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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Wa happened?????

I'm still a little miffed here - last week the Tae Kwon Do instructor runs all of us through a "pretest" review, tells us to "be prepared for next week", and send us on our merry way. This week (tonight) the head-instructor shows up (he teaches in a different city, and made a special trip to see us) and tests everyone. Cept me. Guess I should have been more outspoken when class ended and I realized I was overlooked - but at that point, I figured "why bother?". I was the highest ranked person (non teacher) in the class - no way in hell that they "didn't see me". I think it was a purposful move to teach me a lesson - but what for, I got no idea. Sure - Ive been wearing my white belt in protest of the shoddy way I was tested last time, but tonight, I wore my Sunday best. Even wore that dumb ass TKD uniform (the top is like a polo shirt) rather than my prefered 'wrap style' karate uniform. And my hachimaki (headband). I've got 2 of those that I made. One has RONIN the other has Dada (both are in Japanese symbols). Here I thought I was an asset to the class, having a rich and diversified background in more traditional arts....but now, I'm made to feel like Im the bastard step child of the group. Perhaps it's time to move on. Am I to learn patience from this? "One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life.:. On the other hand - only a moron sets his destination to flow through an impassable path. I want my black belt - I want my son to see that I have accomplished this. This makes be think that this class is not the way to acheive that which I seek. Maybe it's time to find another school. There's a studio not too far from hre, but it's Tae Kwon Do. It may have to do. I porefer the Japanese arts - and found a great sounding skool. But it's too far away to travel to for classes. Also, I already studied there when I was younger - they took advantage of my previous martial arts knowledge by using me to teach the white belts - and not testing me for higher ranks. Man - after having direction, motivation, and purpose - I suddenly, after 1 night, find myself questioning it all.
HEARSE INFO*************** No hearse work tonight - it's been raining , and it's muggy out there. I'd sweat to death! Took back a trailer hitch and a back seat to the junk yard for a refund. Ended up not using either, and felt lucky to get all $40 back for returning them. This "U Wrench It" place aint half bad.
WIFE UPDATE:***********Honery as ever. Nuff said.
UNBORN UPDATE****Doing just fine.
Darth Logan***** She said he turns evil on Thursday night, after I leave for class. He throws tantrums, flings his toys around, and gets generally unpleasant. Hope it's a phase he's goign through. For the rest of today (earlier) he wsa just fine. And turning into quite a chatter box when we go out in the car. I needed to book some work today, so we put a Wigles dvd on for him, and he sat, watched,danced, sang, and stayed outta my hair for a good hour (And I mean a GOOD hour!!)

Well- I gotta get a telegram together for tomorrow. Someone finally booked an Elvis, so I gotta shave tonight. Night all...


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