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Friday, July 09, 2004

Holy shit! Where's my roof??!!!

I went to the Virginia Beach ocean front today, did an Elvis telegram, and things went great. It was at a bakery, so they gave me a drink and some cookies to go (I brought them home to share with Logan). On the way there, I heard a whooosh of air coming in near the uppe rleft windshield, but thought nothing of it. On the way home, I heard it again. I'm doin 70 mph on the interstate, I reach up and try to feel the air leak with my fingers...and WHOOOSH - the damn T-Top goes flying off the car! I look in the rearview, and it's about 12 foot in the air - spins to earth, and crashes into a million pieces! I just stared at it, going "Nah!" "That did NOT just happen!"
Off to my favorite junkyard - $25 for a new one, but they don't have any. $50 at a place that does, but double the price seemed high. I called around..$150...$200...$125. BACK TO THE $50 JuNK YARD I GO! FOund one that fit, payed the $50 - and learnd a valuable lesson. Just like I tell Logan "NO TOUCH!"

**KARATE UPDATE: I snd my instructor an email last night, asking why I she didn't tell me that I was the only one not to be tested. I still don't get it. I included a message asking her to tell the head guy "I get it..and I'll move on". I know when/where Im not welcomed. No response from her yet. After the weekend, I will probably end up doing the 2 week trial thingy at the Tae Kwon Do place down the road. They want $80 for a month, and hold classes every night (8-9 and 9-10pm) (cept Sundays) which is perfect for me goin out after Logan goes to bed. Still not thrilled about TKD - and it sucks that I'll have to wear the Korean uniform - I just started to really love this blue Judo top I got. BUT ya gotta do what ya gotta do. At least this way, I can go more than one night a week...and can test for black belt locally.

Logan UPDATE: Wonderful as ever. We were out of milk, so the boy and I went out for a while. Stopped at the auto parts store, then Harbor Freight, then Walmart. We even remembered the milk!

UNBORN UPDATE: Things are just fine. Wife is taking the drugs they prescribed for her, and things are normal.

HEARSE UPDATE: Ain't messed with it for a fw days. Needed a break.

The be continued....


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