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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Damn Rain!!

This off and on rain is a real pain. Not peekaboo funny, but costing me money.

I had a $370 party today - that got whittled down to a $100 party due to all the rain. Moonwalk cancelations, party cancelations - this sucks. It fainally stopped for awhile - everyone is sleeping, so I thought I'd go tinker with the hearse - but NO. AS soon as I got into doing something, the bottom fell out once more. Hopefully, tomorow will be more predictable .
Earlier, we went to Mogolian BBQ - met my mom up there. Logan is now refusing (and I mean kicking and screaming) to sit in high chairs. At 18 months, he has declared his independence, and wants to be a BIG boy, and sit in a chair like daddy. Only problem is h'se too short to do so (most times). So, we've been getting booths whenever possible - he can sit,stand, move around a little - and still be containted. He's so good when we are out. The staff always play with him wherever we go....sometimes even holding his hand and taking him for a small walk around the resteraunt. He's the hit of the party.
We started going through some of his many toys tonight - trying to figure which ones he never paid much attention to, so we can either pack them away - or pass them on. We are being a bit selective - we don't want the second baby just to have "Logan Approved Toys" in case his/her interest runs differently.
I think the rain let up - I've got 8 brand new, gapped spark plugs to put in the hearse. Wish me luck!


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