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Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Rainy day. Alicia had her first college class (working towards a MS.ed), so she was gone most of the day. The Imperial Dark Lord and I pretty much just hung out in the house today. We laughed, we cried...we laughed some more. Worked on new words for him -as well as blocks, flash cards, colors, alphabet, all that stuff.
After the wife got home, we all went to Applebees for food. Then to a hardware store (I need more stuff for back seat of Black hearse). After they both went to sleep, I snuck outside with my tool kit and a drill, and installed the upper part of the back seat. I'm starting the car daily now, just to make sure. I still got a power problem, but a minor one. The alternator charges the battery at 12 volts, not 14 like it should. A new $11 voltage regulator may solve that. I'm losing power somewhere, but at least it's keeping the battery alive. Tomorrow, I may take her on a test run thru the neighborhood. She sounds strong -and looks good. I hope I got the air/fuel mixture right on the carb. I think I got it, cause it don't shoot out balls of fire anymore (seriously!). Maybe it's just jelous of the paint job.
BTW: On Ebay, I found another person with a 77 Chrysler, like mine (no neat paint job though). $3500 for it. He claims that it is the only running one of 3 left. The other 2 are in junk yards on the east coast. Guess he overlooked one. (I think he's full of it and trying to up the price - but it's neat to consider).
Well - Im soaked from working inside the hearse (sweaty) - it's shower time and off to bed.


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