Adventures of Darth Daddy

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is this still here?

Man, I remember a time when this blog was the world to me. A means to keep track of my thoughts, reach out to others, and just vent when I needed to. Those were the days.

Now, I tend to open up Facebook, start to type something, and then just close the browser. Too damn many people have tried to use my blog ramblings to screw with me. Someone even tried to use my "religious" ponderings to get me kicked out of my (Christian) martial arts organization. And I was the senior instructor!
Someone recently posted a message that he came across my blog, and was glad to see it. He was happy that he wasn't the only one in my position (stay at home dad).

I don't think I deserve the accolades anymore - the ones who deserve it are the ones who haven't been silenced by dipshits who try to use your own words against you. Keep up the good work ya'll - I'll keep checking in from time to time. Maybe soon I'll find a new pair and be back at it full force.
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