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Saturday, December 31, 2005

2006 - well, almost

About 30 minutes to go before the New Year is here....

I often heard that what you do at the stroke of midnight on new years eve is what you want to do for the next year. Someone asked if I had any BIG plans for New Years this year - I said "Yeah..kiss the wife at midnight". We've done this as a tradition for a long time now.

We had a good day today. I missed Aikido class, cause I was just too damn tired to go. Plus I needed some time to get ready (meaning to find) all the costume pieces for my party (which went quite well, I might add).

After I got home, we all went out for a nice dinner at a Chinese buffet that has crab legs. Logan snorted sugar from the little donuts or something and went apeshit in the resteraunt. No bad, mind you - just hyper as all get out. Would not sit down to save his life - which I told him it might - several times. After our meal , we almost said "hell with it - take this demon home", but we needed tiolet paper& Macaroni and Cheese, so we dared venture to Walmart. THe place was packed, we found some good after Xmas/clearance deals, lucked out with a short register line, and Logan was a perfect gentleman the entire time. Blew my mind.
BTW_ if you are in a Walmart, and the lines are really REALLY long, always take a peek at the front most self check rows. THe ones further back look long cause of where the register is located...but the ones in the front often go unused, caus epeople don't want to ventur eup to them. Of course, if you have only a few items, you can always use the Jewelry section or Sporting Goods section. I sometimes think they are even greatful for checking out there, just so they have something to do.

11:30 pm - now we have a half hour before New Years. 2006. Wow. I still have checks where the year line has "19__" on them. The boys are growing up before me, and I now believe what the old folks always said...time does move faster the older you get. Hard to think of all that's gone on this last year. Hell, hard to REMEMBER all that's gone on this last year. And with that in mind, I encourage all who read this to update their blog regularly. In the following year, I will have few if any resolutions...but one wil be to better record/document the day to day things that go on in my life. One day, I will look back on this log with rememberance. I will allow each entry to take me back in time to when the kids were still young enough to climb up in my lap and fall asleep listening to my heartbeat. To a time when I had the best job that any man could ever ask for. Raising my kids.

Hapy New Year everyone....

Friday, December 30, 2005

Back to blogging

Now that the computer upstairs is fixed, Im back up to warp speed! It also helps that the temps here have not frozen me out of this drafty old finished attic!

My thanks to Jeff for helping with the "Beth" question a post or two ago. I'm embarrased to admit that I was too lazy to Google it for myself. I spend most of the day thinking "I gotta check Google for that later"...or "I MUST blog about that tonight". Then, I get to the blog and can't remember shit of what I wanted to say. For my kids, shoudl they read this later in life, I want to ad this...I spend so much time with my kids (not just physically there...but sharing each moment with them), that I brain fart what to blog about. I sometimes feel silly with what amuses me. The other day, as I played the Imperial March, I noticed how Logan was walking across the room taking heavy steps...trying to match the beat and strut like Vader did. Or Lance today was caught babbling a few notes after the radio was turned off. There are so many moments when I feel so proud of my kids....for what Im sure some would consider minor things. I bug the shit our of my wife, by calling her in the room and make the kids repeat things (words/actions/whatever). She never has ignored me when I do so...and encourages the boys inwhatever they just did... but I just don't see other fathers doign this over their kids. (I'm sure I would if I actually SAW some of the SAHD's whose blogs I read (see referal list at right).

I feel that Im ranbling...but I havent done so in quite a while..forgive me while I let it all flow.

Today we went to Pizza Hut for lunch. We were no louder than anyone else there, and not acting like bafoons, but I couldn't help but notice how all the kids were watching us. And smiling or laughing. Ive noticed this before. And when I do, I start to take closer notice of the adults at their tables. Most of the parents, Im afraid to report, seem to have a major bug up their ass about something or other. Or are as stoic as a british butler. No wonder kids think we are some kind of cartoon. Parents don't need to make everything a game, but it seems most need to lighten up. Exspecially dads. Logan has this "thing" about having to go with anyon ewho leaves the table. Like at a buffet. When mommy or I go to get food, he wants to go to, and to help get the food. Sometimes, he is satisfied by simple putting a cookie on my plate...or helping scoop jello, or whatever. I'll go to get up...he'll start to say "Me want go with dada, prease". So I'll pretend to be all stuffy and mad and ask "Didnt you just go up with mommy?". After he says yes, I'll say "Well then, you better come show me which ones she sneezed on....".

Oh the Pizza Hut today....we were close to be finished when a couple was seated behind us. WIth them was an adorable little girl, about 3 or 4 yrs old. Logan saw her...hoped down from his seat, and ran up to her as she floowed the couple, and said "HI. Me Logan". He then shook her hand. Thank GOd! I first thought he was going to try some judo on her! Then, as he let her hand go, she which point my little Cassonova decided it was time to hug the pretty girl, and give her a kiss...before returnign to his chair. THe other family thought it was so cute (again, thank god....that could have gotten some parents panties in a bunch). I immediately thought of too thing..which came flying out of my mouth.
1. That's MY boy!!
2. Remembering a scene from American Pie2, when the dad and mom walk in on their son and a girl having sex in his dorm....and shortly after HER parents come in too, I said to the other parents "This is my son Logan....I didn't get your lovely daughters name...but I sure hope my son did." (HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA)

Just remembering that has me laughing! He is quite the charmer....and no doubt will have me in the principals office on a regular basis (with the climate of sexual harassment suits these days). I should school the boy in saying "Be refusing my advances, it made me feel uncomfortable".

Lance today suprised us by singing along to the music in the car. At Pizza Hut, he took a liking to their cinnimon bread sticks. And threw a fit when we tried ot offer him anything else beside those.
Me: You want more breadsticks?
Lance: Yeah
Me: You want the Cinnimon ones?
Lance: YEAH
Me: You want a kick in the butt?
Lance: (just gives me a dumb look- as if asking ME 'do YOU dady?)
Me: Coke to wash it down?
Lance: yeah

Ive really been trying to vary what Im asking, to see if his verbal responses vary by what Im saying. It's been shown that a childs INTAKE of verbal understanding far surpasses their abilty to verbalize OUTPUT. They understand quite a bit - just take longer to develope the skills to convey meaning back to you. (Hurray - an 8thousand dollar college education has not gone completely to waste...).

Lance desided that today was a great day to climb up and down the side of Logans TOddler Fireman bed. I think I held my breath more than he did. That little booger has better balance than a Kung Fu expert. As I am new to the art of Aikido, I was particualrly drawn to Lances awareness and control over weight distribution and his patience at waiting until he was confident that his shift was enough not to fall.

I have always said that Logan is growing up right before my eyes. Lance, I feel, it growing up right under my nose. Up until recently, with Lance being so young, and Logan being so high maintainence, I've felt bad about not giving Lance 100% of dada's attention like Logan had. A combination of Logan maturing a bit...the wife having time off for Christmas...and Lance becoming more receptive .....has finally put me in a place where I feel I am giving Lance the much needed attention that Logan had when it was just him and I. My little Pierogi and my littlest jelly bean. (I also refer to them as Turd and Turdling..this seems to get the MILS goat.)

Oh - a note to He whose Family runs thru it.....In case you didnt get my message from the comment section...I'd be happy to switch eateries to McDonalds/Booger King for you...I trust you have one of those near you.

Note to any burglar who enters the house...if you happen to come across 2 rapiers (that were used in my wedding) and a katana with a blue wrapping on the handle..PLEASE take the tv and leave a note where to find those damn swords. Good thing I don't own any elephants..probably lose them too. Really need to do some "throwing shit out" cleaning. We did a fair amount of that the last few days with regards to kids toys. We weeded out all of the ones that they kids don't play with, or that they've outgrown. We have about 6 garbage bags full. Ebay, here we come!! Or - another thought - ince Im a member of the blogging online SAHD community..maybe I'll pick a few nice ones, and offer them to dads with blogs. I can post a picture of the toy. Of course, I'd only ask shipping cost. Have to give that one some further thought.

WOW - I've been typing my ass off - so much nicer to be up here than on a laptop. I'll be serioulsy pissed if the power supply (which may need replaced soon) craps out before I can hit the PUBLISH POST button.

UBS 2.0 and Windows XP Service Pack 2 - I finally FINALLY have USB 2.0 . Mind you, I bought a pci card over a year ago...but the friggin drivers never worked, and XP started a fight whenever I tried to install them. So, I had 3 extra USB ports, but still at the same lame ass speed as before. I was graciously reminded of this every friggin time I turned on my external hard drive . POP! (That sound began to cause me to want to kill) - "We have detected that a HIGH SPEED device has been plugged into yoru computer by means of a slow ass usb port. Click here to get more info". Of course, if you click the bubble, it won't help. You just feel like a bigger asshole for asking for help..that you aint gonna get. I would have rather chewed off my own arm that install SP2, so I googled the hell out the problem. Just as I had done before. But this time...there was a different variable. I was no longer searchign for drivers for that damn Adaptec USB 2.0 card...oooooh no, I now had the new motherboard name to search for. A search dredged up that because of some licensing agreement, the usb 2.0 driver for my mother board could not be downloaded. BUT - they should be on the cd that came with the board. HELLO! I have that right here. 2 minutes later, I had USB 2.0 and was a happy camper.

LEFTOVER CHRISTMAS SHIT: Went to Walmart today, to rummage thru the Xmas discounted remains. I discovered sets of christmas lights (like for a tree) that are l.e.d. based rahter than standard bulb based. THey are supposed to use less energy, and more importantly...not heat up like normal bulbs. I bought a few packs, and they seem pretty cool. I used a few strings of white light on our tree (that stayed fairly warm), and one colored light string (that was waaaay too damned hot to the touch). We alays would turn of the lights before we left the house. Maybe next year, this won't be a problem.

Ok - I think whatever sugar high I got from 6 mini powered donuts and 3 chocolate chip cookies has finally worn off. I have a job tomorrow and I need ot find costume pieces. I found all of the dreaded Purple to find that damned jester costume for when I make animal ballons and paint faces before the "great dino costume switch".
(If that sounded confusing - before my kids were born, I ran my own business from home, and made pretty decent money doing it. Of course, now that i have kids - and no employees - I do what I can WHEN I can. I am a magician for kids parties. For the littler ones, I come to the party dressed as a jester (not a friggin clown..hate those) and make ballon animals and paint faces, and do some magic. Once they are all OKAY with some guy doing all of this, I leave the party..slip away to another room - and dress up in whatever costume the parents requested. I return to the party as that character, dance to music, pose for pics, and sing with the cake. A fond farewell and thousands of hugs later, I go back into hiding while the kids have cake. Costume goes back into it's bag, and I slip away with some much needed money and a sense of accomplishment. Much like when I used to be a male stripper...but with less money and a guilty conscience for staring thru my costume head nostril hole- down the open blouse of a mom/babe who was kneeling next to her little one - talking to what she thought was a harmless cartoon character. I miss being a male dancer. I can't fit into my old bikini bottoms anymore, but at least I fill out that damned dinosaur a bit better.

LAST THOUGHT: I am glad to report, after that last "thong as a work uniform" comment, that although I don't get winded as much doing AIkido as I did in judo...Ive somehow managed to remain at 225 lbs. I haven't gone back to previous weight of around 240/245. I was really topping the scale for a while there. I'd still like to lose more, but that takes workign out in addition to my aikido classes...and that means mor etime away from the kids. We'll see how I can work this one out. Maybe use the daycare at the YMCA for an hour a day..just to get some running and cardio in.

Night all!


Thursday, December 29, 2005

From shit to gold

And not just gold shit....

I had a very nice day today. Woke up rather early-- or shoudl I say I was WOKEN rather early, but the kids were in a great mood. Both were laughing, and played nicely. After a brunch, we dropped both my laughing turdlings off at MIL's house, and headed off to the movies. We say Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The wife has read all of the books, so she's a fairly decent source of "why did they do that?"'s, and "What did they leave out?". The movei definitely has a darker theme to it this time around. When it comes out of dvd, I think parts may frighten Logan a bit - not not scar him for life or anything. Overall, I'd say it was a great movie.

Afterwards, I wanted to walk around the mall, but the wife was anxiious...anxiu....can;t spell that one...she PREFERRED to leave. When we passed the entrance to the interstate, I got suspishu....suspicioos.......alert. With the kids out of the way, we came back home and I found out why she didnt want to waste time browsing at the mall. I got luckier than a four leaf clover! WOOHOO for me!

afterwards . ... we picked up the kids, and headed for home again.

I almost didn't go to aikido tonight, after such a shit time yesterday, but I was drawn there. And luckiy so. I had a very nice night there. I performed decently, didn't need much correction, and left with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction (much like I did before we picked up the kids!!)

When I got back from dojo, Lance was already in bed, but Logan was still up. He doesn't want Christmas to be over, and still wants to see the pretty decorations up over our hood. So, we browsed the web for a year calander, and I tried to explain about New Years, and how it was next. The Google picture helped with pictures of baby new year. Then, I looked up Valentines Day for him...with all the hearts, and love..and this picture that came up on the first page of our search .
*** I was going to post the pic, or a link to it, but figured Id make a game of it. Imagine your at the computer, and talking about love with your 3 yr old. You just got past all the pictures of grown men in diapers (during the Baby New Year picture search fiasco), so you type in VALENTINES DAY,. Click on this hyperlink, open the page, and see if you can spot which one don't seem to fit. And no, it's not the friggin dogs.

Ok - enough of my marital arts - off to update the martial arts blog.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I forgot to check and see if any good movies came out yesterday on dvd. Lately, there's been a bunch of stinkers. The Great Raid look promising, though....but couldn't find it low enough. Most new releases (at Walmart) go for around $13.99, for the first week or so. The past few months, however, a few Walmarts have gotten greedy, and charged the full $19.99 from day one. Some minorly discount for a week (like around $16.99), but unless it's a MUST HAVE, $14 is my limit.

The wife went off today (for the whole day) with her mother, going shopping for the day out of the area. That left the boys and I by our own (like most days). We ventured to Chickfila for lunch, and settled in at home for our mid afternoon movie/nap time. Today, the movie pick was Rush Hour. Logan loves with movie, not only because of the kung fu in it, but because of Chris Tucker. Logan will point to his lips and yell "Do oo undstand words come out my mouth?".

Suck time tonight at Aikido.....lots to blog about over at the martial arts blog.

Tomorrow, the wife has arranged for us to have a DATE. With each other. Figured I'd add that, considering how rocky things have been recently. She wanted us to have some time alone, and be able to go see a movie. Suprisingly, our choices were not what would be normally expected. She wants to see the witchcraft/advernture movie Harry Potter. I, on the other hand, wanted to check out the chick flick "Memiors of a geisha". I have the hots for the lead actress....she was in Hero, Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon, and Rush Hour 2. Sweet moves...sweet looks. After not much discussion, the wife won. I also want to see the Harry Potter movie, and plan on getting the geisha movie on dvd anways. I'll let you know how it goes.


For those who actually hang around here and read what I type, I wanted to do something in appreaciation. For the first 5 people who email me their postal address (, I will mail you a complimentary coupon for a free Chickfila Chicken Sandwich. Stay At Home Dads can opt for a free Kids Meal coupn instead. I've wanted to make the blog a bit more interactive...we'll see how this goes.

Well, off to rant at the other blog.


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Thank Jew Very Much

If anyone knows the answer to this, please chime in...

I pass a few Jewish Synagagues/community centers (sp?) as a travel locally, and I've noticed that most start with the word/name "Beth". "Beth Shalom", for example. Who is Beth? Is it a name, or is it a word in Hebrew?


Monday, December 26, 2005

Some computer help

I forget to add this in the last post. My computer is working fine. But my USB ports are supposed to be 2.0, but are running at 1.0 . I only have service pack 1 installed. A long while back, I installed service pack 2 for windows xpo, and it screwed my compter up royally! Cd/DVD drives were unrecognized, programs stopped working...a real mess. I spent an hour on the phone with a Windows tech, and managed to uninstall SP2, but it would completely unistall, and my system was f*cked. I ended having to reinstall Windows xp, and of course, REinstall all the progams that I use.
I have been giving some thought to trying SP2 again. It's been over a year, and Ive read about all the debugging they've done. I'd like my system to run smoothly....but Id also like it to RUN! Has anyone had any experiences with SP2 (good or evil)? I want want usb 2.0, but I dont want to mess my system up to get it.

Any stories to share?


Some time to myself - to share with you

Oh YEAH!! Got the new system running!! I think that I will need a new power supply before long, but for now, IT'S ALIVE!!

And that means that I will be back to blogging more. This is the longest I've ever taken off - I hope I havent been dropped from blogrolls.

Dec 2nd was Logans 3rd birthday. Dec 14th was my 35th birthday. We celebrated a fantastic Christmas, and now have some serious house cleaning to do.

For Christmas, I got Logan an electronic drum set, a mini guitar, and a small wooden train set. Lance got toys too, but prefers playing with his brother's drums and guitar.

My mom came over with gifts for the boys, and gave Logan a Bob the Builder dvd. Shortly after, he started bugging me to watch a movie. I asked if he wanted the new Bob dvd, and he said "no". He proceeded to do the splits, demonstrate Tiger Claw Kung Fu, and said he wanted to Shaolin Kick Ball movie. He was asking for Shaolin Soccer. After my mom left, I put Lance in his swing for his nap, and Logan and I layed on the couch watching Shaolin Soccer.

Warning to anyone using Windows XP- if you decide to upgrade your motherboard and processor, make damn sure you know where (or buy ) a windows XP install cd. You will not be able to load windows without performing a 20 minute long Repair. Fortunately, I haven't lost ANY settings or files. My desktop is the same, my settings are the same. So far, so good. And I got to upgrade from 2ghz to 3ghz (including new mobo) for about $60. Although the old cpu is screwed, the old mobo is fine. Think I'll try to unload it on Ebay. Have to check on the maker, but I knwo it will at least support a Celeron 2ghz cpu.


A few days back, we were all driving, and Logan was in the far back of the minivan. He LOVES the Rubberband Man from the Office Max comercials. When that song comes on, we both drop what we're doing and dance crazy like the guy on tv. I even got it on cd, along with Supersticious (by Stevie Wonder). There's another commercial for jeans on tv that used that song, but it has a groooove to it that we both like. I tell Logan that it's the OTHER Rubberband Man song. Soo.. we're driving in the wifes van, the music cd in is my truck at home, and Logan wants to hear the Rubberband man song. I sing Rubberband Man by the Spinners, and he wants to hear the OTHER one. So I start off with "Very supersticious....." and from the back of the van, we hear a tiny little voice sing "writting on da wall". It was so cute!


We finally had to cut Lances hair. I got out the video camera, and we trimmed his bangs. He now looks so grown up! He really starting to get this "balance" thing, and will now free stand
for several seconds without falling. Any day now, those first steps will happen. He also has learned how to play the "little brother" game. The other day, Lance was at the front door, and Logan was nearby. Logan was actually too close (he was swinging something), so he was asked to move away from Lance. He goes to walk away, and Lance ran after him, tackled him, and started crying ...yelling "bubba bubba bubba" (he calls Logan 'bubba). Has my wife not seen this, she'd have bet that Logan was messing with Lance, but that little turdling is figuring out how to get big brother in trouble. If Logan bumps his a little when he walks by, Lance will look around for the wife or me, and then start squwaking..only if he sees one of us. Gonna have to keep both eyes on these boys.

Well, I need ot update my martial arts blog too, so Im off.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Let there be light

I just found my Windows XP disk, and am trying to get a heartbeat from my new monster. I'll keep ya'll posted.


Christmas Eve 2005

While both the boys slumber, with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, Darth Daddy is up to his eyeballs in wrapping paper and scotch tape.

I bought a brand new motherboard and cpu to upgrade my computer, but WinXP refuses to start without me finding my install cd (which is hiding).

Merry Christmas to all !!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Still here

Things are well here....just been busy.
The wife has chicken pocks, for the fifth time, so she's had the week off from work.

Dec 2nd was Logan's 3rd birthday. We had a nice party with family at a local Pizza Hut. I had planned to do a nice "Letter from Daddy" on my blog, but I broke my computer upstairs, and can't type well on this laptop.

I'll try to find my split'll allow me to write more my next enry.

For all my loyal readers (both of you), please have patience.

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