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Sunday, September 18, 2005

More "I got it!!"

Thanks again to Mike to sending me the html for adding links to my sidebar. Thanks to reading that code, and seeing what happens when I "tweak" it, I was finally able to get the BLOGROLLING CODE to work. Now, I can just add links as I go, and not have to republish the whole blog each time. Still don't know what they dont have a box around them, but I can live without it.

Next, I think I might tackle that picture box thingy that is in grid form, and let's you show photos. But, one step at a time.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

LOOKIE!! I got a "favorites" list on the side!!

Many thanks to Mike for helping me add a "links" section to the sidebar. I'm no html master, but Cut and THAT I'm a master at.


ps. Although it makes a good joke, and was done unintentionally, did anyone notice that I mistyped HTML in the last post? I reread it and thought "This guy don't know html OR htlm". Then I remembered it was me.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Things have gotten better.

Since he last post, the boy has gotten better. No death threats or warnings that he could be replaced.

Recently, I've been seeing a lot of bloggers that I follow, giving thanks for other bigger blogs mentioning them. Most notably by listing them in their Blogroll. I've tried on 2 seperate sites to create a blogroll, and have provenmyself incompetent both times. I create the account - I cut and paste the "stuff" into my template htlm like it says, but nothing happens. I dont get it. The counters work - but not the blogrolls.

Anyways, I plan to list a few blogs that might interest at home least they interest me.

Let me check.......ok, the kids are asleep - I'll do it now..

Blogger: User Profile: Chip



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I'm not a Slacker! - The rambles and rants of a stay-at-home dad


Husbands anon

The Bean's Dad

Clare's Dad


Because I'm Your Father

Props and a shout out to all my blogging internet "peeps". (Do they still say that, or is my "hip talk" outdated already?) If only Elmo kept up with the times.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Good, the least no ugly

Rocky day today with Logan. It didnt help that I got very little sleep last night. I fell asleep on the couch, and got woken up by a crying Logan. When I asked what was wrong, he kept saying "Momma in other room". She was asleep in the bedroom, and I assured him that she was fine, he was fine, I was sleepy, so lets get you back to bed. I got him back into bed, and he started wailing. Turns out he had a pee pee accident. I take him potty, get him new underwear, and take him back to bed. He finally stops wimpering and crying, just as the friggin dog desides to start barking outside their window. This wakes up Lance, who stands up in his crib, and starts screaming. Now, there's decisions to make. Soothing the baby will be no good until the dog is silenced. Logan waking back up goes without saying. So, outside I go to silence the dog. The dog appearently was tipped of to my anger by the fire shooting out of my ears, and ran like hell. Explained the situation to her, came back in and tried to deal with the kids. Logan went back down ok, but Lance thought it was time to audition for the role of "pain in the ass crying baby". Calming him was hard, and when I finally did, he wouldn't go back to sleep. I tried desperately to explain to himthat daddy needed sleep (AND that there was nothing on tv to watch). He didn't buy it. After what seemed like forever, the wife appears and takes he baby to bed with her. He fussed for a while, then went to sleep.

Today, Logan seemed to set me of very easily. I load them up to go for gas and lunch. Im pumping gas and hear a banging - then the baby cries. I open the door to find Logan bashing a large plastic key ring toy into the baby's carseat. Later, Logan popped Lance in the head with a plastic sword (that is now on the front lawn after it got flung out the front door). He hit the cat, made Lance cry a few more times, and got onmy last nerve.

The wife wasn't home more than 15 minutes before SHE sent him to his room for something.

Later, (after 3 hours of not needing to be isolated in his room) I took him for a bike ride.

Let's hope tomorrow is better.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Our church picnic was today. It was nice, but there was a serious lack of planning. No games, no events, no music. It was held at a military base, and was a 20 minute drive (or more) to get to from our house. If they had picked a local park, I could have hooked them up with a moonwalk, dj setup for music, and maybe organize some games (and at least dollar store prizes for the kids - even though there were only about 10 kids total.)

Notable today was that Lance , who will be 1 year old at the end of the month, "stood" for the first time! He is cruising, and tonight, he took his hands away from the table he was using for support, and stood. It was only for about 2 or 3 seconds, but it was the first! Im very proud!

Logan had a blast today at the picnic. Open space to run around, playground, and lots of dirt to get into. Between the dirt he played in, and the cookie/brownie he devoured / wore, he was quite a sight. The wife said that they were so dirty that they left a ring around the tub tonight.

Still feeling a bit like the outsider at the church. The goal is to get the kids baptised, and a date has been set for the end of October. Not sure what my plan will be after getting them baptised. I imagine we'll still attend, but the social aspect of it is bleek. Specially for poor Logan. Not a lot of kids - and mostly girls. The nearest boy (in age) is around 10 years old. There are 3 or 4 girls that he can play with, but that is turning bad already. The oldest is a real pain in the ass. The younger girls are fine with Logan unless the older girl is around. The older one excludes Logan, and turns the others against him. I thought a shoving match was going to end up with someone pushed off of the playset today.

Not sure what's gotten into the wife, but she's actually been nice to me. To be honest, she's been nicer to me the last 3 days than she has in the last 3 months. I wonder if it's that she's finally back at work, or that she hasn't replaced that patch-birth control sticker yet. Hard to tell if she's a bitch because of being hormonally altered, or if those horns are but a permanent part of her persona now. Guess I'll ride the niceness out while it lasts.

Because of a lack of martial arts at the moment, (martial arts blog)
I decided to check out a yoga class at the local YMCA. Damn, what a waste of time that was. Though tI was actually making progress at one point. About 30 minutes into it, we layed down on our backs, and relaxed at bit. There was soft music playing - the whoooosh of the air conditioner - --and low lighting. All of a sudden, although very softly, a cute brunette got up and walked over to me. After intros, we stood there smiling at each other. There were some small boys running around, so we sent them for hotdogs. I was getting hungry, and the hot dog cart had not come by yet. Just as the kids return with the fiid, and Im making progress impressing my new found lady friend, I hear this voice say "Let's draw our attention to our left side, and pull the knee in to our middle". I realized that I had fallen asleep. Only our for a few minutes---good thing I didnt snore! Sucked about the hotdogs though - I really was hungry.

Well, got to head off to bed.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Something there is that LOVES a cheap fence

The neighbor decided to put up a privacy fence. They used pricey treated wood, but got a good deal on it. They also bout an equal amount of the same size fence (but untreated) for about half the price of what we could get it at. They were nice enough to offer us the untreated sections (as many as we needed) for what they paid. 6 ft tall - 8 ft wide sections for only $12 each. No too bad. PLUS, they already fenced in one entire side of our house by putting up their fence.

Our yard is already fenced in (it was here when we bout the house), but it is the saddest damn 4ft tall link fence I've seen. It keeps the dog in, but will be dangerous when the boy decides to try and climb it. I'm looking forward to having a more secure fence (and looking forward to the privacy it will offer.)

The kids are napping, and the neighbor will be over soon . The fence sections are on his trailer, and he wants them unloaded by this afternoon. WIth any luck, the kids will nap thru the download.

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