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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Nap time!! Nap time!! YEAY!!!

The demon is in humble repose. We started with a really good day - the wife has an all day college class, so it's just the baby and me. He was in a really great mood, and active, and playful - until she came home from skool for lunch. We went out for a quick bite, afterwards the child was possessed by the dark side of the Force! Me got mean - started screaming, kickick, hitting. As soon as we came home, he was informed it as nap time. 2 minutes worth of crying and screaming, and he was otu like light. He really should have gone down earlier - but I let him stay up, in case Al wanted to get lunch (which she did). We'll see when he returns -if the nap did him any good.

Dad's Mail list : really tamed down now. Moderator stepped in, and put an end to things. New topic is stage moms and what music our kids like. However, in true fashion, the topic of opera (a neutral topic) was raised, with Madame Butterfly being the specific one named. Here we gay again.

The hearse: Oh boy - bad, then great. I put the new plugs in, and it wouldn't start! Dammit! Almost put the old plugs back in - then I checked for gas. Just like Billy Bob Thorton in Sling Blade "Ya got any gas in it?" - um..well......duh, no I didn't. I disconnected the fuel line to the carb, and stuck it in a bowl. Turned the key and no gas came out. Either fuel pump, or no gas. I put gas in, and it starts fine now. (And I feel really stupid!). I took it on a maiden voyage last night - around the neighborhood. Everytime I passed my street, and was going to return home, I stepped on it, and kept going. After cruising for about 20 minutes, I returned home - turned the car off. Then back on- IT STARTED!! YEAY!! I figure a few more test runs, and I'll be really to try it with the baby in the back.

Gas: Youch - I thought that the gas guage on the blk hearse was broke. I had added about 5 gallons whenI started fixing it up, and the needle never moved. That is why I didn't knwo it was out of gas. So, I added another 5 gallons - and this time the needle went from dead to just on the EMPTY mark. That tank has got to be a monster if 5 gallons barely budges the needle! I may need to take out loans if I plan to drive it more than 3 bloacks a day.

Well....the beast still sleeps - and I got a bit of time to do "stuff" - I'm off to to it.


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