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Monday, June 28, 2004

Ruffled feathers

Behold the rain held out! I got to be Scooby Do, and then went to a different party to set up a moonwalk - and no rain! It can rain tomorrow if it likes (and it is supposed to). I have spark plugs ready to go in the bl hearse. Probably do that after posting this.

About the title - I had a really good day. I worked, made money for the family, the baby went with the Emperess to her parents house, and I got some work around the house done. All was well. Then I read my email - and man, I turned evil. The Stay at Home Dad's list had a new member, who it seems, is trying to incite arguments by bringing up "gay" topics, and seing who will "bite". I am more than capable of verbal Judo in the "multicultural, multiethhnic, multiwhatever" topic. After the attack from the staff at ODU, my scars run deep , as does my pool of knowledge. Seems like he don't give a damn about talking about kids - he wants to find out who's gay (like him, Im guessing - he never really said for sure). This jackass (CmePO) posting loaded questions, and his couterpart (R2Duh2) fueling the fire - it's like having had a puppy run over - then someone wants to talk about the best tires to run things over with. And I don't know whether Im addicted to my email (so i check it often) - or if everyone else was uninterested/dumbfounded to what was going on. So, I decided to jump in the thick of it, and stand my ground. It worked me up - quite a bit. ok - the fruit loops now have too much blog space here - I'll move on.
DARTH Logan - it's amazing , as a father, the things that he recalls - that I wouldn't think he would. A few months ago (I stopped ) I would show him the screaming HULK doll (when we were at Walmart). He seemed frightened of it, so I stopped showing it to him. Instead, I showed him the Spiderman doll that talks, and his eyes light up. I only showe this doll to him once or twice. He has a small spiderman doll (non electronic). Yesterday, the wife said he will hunt that doll down - until he finds it - press it's tummy, then get very upset that he won't talk or light up his eyes. How cute!! I hat eto spoil him - but when she told me that , I wantd to run out and pick up the other doll (and I still just might!)
30 minutes into Monday - all are alseep - feathers are unruffling - Good night Grandpa - Good night John Boy - Good night Grant.


  • At 8:27 AM, Blogger Grant said…

    Good night.....Darth Daddy. I was out in the saw mill.

    Ps. When I was at Remco Rent to Own, they tried to make us believe that we were not screwing the customers. I said, "I can sell that, but do not make me beleive it".

    Homosexuality is a choice. They are trying to make us believe it is, "God made us this way". I will not buy into that lie. Thus starts the fight with them.



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