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Thursday, June 24, 2004


Another step towards victory today. Bought and installed a $12 voltage regulator, and the volts are now up to 14.4, from 12.1 Usually, a few steps ago, I would give up - having tried my best, and have it hauled off to a mechanic. But this time - BAM - I think I got it.
Now for the stupid sh*t I've dealt with today. Long John Silvers has tray liners that have a $5 off coupon for Advance auto. I went in and asked for a tray liner - it was like pulling teeth! Totally pissed me off. SO, I came back later - with 2 seperate orders, both for HERE, seperate tray for each. I ordered an ear of corn (52 cents) and 2 hushpuppies (33 cents), and I GOT MY DAMN COUPONS! Then it's off to Karate class- what a waste of time. This place is starting to present as much challange to me as chewing gum does. In all fairness, we had 4 new people tonight, so we "had" to start at the beginning - just wish there were more higher ranking belts to learn from (and spar). I'm still wearing a white belt, and a headband with the konji for "Ronin" on it. It's a subtle protest. I'm actually green belt now, but I was refused to test for purple. I disagreed with the test results for green as well, although he passed me. I should (by equivalent) be ranked at around 1 to 3 belts below black in this system. Instead, I'm feeling like a pee-on, good for taching the lower ranks, and got tossed a bone for my trouble. I will continue to wear the white belt in protest, and will only wear my newly aquired rank of green at the test for purple (the next color up). I gotta (GOTTA) find a karate place around somewhere! This Tae Kwon Do shit is starting to bug me.
THE BABY: Here I am - 3rd topic, and finally getting to the baby (Logan). He was a doll today (for me, at least). We all went to McDonalds to lunch, where he ate an entire cheeseburger. This is a big first, not because he eat the whole thing, but because this was the first time we gave him the whole thing to hold and eat. Normally, we break it up for him - not this time. He dug in like a pro! Later, I slipped away to a junk yard for a few hours - I found the holy grail of station wagons - the fold away rear-facing gunner seat! Screw your SUV - my hearse will have tail gunner positions - hope the kids will like that if we take it on field trips! The car can (once installed) carry 8 (living or dead) upright seated people.
Well - Im pooped. Hard hot day at the salvage yard - boring martial sport class - food and auto parts morons grating on my nerves like a cheese grater - I quit. Thursday is oficially fired - I will hold auditions for Friday first thing tomorrow mourning.


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