  If she was just a secratary, I could sign up, and just avoid the "office help" - but I can't do that here.
  But this sad story isn't over.
Earlier (around 5:15pm), the home phone rang.  I was on all fours, in the middle of a gate, playing horsey with Darth Logan.  I tried to find the phone, but couldn't in time.  When I foudn it, the caller had hung up.  We went on playing, but I tucked the phone inside a big red megaphone thingy (a baby toy). This was so he wouldn't find it, and call Japan (or worse...KOREA!) - After this disaster at the TKD office, I come home..she , as always, don't ask me a damn thing  - "How'd it go?" would have killed her, I guess.  She starts bitching at me, cause i 'hid' the phone.  It took her forever to find.  And she is really disturbed over this.  Almost crying.  Pregnancy hormore eruption of something? I dunno.  I asked "What the hell did I do to you?".  This led nowhere, so I left for a late night snack.  Common sense told me to stop, as I walked thru the door, turn around, and ask if she wanted anything  This led to another fight.  I didn't have anyplace in mind, and she asked" How am I supposed to know what I want if you don't knwo wher eyou are going?".   I figured she at least knwo if she wanted food, snack, a shake, sundae..but no.....another obviously MY FAULT situation.  Im suchasfuckup, i guess.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI go to BK - they are backed up, so I leave.  (I parked all by myself, and a drive thru car had ot park next to me.   They took the food back in - I walked in - walked out, and got in the car.  AS Im backing up, I almost run over the sombitch, who had come back out with new food, and was walking right behind my car - straight AT my car.  Dumass.
S000000  I go to Food Lion for a few 3 liters.  99 cents each - 2 of em=$2.06  I hand over a $20 - she asks "Do you have 6 cents.  I say "Yes   I see dead people"...she dont' get it, and asks again  - I respond again.  She finally gets it (6 Sense - instead of 6 cents) - She takes my $20, and gives me back 94 cents change.  NO CASH, just 94 cents change. She asks - Is there anything else ?- I say YEAH - a shit load of my money you still have!  DUH!

So now Im back home, the baby is alseep - and I got no clue what the hell went wrong from'5:45 till now'.  What I DO know is that the wife needs to back the hell off of me about the damn phone, or I'll NAIL that damn thing to the wall, so she can see exactly where the hell it is - That bitch in the TKD office can kiss my ass, if she thinks she can treat me like that and still sign me up for a 3 yr contract -      FoodLion has THE MOST EXPENSIVE 3 liters of fake pop in the whole goddamned world! -   and Im clueless.  Im home, but I really dont' wanna be.  Cept that I am "sworn guardian" to the sweetest baby Jedi, and I can't wait till tomorrow to play with him again.  He is the glue that helps keep me together.


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Tuesday, July 20th, 2004

I can't believe it - I got stood up again for the damn TKD meeting!  She called in, found out I was there, and wanted to re-re-reschedule for later tonight (when it was more convenient for her).  I told her to go ahead and expect me, then I stood her up.  This is really not a sign of a good business.  Hate to let an office fuckup ruin things, but this is starting to look really bad for them.

On the good foot, I played music for the unborn tonight.  A nice selection - 'Heart of rock and roll' by Heuy Lewis, 'Arms wide open" by Creed, "Cleveland Rocks" from The Drew Carey show, and the Themes from Battlestar Gallactica, Star Trek (original), and Voyager.  The unborn kicked my hand a few times, but didn't wollop the speaker like Logan did.  Al says that this baby hasn't been as active as far as kicking, but tnds to reposition itself more.  Less kicking, more moving....weird.  Estimated 10 weeks to go. 

Logan's feeling better - he was still a little tempermental today, but nothing that can't be attributed to the cold.  We hung out today, and when the TKD meeting fell thru, we ended up playing on the mat area.  The Grand Master was playing a make shift game of soccer with some summer camp kids, and a female instructor (his daughter perhaps?) took Logan on the mat and played ball with him.  He ran UP the mat, DOWN the mat, AROUDN the mat...he was all over the place!  Laughin and giggling the whole time.. He's such a flirt when a pretty girl is around. While there is still a sense of respect when in the Dojang, it really felt comfortable being myself....a dad just running around after my laughing toddler.  Maybe one day he too will train here...that is if I can ever get an actual godam appointment !!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

This has GOT to be the happiest, smilinest, laughinest baby in the world! Posted by Hello

Just another manic Monday

Darth Logan has a bit of a cold, so he woke up last night at around 3am.  I went to get him, so Al could sleep (she had skool today), but as soon as the baby sees her, he has to be by momma.  So she didn't get much sleep last night.  He was fine for me most of the day - nose a little runny, and a bit clingy, but nothing too unmanagable.  Cept for when we went into the backyard to play, and he opened the gate (allowing the dog to escape).  She went on a "tour de'hood".  I got the baby in my left arm, finally catch the damn dog, and have no leash.  Can't hold her collar and march her home - it started to choke her. SO I had to hoist her up in my right arm.  Must looked funny - t-shirt and shorts, no shoes, baby in one arm, medium sized dog in the other, walking down the street.  Oh well - at least the situation was remedied with humor, and not too much trouble.
TKD UPDATE:  I guess for every performer on stage there must be an agent offstage. (I just watched Jerry Maguire!)  It would be horrble if things were reversed, but while the "mat" area seems really nice (meaning that the class is run well, and I like it) , the "office" seems to be in need of work.  When I first signed up (I gathered info , then came back a week later), the trail cost WAS $39, but had been upped to $59 in the week that I waited to return.   I went to say "Thank you   but goodbye", but she offered to give me the lesser price.  (Good thing).  Later that night, in my first class, she came in to ask a question to the head hancho, then started to complain that it was HIS decision, and she's just trying to run the office.  Turns out someone came in for a trail, like I did, and had a coupon for $39.  She was throwing a fit over $20. How cheap.  Makes me wonder if the whole business would come crashing down over $20.  THEN, she sets an appointment for me to come in and discuss "per month" fees and "how many classes a week" options.   She sets the appointment NOT after I finish my 4 trail classes, but rather 15 minutes before my final class.  Seems to make more sense to let me finish all 4 classes...THEN hit me with the sales pitch.  ANYWAY_ I show up, and she is planning some wedding. She was bothered that I disturbed her.  She checked her calander, and told me that someone crossed my name off.  Shitty way to run an office.    We set another appointment tomorrow (at MY convenience...well, actually at Logan's convenience.  She wanted a time during his nap time, and I told her no way.)  Let's just hope that the "mat" part doens't start to floow how shoddy the office appears to be run.
I picked up a chest protector (used for sparring) on Ebay for $20.  Need one for the Thurs & Fri sparring class.  I bought all this damn sparring equipment (hand covers, feet covers) , and all they wear is this big ass chest protector, and cloth styled slip-on shin and instep protectors.  Im used to a bit more coverage of the foot.  I was sparring a black belt in the Fri class, who ran all over the place like a 3 yr old at a toy store.  I had to overextend my kicks to get anywhere near him.  We clashed at one point, and he jammed up 2 of my toes.  May have broke them, but I only hobbled around for the next day.  I can move them, even though they do have this really pretty purple color to them.  Next time, my strategy wil be to stand there and make him look stupid (and not to overextend my kicks!)
UNBORN UPDATE: Everythign is still fine.  Im starting to get a little worried though.  A month ago, I told Al that Im afraid that the baby will not be born "happy".  She asked what I meant, and I told her that between her stressful job, college courses, and her unamusment with me lately, that she had really started to turn into a grumpy bitch.  If the baby could sense her emotions, it was gonna be born just as pissy as she's been lately.  She took this well.  It still doen't easy my feelings that I've missed 7 months worth of talking to the baby, reading to the baby, playing music for the baby....all the stuff that I did for unborn Logan.  They say that at 7 months, the baby has been listening to us for a while now.  I gotta admit, Im scared that the baby hasn't heard me say much worth listening to.  Im not abusive, or verbally mean to her.  With Logan, we seemed more bonded during the pregnancy.  But afterwards, we started to kinda drift.  The baby was a major rift between us - once I was primary caregiver.  Everyone said that I was like a mother hen.  Watchful, making sure that everyone supported his head, that he was covered when we went out, - hell, I got a diaper bag that would make Boba Fett jelous.  I appeared to me that I was into my job (likie a champ) - and she just kinda made guest appreaances.  Between my being primary caregiver, and her ( I swear i really started to perceive this) treating me like my IQ was around my shoe size, I pulled away from her, and had a beautify baby to give my attention to.  We started to get a bit closer (she eased off treating me like I was a firggin moron)  just as she became pregnant with "the Unborn".  We have been getting better - but I still just don't feel that closeness that I want.  Ever make sure to ask someone how their day was, only to have then never ask you in return?  It's not spiteful - or intended meaness - just , um, neglectful. Sometimes it seems like all I got are my cats, my Son, and all those damn voices in my head.  And some of them don't even speak English!
Im looking forward to the challenges that another baby presents.  Good thing I got strong shoulders (physically and metaphorically!)
Well, this is a shitload more than I had originally intended to write.  But at least its good to document what's going on .  In case my kids want to read later what was in my head when I was this age. It may not be petty, but it'll showthen a human side, that we are all falible, and the best we can hope for is to wake up to greet the new day full of answers, after a night with meandering questions.  Time to go check on the baby.  My job - my pleasure - and my honor. I'm to give him direction in life - I wonder if he'll ever know how much direction he's already given me..

Monday, July 19, 2004

I decided that another mechanice was needed to assist in the 'rear seat' installation on the hearse. Posted by Hello

Sunday, July 18th, 2004

Worked most of today.  Two magic shows and a "Bob the Builder" party.  When I showed up at the door, the father freaked.   He forgot that his wife had aranged for entertainment, and thought I was from the power company (and there to turn off his power).  Guess my costume looked real enough!
Logan has a bit of a cold.  I overheard him coughing, went to check on him, and ended up holding him for while.  Actually, he wanted to lay down with AL, but she's got skool tomorrow.  So when he was and back to me, we did the "joining you" sleep manuver. This is where he goes into his crib, and I lay down on the floor next to the crib.  He can see me, reach me if needs to touch my face, and I can talk to him or sing him to sleep.  It takes a bit, but its worth it.  I'll remember these days when Im older.  Most times, in my trying to "act" asleep, I actually do fall asleep.  SO I guess it's beneficial for both of us. 
Got a really nice pic sent to me of a dedication ceremony.  (I hope things went as well as the pics look they did, Grant! Congrats!!)   Started thinking of Logan's baptism again.  Haven't done it yet....the church wants me to be active at least 4-6months before they'd do it.  Just don't see myself as the church goin type anymore.  Not Godless.....just "churchless".  I try to view it not so much of that he is "without" baptism, but that he is "with" (or will be as he grows) much more knowlege of God and the universe than I ever had at that age.  All without the pressures of a man-made religion. God made man -man made religion. Anyways.... it's not my fault I feel this way - I was born with a "Doubting Thomas" gene which makes me's not a choice (HAHAHAHHAA).

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Check out them muscles!!!  Posted by Hello

Friday, July 16, 2004

Tried to find a BIG BOX picture, but cant find it. So here's an ELVIS in White jumpsuit instead. Posted by Hello

I dont get it.....I mean I GOT it, but I dont GET it

Ya ever have the feeling that someone is really pluking your ya pluck back , and your pluck was actually better than theirs  - their feelings get hurt, making you questions whether it was at all worth the trouble?  That's my feelings about the internet Dad's list Im on.  I perceive that Im being poked, I poke back..and end up feeling bad that MY jab was straightforward, while theirs were round houses.  Maybe it's time to boot the list - just like I booted the ANIMAL CHANNEL from all the tv's in the house (the keep showing pets injured, and then they die...I get very upset at this).  Since I got rid of an online game I used to play (it was fun, and a great diversion from the real world - untill it started taking up a LOT of time!) Ive been able to do ooodles of stuff around the house. Got an old, crappy car mechanically sound - installed seats and such in the same car, caught up on some reading, got some cleaning/organizing done bla bla bla.  Wonder how much else Id get done if I didnt check the email so frequently.  Maybe I'd get that new addition approved and built?  Hmmmmm
*************(Worth game playing was after all were asleep   and never NEVER interfered with any function  regarding family or spending time with the baby. I even wore a headset, so i didnt wake the baby - but could hear and respond lightnigly quick if he cried.  Most nights, I'd respond - rock him back to sleep - and the wife never knew it - and she was able to sleep thru thru night)
Darth Logan: Had a wonderul day with him.  Wife had college skool class, so we met up with her for lunch.  Twice today, Logan tried to tell me when he had gone poopy.  BOth times, he was fussy before hand, so I completely missed the point when he tried to tell me bout the doodoo.  The second time, I tol dhim to stop being fussy - and he walked over to the bag of diapers, took one out, and beaned me in the head with it.  I looked up and saw this little light come on...I finally got the message.
HEARSE: Aint done squat.
Taekwondo: Still got one more trial day to go - but it just seems to keep getting better.  each class has been exciting, mad  e me sweat like a pig, raced my heart faster then seeing Jenny McCarthy nude, and made me feel included.  I'm still new, and feelign my way around "what is expected" and "What did he just say?".  Slight language barriar - Im familiar with Japanese terms, and just need to adjust to Korean ones.  The Y class called a certain form "Il Jang" - it is the first in a series of 8 or so. The series is called Teaguk - and the new place simply calls it Taeguk1.  Subtle differences I'll get over time.  On more class to try out there - but I think I'll stay for a while.  Just need to find a damn uniform that's a decent "weight" material. Spent all that time, effort, and money into getting really nice karate gi's, that are usless now (cept to wear as pajamas..that's kinda neat!)
OH oh oh   Almost forgot - the big deal breaker on staying......can't (shouldn't) have anything Japanese, so I asked the Grand Master to write "dada" (what Logan calls me) into Korean characters, which I put on a newly made headband and wore tonight.  They didnt make me take it off. Some people even asked about it (nice conversation starter).  Think I may really like it here.
Time to get a snack and settle down for the night.  A mom has requested a special appearance by "Big Box", a Sponge Bob Square pants complimentary character  - tomorrow.  I better check on the costume, and make sure it's presentable.
Night all....

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Early post tonight

Decided to skip the YMCA Taekwondo class tonight.  Let's see if anyone notices. 
Spent the day with Darth Logan - Al had skool today.  We had a blast, as usual.  But Im all "Wiggled" out. 
Whoa - I just noticed...the Blog Board was down for repairs, and now there are all these "font/type" options. KeeeewL.
Logan is asleep....and all is well.  Time to go play in the hearse some more.  Logan has started asking to play in it when we walk past it.  Glad to see he likes/shows an interest in it.  Hope he stays that way!  I once again saw a few other herses on Ebay that perked my interest.  Caddilacs, that are bigger inside.  Very tempting to sell the Chrysler.  Tempting indeed!

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Stopping for Direction (s) - Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The last post was actually made latelate Tuesday night. I can't remember what I did yesterday (cept is was another awesome day with Darth Logan!!)
I'm reminded of my graduate counseling program at Old Dominion University. Seemed like LPC (Licensed Professional Counselors) really had a chip on thir shoulder against LSW (Social Workers). Many times , I remember getting the feeling that Profs were conveying the message "See? We can do that too". When I did my internship, the only place I could find was with the enemy social workers.And I LOVED IT! I fit right in. And have much more respect for social workers (due to more training) than any counseling graduate. Anyways - I am now thinking that the training I got from the YMCA class was likened to the counselors. As a reference, it was suggested that I buy a book called "Modern Taekwondo", by Grand Master Soon Man Lee. We'd often look up things in the book. Turns out that they author of the book is none other than the Master at the Taekwondo skool I am "trying out". I knew this earlier, but had chosen "free classes" over "per month". But man what a difference. Not just in intensity, but in practical application. Master Lee is linked to Olympic TKD, and I had feared that everynight was nothing but sparring (Im really good at sparring, but want a more rounded and spiritual experience).
What Im experiancing is short of Jenny McCarthy asking me for a date!!
I was told a few times to lengthen my front stance. LENGTHEN!! YEAY!! I had scolded TKD for only using a "walking" stance...which is just, um, standing there. Also, they use horse stances - chamber the non-used arm back with palm upward (not raised up on the side of your face like a boxer). I even was told to chamber it farther back. WOW!
One thing** I was dead on balls accurate about this Korean chip on the shoulder of TKD teachers. I was warned by the assistant of the skool that they consider it(when you bring in anything japanese) insultive. So no wrap style uniform. Small price to pay.. No wearing the kanji for Ronin. This really sucks. It was a tradition passed to me by my instructor. I'll find a way ot sneaking it on my somewhere. ALSO, I couldn't find any decent headbands (before this latest TKD skool), so I make my own. I have one with the kanji for Ronin on it. And another with the katakana for "dada". This is what my son calls me. I feel inspired when I wear it. Coulnd't figure out howto put it in Korean character, so I ventured to ask the Grand Master myself (and himself). This is something that simply was not done, when I was under Hanshi Sensei Hamada at ODU. But Grandmaster Le seems so much more approachable. He wrote it down for to make a hachimachi. (BTW- no one else wears a this alone will make me either stick out like a sore thumb, OR allow me to express my compliance with TKD and Korean stuff, while still showing a sign of individuality. (Hopefully the later!)
In short (TOO LATE) - While I now questions wasting my time at the Y TKD class, it has at least pointed me in the right direction, and given me a head start. Thanks to the Y class, I now have a cd of all the katas (forms/poomse) up till black belt. They are all detail in the book, but it's soo much nicer to see it done with motion. If all goes well, and they let me wear my headband, I will be a happy camper. Still got 2 more classes to go in the "trial", but after 2, Im really liking what Im seeing.

Well....a really bad thunderstorn is rolling thru. Better go check on the doggies( we have ours, and are babysitting the inlaws dog). They seem to be getting along fine - but Pooh is scared of storms. I had to chain her up a while ago, to make sure she doesn't jump the fence and run away. This is the first time we've babysat her with gates up, and allowed her to roam freely. Roam freely - kinda like my friggin cell phone!! But that's another story for another night.....

One step forward

Well - it's Tuesday, and still no word from the YMCA instructor. Guess my spidey-sense was tingling for a reason. Time to re-evaluate just how useful the Y is - maybe give it the boot. The instructor had my hopes up, with talk of getting the Y to hire me as an assistant instructor - which would mean free YMCA membership! That fizzled out, and she never told me. I still got Bally's for working out...and the big news....I'm trying the 2 week tryout at the Taekwondo place. Actually it's 4 classes (I KNEW there was a catch). Anyways - I went to class on Monday night - and it kicked my *ss! I felt like I actually had done something for the hour. They used deep stances (like karate does), have a middle outward block in their technique, seem very pleasant (large class) far, so good. I still got 3 more classes to go (one tomorrow night). I picked a regular clas, a breaking class , and a sparring class. (and one extra to make it 4). I hope to get a well rounded impression of what the skool is all about.

BABY UPDATE: Spent the whole day with Logan (Al had skool). Had a blast, as usual. I could fill the entire blog with all the things he does that make me smile!

UNBORN UPDATE: Same same. She says this baby is VERY VERY active. Just like Logan,it calms to my touch. She'd say (and still says) "It's kicking - come feel " and as soon as my hand touches her belly - nothing. But I actually did feel one kick. Seemed like a snapping front kick.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

This is my blue suit - the white one is in the wash - and the black one is around here somewhere! I think the white one (with blue stones) is my favorite. Posted by Hello

Normal day at work

Not a lot to report for today. The sun shined, and the son shined too. I had a few jobs today - a jester, Mickey Mouse, Pooh Bear, and a Magic Show. Little on the warm side today, but things went well.
Only problem today offered was when I looked over my cell phone bill and saw that I was being charged $7 for roaming. Suncom Att sucks. They have to have the weakest signal in the world. All the other companies keep snatchign my signal, so it's considered roaming. I have refuted and refused to pay any roaming charges over the last 3 yrs (I only stay with them cause they gave us new phones and a $10 per line/per month discount.) After disputing it with Customer Service, she told me to call back on Monday. I asked her what the hell she was answering the phone for, besides wasting my time, if I had to call back on Monday and go over the same shit. For some reason, when I get a either a black woman, or a hindu man on the line (as a cust serv rep) - I can never get shit done. The Hindu's take advantage over their lack of English to get you frustrated enough to hang up - and the black woman feel that she "got's enough shit goin on" she don't give a damn about some white guys problems. Sometimes I repeatedly call back until I hear clear english on the other end of the phone. It's a shame it's come to that.

Well - it's 2 am - watched Rocky 1 and 2 tongiht - and I got an Elvis Telegram tomorrow - Im off to bed.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Holy shit! Where's my roof??!!!

I went to the Virginia Beach ocean front today, did an Elvis telegram, and things went great. It was at a bakery, so they gave me a drink and some cookies to go (I brought them home to share with Logan). On the way there, I heard a whooosh of air coming in near the uppe rleft windshield, but thought nothing of it. On the way home, I heard it again. I'm doin 70 mph on the interstate, I reach up and try to feel the air leak with my fingers...and WHOOOSH - the damn T-Top goes flying off the car! I look in the rearview, and it's about 12 foot in the air - spins to earth, and crashes into a million pieces! I just stared at it, going "Nah!" "That did NOT just happen!"
Off to my favorite junkyard - $25 for a new one, but they don't have any. $50 at a place that does, but double the price seemed high. I called around..$150...$200...$125. BACK TO THE $50 JuNK YARD I GO! FOund one that fit, payed the $50 - and learnd a valuable lesson. Just like I tell Logan "NO TOUCH!"

**KARATE UPDATE: I snd my instructor an email last night, asking why I she didn't tell me that I was the only one not to be tested. I still don't get it. I included a message asking her to tell the head guy "I get it..and I'll move on". I know when/where Im not welcomed. No response from her yet. After the weekend, I will probably end up doing the 2 week trial thingy at the Tae Kwon Do place down the road. They want $80 for a month, and hold classes every night (8-9 and 9-10pm) (cept Sundays) which is perfect for me goin out after Logan goes to bed. Still not thrilled about TKD - and it sucks that I'll have to wear the Korean uniform - I just started to really love this blue Judo top I got. BUT ya gotta do what ya gotta do. At least this way, I can go more than one night a week...and can test for black belt locally.

Logan UPDATE: Wonderful as ever. We were out of milk, so the boy and I went out for a while. Stopped at the auto parts store, then Harbor Freight, then Walmart. We even remembered the milk!

UNBORN UPDATE: Things are just fine. Wife is taking the drugs they prescribed for her, and things are normal.

HEARSE UPDATE: Ain't messed with it for a fw days. Needed a break.

The be continued....

Thursday, July 08, 2004

This pic is actually from a while back (It's summer now, and he's wearing winter clothes in the pic), but I thought it was cute. Posted by Hello

Wa happened?????

I'm still a little miffed here - last week the Tae Kwon Do instructor runs all of us through a "pretest" review, tells us to "be prepared for next week", and send us on our merry way. This week (tonight) the head-instructor shows up (he teaches in a different city, and made a special trip to see us) and tests everyone. Cept me. Guess I should have been more outspoken when class ended and I realized I was overlooked - but at that point, I figured "why bother?". I was the highest ranked person (non teacher) in the class - no way in hell that they "didn't see me". I think it was a purposful move to teach me a lesson - but what for, I got no idea. Sure - Ive been wearing my white belt in protest of the shoddy way I was tested last time, but tonight, I wore my Sunday best. Even wore that dumb ass TKD uniform (the top is like a polo shirt) rather than my prefered 'wrap style' karate uniform. And my hachimaki (headband). I've got 2 of those that I made. One has RONIN the other has Dada (both are in Japanese symbols). Here I thought I was an asset to the class, having a rich and diversified background in more traditional arts....but now, I'm made to feel like Im the bastard step child of the group. Perhaps it's time to move on. Am I to learn patience from this? "One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life.:. On the other hand - only a moron sets his destination to flow through an impassable path. I want my black belt - I want my son to see that I have accomplished this. This makes be think that this class is not the way to acheive that which I seek. Maybe it's time to find another school. There's a studio not too far from hre, but it's Tae Kwon Do. It may have to do. I porefer the Japanese arts - and found a great sounding skool. But it's too far away to travel to for classes. Also, I already studied there when I was younger - they took advantage of my previous martial arts knowledge by using me to teach the white belts - and not testing me for higher ranks. Man - after having direction, motivation, and purpose - I suddenly, after 1 night, find myself questioning it all.
HEARSE INFO*************** No hearse work tonight - it's been raining , and it's muggy out there. I'd sweat to death! Took back a trailer hitch and a back seat to the junk yard for a refund. Ended up not using either, and felt lucky to get all $40 back for returning them. This "U Wrench It" place aint half bad.
WIFE UPDATE:***********Honery as ever. Nuff said.
UNBORN UPDATE****Doing just fine.
Darth Logan***** She said he turns evil on Thursday night, after I leave for class. He throws tantrums, flings his toys around, and gets generally unpleasant. Hope it's a phase he's goign through. For the rest of today (earlier) he wsa just fine. And turning into quite a chatter box when we go out in the car. I needed to book some work today, so we put a Wigles dvd on for him, and he sat, watched,danced, sang, and stayed outta my hair for a good hour (And I mean a GOOD hour!!)

Well- I gotta get a telegram together for tomorrow. Someone finally booked an Elvis, so I gotta shave tonight. Night all...

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

This look like a piece of junk right now (this is 4 days ago) - but I wanted people to see what it USED to look like, so I can contrast it when Im done. The new seat will be facing the camera (facing out the back window),and the left and right side walls will be painted a nice blue. Posted by Hello

Panic !!! Try to stay calm...

Had major scar today. (I mistyped that, but I actually DO have a big scar, from that damn drill bit burn). Had a major SCARE today. The wife woke up (Logan and I had been up for a while playing and watching TV) and said that she thought she was having contractions. She's only 6.5 months along. She said she had been having this feeling of tenseness and release for about 3 hours now, but went back to sleep, figuring they'd go away.I said "So what the hell are you telling me for? Get on the phone and call the doctor!! Call the hospital! Call Ghostbusters! ". Typed, that looks rather insensitive, but it was both a paniced response, and a way of telling her to get up off her ass and let's go! A phone call to the baby-doc, and we were on the way to the hospital. Turns out she has a uninary tract infection, and a bladder infection (or something like that), and the baby was safe. No leaking embiotic fluid, sealed "baby pouch", and mimic-ed contractions caused by the infection. She never experienced Braxton -Hicks (fake contractions) with Logan, and delivered C-Section, so she really doens't knwo what one (a contraction) feels like. It's a good thing that we alrady had a baby at that birthing center, cause if this had ben out first time there, it would have been out last time there. They didn't seem to move with a sense of urgency. Kinda lollygagged through things, never really made an effort to make us fel safe - reassure us that the bay was ok, and that there would be no delivery today. Al says that maybe it's cause they saw how calm we were (and w did act calm) but my still waters ran deep today, let me tell ya. And they kept asking how old she was - not sure if they were using it as a control question (one that they know the answer to, and ask repeatedly to gauge how 'with it' you are) or if they thoguht she was lying, was younger, and was just seeking attention. Al is 32, but really doesn't look her age - she looks much younger. The more I think about it, the more pissed off I'm getting - knowing how much nicer they could/shoudla been. But baby and wife are ok - that's all that counts.
LOGAN UPDATE: Awesome day with the baby - cept for when he got restless in hospital room. He started crying and flailing his arms - clipped me right in the eye. A 1.5 yr old can't grasp the concept of "Daddy's worried - don't screw with him for now". So we stayed untill they said things were safe (though we had to drag that info out of them). They wer goign to monitor her, and probably release her later that same day (which thy did - about an hour or so later). Soooo Darht Logan and I set off to grab lunch. We stopped at Wendy's, and just enjoyed each others company. As we were cleanign up, an older lady came over and said that watching him and I have lunch together was the nicest site that she had seen in a long time. I was very flattered. Later, at the pharmacy, there was this cute little thing behind the coutner that said "He's so cute- he looks just like his daddy. And he's getting so big". I guess she recognized him from a previous time we were in there. I thoguht "Ohh what a shame....too young for me and too old for him (hehe)".
HEARSE UPDATE: The back (fold down part) of both the back seat and the rear facing seat is now functional and attached. Can be removed for when I paint and carpet the interior, but the design, bolting, bending, figuring, and all that hard work is DONE. Now I need to attach the butt cushion parts, and I'm done with hardware. Then comes the easy part of painting, pimping, and spiffing the interior up (and a damn nice stereo system too). TRUIMPH!
*********It's been a long day - TIme to post this, and see what they Late Late movie is .......

Blog problem

Man - this thing went friggin nuts last night! I wrote the entry that you see below, and tried to publish, and it seemed to get stuck in a loop....and not publish. Today, I opened the Blog and thre it is 6 times! Weird!

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Demonic Possesion, and car pimping -- Monday, July 5th, 2004

I should have known that something was up when I called for Logan, and heard a bumbling voice say "There is no Logan....only Zuul." The last few days, that child has been rich with the dark side of the Force. Although, we did have several breaks in the storm today. It started off really bad this mourning - I awoke to hear Al yelling at the mini Dark Lord to stop doing hitting. He's gottne really rough with the cats in the last week, and when his temper fliars, he's started waving his hand to knock over anythign in his reach, and hits anyONE in his reach. This must stop. I thought we were gonn abe one less child when he swung at Al, and popped her in the mouth (the impact was swift - and caused her lip to hit against her tooth, and her lip started bleeding. She handled it rather well, but was she ever pissed. He's ben getting a temper over simple things - like being told to pick up his cup when he throws it down - or to bring his sandals to us so we can put them on him. Diaper time has all but become hand to hand combat anymore. It's not as bad with me, but he starts kicking, and will hit Al in the belly (the currnet residence of the NEXT Dark Lord of our Sith.). I hope the unborn don't tak eit personally - otherwise, Logan is gonna have a serious butt whoopin coming to him, courtesy or a not born yet baby. This terrible two stuff really suck.
THE GOOD LOGAN: We (him and I, to give her a break) venture to the hardware store for more nuts and bolts for my "hearse pimping" project. We stopped at Sonic and split a Sundae...then returned home. Swam a while, got dried and dressed, then made pilgrimage to the promised land ...WALMART. Now that I think of it - for the mos tpart, he was just fine. It's not a matter of quantity of evil - but rather quality of it when it occurs. How can this screaming, ranting little fart be that cute little angel that I used to (and still do) cuddle with, play, and shar my life with? The little booger got horns and a tail from somewhere - must be from her side of the family.
HEARSE UPDATE: I made one side of the rear facing seat soooo sturdy, and reinforced, that I decided to make the other side the same way. But at 1145pm, it's hard to come up with another 12 inch long folding gate bracket (I shoulda bought 2 of em earlier - but only figured on usin one). Once I get this last bracket bolted in place, the back part of the rear facin sat will be completely installed. Now to attach the butt part of the seat , and most challenging - the seat belts. Seat belts are usually attached at reinforced points - I gotta figure out how to reinforce the anchor site without welding. Gotta make it strong and safe. Maybe another trip to the bone yard is in order. No telling what you can find out there.
********If it don't get rained out, I think that the YMCA has a "Baby Joggers" meet tomorrow mouring at 9am. Might go check that out.

Monday, July 05, 2004

It's just mud - I swear it is!! He likes mud puddles. Posted by Hello

July 4th, 2004

Pretty uneventful day, as far as Independence Day's go. Started fun though - got up pretty early with Logan. He wouldn't let me go back to sleep - and he told me he wanted something to eat. So off to breakfast we went. First to McDonalds, then to Booger King. Got everythig to go - and brought it all home. Took Logan upstairs to wake up Alicia. After our feast, her and the baby went to her folks house for a visit. I went ot work more on that rear hearse seat. Lottsa rain today. I ended up covering the herase with a tarp - and with the tail gate open, made kinda a tent. It was the only way to work in the car and still get some air in there. My arm still stings from yesterday. Ohhh yeah yesterday....I forgot to tell THAT story. I was fabricating a support structure for the hide away rear facing seat. I was drilling into metal with a drill bit bout the size of my pinky - set the drill aside, and plopped a bolt into the newly formed hole. Just then, I heard a sizzle. I heard it - and thought "Sizzle?" Then the pain hit. I had rested my right arm up against the drill bit- right below my hand on the outside. The sizzle I heard was "BBQ Shannon"! I immediately sought medical attention (Google - and searched for 'burn treatments- it's a poor man's health insurance). Back to the 4th.

After a few hours of playing "Pimp My Hearse", they returned, and off to Walmart went. Hadta get milk and cat food.

The baby was up quite late tonight. We has content to lay thee, next to Al on the couch, but was captivated my The Music Man. He has seen the Sound of Music twice, and never showed interest - even though I do sing songs from it to him. But he loved The Music Man. I crappd out, and woke up 3/4 way through it. Gonna have to get the dvd. It'll be a nice "Wiggles" alternative.

Stopped off at a dpartment store yesterday - had to find out what jacket size I am. My officially licensed Spiderman Costume has been ordered - it fits up to size 46. Ad fate would have it, Im size 47. Sooooo once it gets here, if it don't fit - it's off to Ebay. I'm sure I can sell it for what I paid, or maybe a bit more. The company called back, saying that along with the verbal lecture about using it for personal appearances, that now there is some dumbass form that I have to sign and return. I think I'll send a letter back with it stating that my mommie had to fill it out..since they wer treating their customers like children. Screw marvel. But I honestly don't intend to make any personal appearances. Only public ones.
*****BTW - Darth Logan was visited by a Pooh bear and by Spiderman in the last week. They just stopped over to play for a bit. His majestly was tickled pink!
Well - it's late again - and time for bed. This blog is brought to you compliments of Ambien. If I had any of it - I'd have been asleep by now! I usually end up stayign up lat ........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, July 03, 2004

"People, let me tell you bout my best friend...." Posted by Hello

How time flies

Or as Kermit says - "Time's fun when you'r having flies"

Today went by rather quickly - I had a telegram cancel due to sickness. Then got a last minute call for a superhero or the web slinging persuation. No other work for the weekend, so this party was very welcomed. I need to get the doggie some Advantage flea B-gone stuff. It works well on the cats - and that cheap stuff I got at Walmart a few nights ago aint doin squat.

We went for dinner with my mom at IHOP. Logan was as happy as a clam - he gets to sit in a booster seat now. We've ben getting booths - and we put him on the inside, so that he can have free reign of the booth, but can't escape. He almost never sits down (unless he's eating) - or until he see something good on MY plate. Then he'll come over, ask for "more", steal my fork, and proceed to sample anything and everything. It's so cute! He was waving at a baby in th next booth when a bunch of workers (from IHOP) walked past. He watched each one - the waiter we had seen earlier - the hostess that seated us..then a cute young waitress - then - WHOA - cute young girl! It was like a bell went off in his head. He whipped around to watch her go past, and started smiiiiilllling so big. He said somethign really loud, and she turned around to look at him. Then he waved, and started smiling (and flirting) - then playing bashful by hugin me and putting his head on my shoulder. That's my boy! He's got an eye for the ladies!

When we got home, we let him play a little bit whiel we watched Jeapordy. Ken is still champion....ya gotta love Ken! He's knowledgable in such diverse categories - I hope he break the million dollar mark. GOOD LUCK KEN!! So , after Jeapordy, Al put Logan down for the night. After about 10 minutes of calm - he started what can best be described as "Ode to dada" - and it was a sad, sad one. Boo hoo dadadadad - Hey dadadad boo hoo " I ended up going in, picking him up, and rocking /singing him to sleep. He waoke a bit and wasn't happy when I put him back in his crib, but this one trick works great: you calm him by rubbing his back - then slower - and slowr - then just place yoru hand on his back for awhile. Slowly, reach over and grab a stuffed bunny, and gently replace your hand with the rabbit. He fades off to slep - allowing Darth Daddy to escape, and prepare for the next day.
NEAT FACT: the other night I was sooo awake, I just couldn't seem to get to sleep. It was 3am and I was still wide awake - so I watched the LATE LATE LATE movie. Turns out it was sposored by Ambian - a sleep aid. That was cool. Ended up not needing it though - the movie was so damn boring, it put me right out. (I stil can't remember what movie it was!)
HEARSE UPDATE: Lotta work and major miscalculations. After Darth Logan well alseep, I went outside to "play" a bit with the hearse. That was about 10-1030pm. Bolt this - unbolt that - measure this - hammer that - hope it's not too late to hammer it again - invented a few new swear words when I hammered by left pinky finger. If the neighbors ever had a doubt that I wasn't running for Pope - it's clear to them now! Long story short - On side of the rear facing seat works fine- but the other one - the one with the stop latch that clicks ito place, locking the seat - won't fit worth shit. I tried this, and that...had to pee, so I came in and saw that it was 2:30 am already. Holy Chit! Tomorrow, I will have to raise the back cargo area the width of a 2x4 stading up on it's longest width end. That should fix the hinge problem, as well as provide added room, allowing the butt cushion to fit right. May look funny, it being raised 2 inches higher than the other trunk panel, but it's a small price to pay for a gunner seat. When i was finished cleanign up - I started the hearse - just to make sure. It started - but it almost stalls when I press the gas. I'll have to adjust the carb again.
Well - everyone but me is asleep (2:45am). No work this weekend - no plans - just hanging out with my best buddy. Darth Logan.
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