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Saturday, July 03, 2004

How time flies

Or as Kermit says - "Time's fun when you'r having flies"

Today went by rather quickly - I had a telegram cancel due to sickness. Then got a last minute call for a superhero or the web slinging persuation. No other work for the weekend, so this party was very welcomed. I need to get the doggie some Advantage flea B-gone stuff. It works well on the cats - and that cheap stuff I got at Walmart a few nights ago aint doin squat.

We went for dinner with my mom at IHOP. Logan was as happy as a clam - he gets to sit in a booster seat now. We've ben getting booths - and we put him on the inside, so that he can have free reign of the booth, but can't escape. He almost never sits down (unless he's eating) - or until he see something good on MY plate. Then he'll come over, ask for "more", steal my fork, and proceed to sample anything and everything. It's so cute! He was waving at a baby in th next booth when a bunch of workers (from IHOP) walked past. He watched each one - the waiter we had seen earlier - the hostess that seated us..then a cute young waitress - then - WHOA - cute young girl! It was like a bell went off in his head. He whipped around to watch her go past, and started smiiiiilllling so big. He said somethign really loud, and she turned around to look at him. Then he waved, and started smiling (and flirting) - then playing bashful by hugin me and putting his head on my shoulder. That's my boy! He's got an eye for the ladies!

When we got home, we let him play a little bit whiel we watched Jeapordy. Ken is still champion....ya gotta love Ken! He's knowledgable in such diverse categories - I hope he break the million dollar mark. GOOD LUCK KEN!! So , after Jeapordy, Al put Logan down for the night. After about 10 minutes of calm - he started what can best be described as "Ode to dada" - and it was a sad, sad one. Boo hoo dadadadad - Hey dadadad boo hoo " I ended up going in, picking him up, and rocking /singing him to sleep. He waoke a bit and wasn't happy when I put him back in his crib, but this one trick works great: you calm him by rubbing his back - then slower - and slowr - then just place yoru hand on his back for awhile. Slowly, reach over and grab a stuffed bunny, and gently replace your hand with the rabbit. He fades off to slep - allowing Darth Daddy to escape, and prepare for the next day.
NEAT FACT: the other night I was sooo awake, I just couldn't seem to get to sleep. It was 3am and I was still wide awake - so I watched the LATE LATE LATE movie. Turns out it was sposored by Ambian - a sleep aid. That was cool. Ended up not needing it though - the movie was so damn boring, it put me right out. (I stil can't remember what movie it was!)
HEARSE UPDATE: Lotta work and major miscalculations. After Darth Logan well alseep, I went outside to "play" a bit with the hearse. That was about 10-1030pm. Bolt this - unbolt that - measure this - hammer that - hope it's not too late to hammer it again - invented a few new swear words when I hammered by left pinky finger. If the neighbors ever had a doubt that I wasn't running for Pope - it's clear to them now! Long story short - On side of the rear facing seat works fine- but the other one - the one with the stop latch that clicks ito place, locking the seat - won't fit worth shit. I tried this, and that...had to pee, so I came in and saw that it was 2:30 am already. Holy Chit! Tomorrow, I will have to raise the back cargo area the width of a 2x4 stading up on it's longest width end. That should fix the hinge problem, as well as provide added room, allowing the butt cushion to fit right. May look funny, it being raised 2 inches higher than the other trunk panel, but it's a small price to pay for a gunner seat. When i was finished cleanign up - I started the hearse - just to make sure. It started - but it almost stalls when I press the gas. I'll have to adjust the carb again.
Well - everyone but me is asleep (2:45am). No work this weekend - no plans - just hanging out with my best buddy. Darth Logan.


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