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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Panic !!! Try to stay calm...

Had major scar today. (I mistyped that, but I actually DO have a big scar, from that damn drill bit burn). Had a major SCARE today. The wife woke up (Logan and I had been up for a while playing and watching TV) and said that she thought she was having contractions. She's only 6.5 months along. She said she had been having this feeling of tenseness and release for about 3 hours now, but went back to sleep, figuring they'd go away.I said "So what the hell are you telling me for? Get on the phone and call the doctor!! Call the hospital! Call Ghostbusters! ". Typed, that looks rather insensitive, but it was both a paniced response, and a way of telling her to get up off her ass and let's go! A phone call to the baby-doc, and we were on the way to the hospital. Turns out she has a uninary tract infection, and a bladder infection (or something like that), and the baby was safe. No leaking embiotic fluid, sealed "baby pouch", and mimic-ed contractions caused by the infection. She never experienced Braxton -Hicks (fake contractions) with Logan, and delivered C-Section, so she really doens't knwo what one (a contraction) feels like. It's a good thing that we alrady had a baby at that birthing center, cause if this had ben out first time there, it would have been out last time there. They didn't seem to move with a sense of urgency. Kinda lollygagged through things, never really made an effort to make us fel safe - reassure us that the bay was ok, and that there would be no delivery today. Al says that maybe it's cause they saw how calm we were (and w did act calm) but my still waters ran deep today, let me tell ya. And they kept asking how old she was - not sure if they were using it as a control question (one that they know the answer to, and ask repeatedly to gauge how 'with it' you are) or if they thoguht she was lying, was younger, and was just seeking attention. Al is 32, but really doesn't look her age - she looks much younger. The more I think about it, the more pissed off I'm getting - knowing how much nicer they could/shoudla been. But baby and wife are ok - that's all that counts.
LOGAN UPDATE: Awesome day with the baby - cept for when he got restless in hospital room. He started crying and flailing his arms - clipped me right in the eye. A 1.5 yr old can't grasp the concept of "Daddy's worried - don't screw with him for now". So we stayed untill they said things were safe (though we had to drag that info out of them). They wer goign to monitor her, and probably release her later that same day (which thy did - about an hour or so later). Soooo Darht Logan and I set off to grab lunch. We stopped at Wendy's, and just enjoyed each others company. As we were cleanign up, an older lady came over and said that watching him and I have lunch together was the nicest site that she had seen in a long time. I was very flattered. Later, at the pharmacy, there was this cute little thing behind the coutner that said "He's so cute- he looks just like his daddy. And he's getting so big". I guess she recognized him from a previous time we were in there. I thoguht "Ohh what a shame....too young for me and too old for him (hehe)".
HEARSE UPDATE: The back (fold down part) of both the back seat and the rear facing seat is now functional and attached. Can be removed for when I paint and carpet the interior, but the design, bolting, bending, figuring, and all that hard work is DONE. Now I need to attach the butt cushion parts, and I'm done with hardware. Then comes the easy part of painting, pimping, and spiffing the interior up (and a damn nice stereo system too). TRUIMPH!
*********It's been a long day - TIme to post this, and see what they Late Late movie is .......


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