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Monday, July 05, 2004

July 4th, 2004

Pretty uneventful day, as far as Independence Day's go. Started fun though - got up pretty early with Logan. He wouldn't let me go back to sleep - and he told me he wanted something to eat. So off to breakfast we went. First to McDonalds, then to Booger King. Got everythig to go - and brought it all home. Took Logan upstairs to wake up Alicia. After our feast, her and the baby went to her folks house for a visit. I went ot work more on that rear hearse seat. Lottsa rain today. I ended up covering the herase with a tarp - and with the tail gate open, made kinda a tent. It was the only way to work in the car and still get some air in there. My arm still stings from yesterday. Ohhh yeah yesterday....I forgot to tell THAT story. I was fabricating a support structure for the hide away rear facing seat. I was drilling into metal with a drill bit bout the size of my pinky - set the drill aside, and plopped a bolt into the newly formed hole. Just then, I heard a sizzle. I heard it - and thought "Sizzle?" Then the pain hit. I had rested my right arm up against the drill bit- right below my hand on the outside. The sizzle I heard was "BBQ Shannon"! I immediately sought medical attention (Google - and searched for 'burn treatments- it's a poor man's health insurance). Back to the 4th.

After a few hours of playing "Pimp My Hearse", they returned, and off to Walmart went. Hadta get milk and cat food.

The baby was up quite late tonight. We has content to lay thee, next to Al on the couch, but was captivated my The Music Man. He has seen the Sound of Music twice, and never showed interest - even though I do sing songs from it to him. But he loved The Music Man. I crappd out, and woke up 3/4 way through it. Gonna have to get the dvd. It'll be a nice "Wiggles" alternative.

Stopped off at a dpartment store yesterday - had to find out what jacket size I am. My officially licensed Spiderman Costume has been ordered - it fits up to size 46. Ad fate would have it, Im size 47. Sooooo once it gets here, if it don't fit - it's off to Ebay. I'm sure I can sell it for what I paid, or maybe a bit more. The company called back, saying that along with the verbal lecture about using it for personal appearances, that now there is some dumbass form that I have to sign and return. I think I'll send a letter back with it stating that my mommie had to fill it out..since they wer treating their customers like children. Screw marvel. But I honestly don't intend to make any personal appearances. Only public ones.
*****BTW - Darth Logan was visited by a Pooh bear and by Spiderman in the last week. They just stopped over to play for a bit. His majestly was tickled pink!
Well - it's late again - and time for bed. This blog is brought to you compliments of Ambien. If I had any of it - I'd have been asleep by now! I usually end up stayign up lat ........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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