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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Demonic Possesion, and car pimping -- Monday, July 5th, 2004

I should have known that something was up when I called for Logan, and heard a bumbling voice say "There is no Logan....only Zuul." The last few days, that child has been rich with the dark side of the Force. Although, we did have several breaks in the storm today. It started off really bad this mourning - I awoke to hear Al yelling at the mini Dark Lord to stop doing hitting. He's gottne really rough with the cats in the last week, and when his temper fliars, he's started waving his hand to knock over anythign in his reach, and hits anyONE in his reach. This must stop. I thought we were gonn abe one less child when he swung at Al, and popped her in the mouth (the impact was swift - and caused her lip to hit against her tooth, and her lip started bleeding. She handled it rather well, but was she ever pissed. He's ben getting a temper over simple things - like being told to pick up his cup when he throws it down - or to bring his sandals to us so we can put them on him. Diaper time has all but become hand to hand combat anymore. It's not as bad with me, but he starts kicking, and will hit Al in the belly (the currnet residence of the NEXT Dark Lord of our Sith.). I hope the unborn don't tak eit personally - otherwise, Logan is gonna have a serious butt whoopin coming to him, courtesy or a not born yet baby. This terrible two stuff really suck.
THE GOOD LOGAN: We (him and I, to give her a break) venture to the hardware store for more nuts and bolts for my "hearse pimping" project. We stopped at Sonic and split a Sundae...then returned home. Swam a while, got dried and dressed, then made pilgrimage to the promised land ...WALMART. Now that I think of it - for the mos tpart, he was just fine. It's not a matter of quantity of evil - but rather quality of it when it occurs. How can this screaming, ranting little fart be that cute little angel that I used to (and still do) cuddle with, play, and shar my life with? The little booger got horns and a tail from somewhere - must be from her side of the family.
HEARSE UPDATE: I made one side of the rear facing seat soooo sturdy, and reinforced, that I decided to make the other side the same way. But at 1145pm, it's hard to come up with another 12 inch long folding gate bracket (I shoulda bought 2 of em earlier - but only figured on usin one). Once I get this last bracket bolted in place, the back part of the rear facin sat will be completely installed. Now to attach the butt part of the seat , and most challenging - the seat belts. Seat belts are usually attached at reinforced points - I gotta figure out how to reinforce the anchor site without welding. Gotta make it strong and safe. Maybe another trip to the bone yard is in order. No telling what you can find out there.
********If it don't get rained out, I think that the YMCA has a "Baby Joggers" meet tomorrow mouring at 9am. Might go check that out.


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