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Monday, May 30, 2005

Bonus Sunday night entry - Unfuckinbelievable

Ok - Im sitting here upstairs, at the front of the house, giving me a vantage point on what's goign on in front of the house, and down the street. It's midnight, and 2 teenage dipshits decide to ride loud ass mopeds up, and down, and up, and down my street. THEN, they sit a house away, in the middle of the street, chatting, with those friggin mopeds buzzing away like a weedeater on steroids. Just as Im ready to go have a chat with the up and coming leaders of the new world, they take off down the street.

Then, 5 minutes later, an old beatup pickup truck pull sup in front of the house. The driver spends 5 minutes fishign around for something in the truck, exits and goes to the rear. All the while, the truck is running. He opens a big ass cooler in the truck bed, grabs a can (beer ya think??), jumps back away from the cooler , as if an alligator was attacking him, and SLAMS down the lid. He starts to cuss , flings open the drivers door, throws his beer in, puyts it in reverse, and lays rubber for 3 houses. He screaches to a stop in the middle of an intersection, puts it in drive, and again lays rubber down the road for about a block.

What the hell? Should I grab the camcorder? Or just lock and load? What a bunch of friggin redneck weirdos.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Dark Side of the Force

Just a small note, to anyone trying to, or who is intending to download the new movie from Bearshare. Besides illegal (had to add that), there are currently 5 different file titles that claim to be the new movie, but are 800meg of porn instead. Don't waste your time. One of the files is a divx file, that will jam up your system. Please refer to the program named a few posts ago to eliminate this file, if it tells you "In use" when you try to delete it.

FAMILY NEWS: Went to the inlaws today for a picnic. Left Lance with them, and took Logan down to the beach (a 5 minute walk from their house). I had Logan in the backpack - and as we were approaching the dune/entrance area, there were 2 ladies walking past. One was older (50's) and the other was in her 30's . The younger was wearing a bikini top, and had a decent rack. All of a sudden, I hear a little voice behind me saying "Hot Momma". I just say "Yep". Then I hear his say "Hot momma's momma". To top this, we get to the beach , and he starts runnign up and down the beach. Right up to a towel that was graced with a fine looking 20 something year old blond, in a hot pink bikini. I'm about 10 ft away, just making sure he doesn't dart into the ocean. He stops, waves at her, and says "Hi", then strikes up a converstaion. He started tellign her about the big bird on his life vest, the birds that were nearby, the boats he sees. I think I may have actually glowed with pride. THAT'S MY BOY!!!!

All are asleep now, so I get to play a bit. Oh, I've finally had time to install all my stereo stuff (or most of it) in the truck. I had removed it from the old firebird when the transmission went bad, and never installed it in the new firebird (The new one leaked a lot, and I was scared it'd short things out). I discovered that my 12inch sub has had better days. It is a Terminator brand, from the late 80's. It used to thump, now it just gives razzberries (much like Lance does). On a whim, I bought a cheapy $20 sub from Walmart. It really thumps. It would do better if I could send more power to it, but as a person very particular about his car stereo components, I gotta say that for $20, this sub was a great deal. I have it in a Walmart bought carpeted enclosure.

ALSO NEW: I bought something tonight that I hope works well. It's an mp3 player/fm transmitter that plugs in your cigarette lighter socket. If you plug in an external mp3 player, it'll transmit the signal to yoru fm band. More importantly, it has a USB port on it, so you can attach those little flash/jump drives. I have a few sd cards that Im not using in my camera - gonna throw some mp3's on one, and see how well this little device works. I'll give a better review once I get to play with it a bit.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Regarding my new bike seat

Thanks for the posts about the bike seat - I got to try it out the other day, and it worked great! Really had to adjust to the weight distribution variance, but overall, it was a success. I had Logan in the bike seat, and Lance (in his carrier) in the taxi. Hardest thing, next to the balance issue, to get used to is when I get off the bike. My kickstand sucks, so I have to hold the bike at all times (not a bad idea anyways) - oh, and when I get off the bike, I have to watch out that I dont kick Logan. Hook kicks are great for sparring - not so great when you bop your 2 yr old.

I saw something retarded today: a big ass dump truck that had a sign, painted onto the rear of the vehicle, stating DO NOT PUSH. Who the hell are they kidding? I couldn't budge it if I tried! Do they think that Im going to be sitting at a light, as all of a sudden, as a prank, the urge will overcome me to run over and try pushing their truck? duh

Church again tonight - that makes 3 weeks in a row. I done a good thing, by offering to fix a broken gutter on the side of the church. It's a small church, and a gutter hasbeen ripped off of the side, and is dangling down. I didnt want to ask "Hey, where do I sign up for this church at?", so I can start getting credit (redemable for my sons baptisms)....but I think I scored major points when I offered to try and fix the building. (Ive installed gutters before, at home and on my moms house, so it's not a big deal - just need ladder from the back yard, and some screws).

Good food tonight: Went to a new place called Logan's Road House. It's a burger and steak place that was loud as hell and played loud country music. I kept expecting Patrick Swayze to walk around the corner. THe boys loved it - they could yell as loud as they wanted, and it really didnt matter. This was expecially good after an hour of telling them to shhhh. Food was pretty good, but after a while, sensory overload started to take it's toll. I can't deal with loud crowds for along, and I have passed that trait on to my son. Gonna have to try their again, earlier, before the major crowds roll in.
INTERSTING SIDE NOTE: I used to work as a bouncer at a local place called the Boathouse. It was an actual Boat house, on the water, that was turned into a make shift concert hall for various bands. Shortly after ROADHOUSE came out at the theatres, I was working as a bouncer the night The Jeff Heally band played the boathouse. On top of that, they were short security that night, so I got moved from my normal boring ass back wall job, and was put in charge of the bar area. It was sweeeet.

Well, that s about it for tonight. Thanks again to all that posted comments. Please jot somethign down from time to time - makes me feel good that Im not just typin to myself (I already do enough talkign to myself as it is)


Friday, May 27, 2005

Sending a message to Hollywood

Ok - tonight was the capper- Ive decided to make a movie - or a tv series - about Martin Luther King Jr. I will play the lead role. Thats right - a 34 yr old overweight white guy. Think anyone would get pissed? They should.

Im getting tired of hollywood turning everything black. I grew up watching The WIld WIld West. The lead character looked nothing like Will Smith. (I love Will- just need to criticize this movie). I like Ving Rahmes, but Kojak weren't black neither. Now I see that a remake of the Honeymooners is being done- with an all black cast. What the hell?

While Im on a movie rant - when dealing with things that I grew up with - either remake them right, or leave them alone. What the hell was that Charlies Angels movie?? Cant wait to see how messed up the Dukes of Hazzard movie is. At least they got a decent Daisy Duke - and Uncle Jessie.

Dojo news: Had a nice Muay Thai class tonight. Having a hard time getting used to POWERING thru a kick, rather than snapping it . I have to keep thinking "Time to go Klingon!".

Business news: Ok --im so frigin lost. There used to be the Yellow Pages. Then it was the Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages. THEN, it Verizon. (They suck - screwed up my ad for the last 5 years - and Im curently in a dispute with them over last years charges, which I refused to pay after they screwed my ad, THen lied about giving me a 50% discount. More on that later---)
Now , I get YELLOW BOOK on my door. Who the hell are they? Are they new? Did they used to be the yellow pages? Anyone advertise with them and have any comments to share?

Kitty news: Tigger is doing much better - hes on meds now for his infection. Now I have to watch the other 2 and see if they have any symptoms. So far - so good.

Logan news: He has this pretend phone (with a dial - which can be set to various people, and they say related phrases), and he keeps following me around, with the dial set to "daddy". He says Dad Dad Dad - then pushes the dial "Ring Ring Hi! Daddy loves you." It would get on my nerves if it didnt warm my heart so much!!

Lance news: That little booger can get around like no ones business. He started tryin to pull his knees under him today. Wont be long, and he'll be crawling all over the place! We went to lunch today at a new place - sat on the patio, so he could watch the traffic go by. He loves motorcycles and semis ("Big bad truck, dada"). He was so good, that after lunch, we all went to the local park to play (as a reward). Fun day with the babies.

QUESTION FOR ANYONE READING: Im trying to type this entry on my laptop. I keep somehow touching the touch=pad, and messing up . Is there anyway to lock out the touch pad?

Hey, I know that there are dads that read along from time to time. Are there any martial artists who read my blog? Anyone out there that doesn't skip over the "dojo news" part, and want more writting on Kung Fu, Jujitsu, or Muay Thai?

SUNDAY, JUNE 12 at 10pm is the first episode of the new season of THE DEAD ZONE on USA Network.

I never favored those bike seats for kids that attach to the back of your bike. I fear wrecking the bike, and in turn, my son as well. BUT - the trail behind taxi wont fit both my sons. When Lance is bigger, it'll be fine. But Lance has to be in the carrier, and although the taxi is built for 2, it wont fit both boys. SO I bought a bike seat (very nice seat/secure - paid $4 on my latest thrift store raid). Hopefully, tomrrow, if it dont rain, I can take both kids on a bike ride around the hood. If it works ok, Id like to start packing them up (during the week), and finding some trails to bike.

Have you seen these commercials that are time progression of a couples life, and they have a Chase credit card for each phase of their life? There is another one for MBNA. The hidden message is that these fuckers have bought up all the possible credit card companies, and will get your money come hell or high water. Before my credit card problems, I used to have several cards, from various companies. I got my statements on time, and at worse had to deal with a $10 late fee. THEN, they all got sucked up. MBNA, FIRST USA, PROVIDIAN, CHASE (which bought out First USA). Then, statements came late, $35 late fees, jumps from 9% to 29% apr. I figure, in a few years, they will all buy up each other, make one big ass massive company called "BENDOVER AND TAKE IT". Credit card companies suck.

Ok - think I ranted enough. These are some things that Ive wanted to blog about fora while, but havent had time.

Im going to finish watching Frequency, and get some sleep.

Nite all

ps. SO far, I managed to go to church 2 weeks in a row. Should have the kids baptised in no time. Took the whole family last time, and things went well. Hard for Logan to deal with an hour service, but we keep him amused. And Alicia didnt feint from the incense.

Thursday, May 26, 2005


Lots happened- but not much exciting to write about. Our tiger cat Tigger had to go to the vet today. He has a very bad infection, but is expected to recover.

The boys were fun as ever .

I took a job (refered by another company) that turned out ok, but was a cluster fuck at the beginning. It started off as a moonwalk rental, but because of rain, turned into an indoor magic show. I was told a magic show was an acceptable alternative if it rained (and it did), but when I got there, they bitched at me, wanting to know "Where is you Spiderman costume?" I told them - "It be at the office, no one said nuffin bout Spiderman". They asked "Can you go get it?". I said "Sure - for triple the pay, and it'll take me about 2 hours to get back". After that, the magic show proceedd without further interuption. These people are 26 minutes travel away from me, and wanted me there at 6pm - I had to fight rush hour traffic from hell. Around here, if you need to go any distance, you either have to go over a big bridge, or thru a tunnel. All of which back up really bad when its rush hour. Took me over an hour to get to them. Anyways, they paid me, and I can now pay my McDojo fees for the month. Gonna have to think twice about accepting any other jobs that other companies book.

That about it - cept that the jujitsu teacher called and said she wasnt goign to be in class on Monday. So there was no use in my going. Then, cause of the job I took, I had to skip Wednesdays class too. The only class Im going to get this week is the Muay Thai class on Thursday. Sucks not having a decent dojo to go to. On the other foot, I finally took my hakama and top out of the bag, and tried it on. (The gi top and puffy samurai pants that are work for various arts). I have ot say, I look smooooooth in it. Have to wear it to class on Monday, and see if I can function in it.

Night all

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I need to photshop Lance in the back - will make a neat progression of the family. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Hey Phil

Thanks for posting a comment. Can you give me your blog URL? I tried to click on your name, but it said it was restricted.


Splitting headache tonight

Im not sure if it was getting only 3 hours sleep last night (the kids took turns waking up crying), or if it's not getting my Monday break (no dojo), but my head has been ready to explode for the past 4 hours. Took some Tylenol- now just waiting for it to take effect.

Let's see: updates on stuff:

DOJO: THe other night, I was ofended by the new jujitsu teacher - after he declined to show me some of the next belt requirments he described to me how he wanted me to attack. Right foot steps forward - and right hand punches. He explained it like I was some kinda 4 yr old. The next class, I went to the kung fu class instead of hanign around with him. Th ekung fu guy has put some duct tape on the floor, and created 2 joining boxes- not more than 2 ft long by 4 ft wide. He called it a southern boxing ring. In kung fu, Northern styles tended to reach when they strike. They live in forests and hafve lots of room. Southern styles, in cintracts, developed by traveling on boats. Fighting is close up, and learned as to not require a lot of room. It was rather fun - by not having anywhere to retreat to, you had to focus on strong stances and lots of hand work. I'll se if I can get any pics of this, if anyone would like to see it.

BABY NEWS: Had lunch with my mother, who criticized me for Logans lack of beign able to calm down when we are in public. She also criticezes me for "letting" Logan hit me in anger. The time she was referenceing was when we took everyone out for mothers day. Logan was being a turd (he was sick), and he knocked things over (on the table) in anger). I yelled at him, told me he wasn't being nice, and relocated him across the table by his mother. He fought, and as I sat him down, he started swinging. I admit he needs to learn that it's not ok to hit, or strike out in anger. But as I was already puniching him for the other bad behavior, it made no sense to me to make a big deal out of his hitting. He was frustrated, and being only 2, has no other means of expression when he is as angry as he was. He was already crying, screaming, and ..well, you get the point. So - from a nice get together with my mom, I had it reiterated that instead of focusing on the positive that Ive been able to do with the boy, all she has to offer is "how Im not doign it right". I'll be the first to say that I don't need anyones permission - or condoning - or whatever that word is Im thinking of that is slipping away at the moment. As long as my kids are loved and happy, Im doing a good job. But it's a real bitch not having the support of your own mother. She's told me once (that I can remember) that I was doign a great job with the kids. This was after we had it out, and I told her that not once had she ever complimented me on being a good daddy.
TO recap: 1. My mother never compliments me on doign a good job, being a stay at home dad - 2. she stated that "You need to teach him to stop runnign around in public.Not everyone thinks your kid is as cute as you do." 3. The woman who , behind my back, tore me apart to my wife, worrying that I was going to turn into my abusive father, now tells me that I need to smack my kids hand when he's bad, and use force against a 2 yr old to show him who is boss. If ever there was a case of talking out of ones ass, I believe I have witnessed it - over pancakes and french fries at an IHOP.

LOGAN NEWS: Ever the challenge, he's got more energy than 3 of me put together. Really starting to increase vocabulary and link similar concepts. He's started to disappear for a while, and when I check on him, he'll be in his room browsing thru books. So adorable!

LACNE NEWS: While not officially crawlign yet, he's very VERY mobile. If his target is to the front of him, he will turn sideways, when rollll to it. Little booger tried to climb up me the other day, and mooch some chocolate cake.

Well, that's all I can manage for tonight. Gonna go see if chocolate cake will do anytyhing fo rthis headache.

ps. I saw taht Grant (another blogger friend of mine) is on a diet and started posting his weight to his blog. Figured Id do the same, and see if I can lose some weight. For the last week or two, Ive been fluxing between 235 and 240.(pounds). Ehh..then again, maybe I'll think twice about that cake tonight.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Quick praise for an awesome program

I downloaded a 700 meg file that was a divx avi file. The file refused to open, and my player would jam everytime I double clicked on the avi file. Then, my computer started to run slow, and act retarded. I feared that I had a virus, but a lengthy (it took forever!!) virus scan said all was well. Even my Anti-spyware program said things were clear. But that friggin file refused to be deleted!! I tried renaming it, deleting it, even rebooting in safe mode, but it kept telling me that "File is in use by another program or person". I created a dos boot disk (took 2 hours to even FIND a flopppy disk), but the floppy disk that you can create with the Windows XP drop down menu - DUH- doesn't allow you to access your hard drives. What the fuck goo dis a boot disk that only allows you to access the floppy drive? I dont get it.
Anyways - I searched the web, and found a program that, once installed, will can be scheduled to assasinate any file or folder that you tell it to. You tell the program what needs its ass kicked, then restart your computer. It takes care of business before Windows starts.

It's called MOVEONB.exe I'll try and trace the link for ya'll ----the babies crying gotta go

Saturday, May 14, 2005

And the walls didnt fall in on me

Ok - I took the first step in waging the battle of religion with the inlwas. I attended - hold on to your seats for this one - church tonight. It was a nice service, small congregation. Incense must have been 3 for the price of one, cause the priest went heavy on the usage. THis means that the wife won't be able to come.
Flashback - when we first started dating, I wanted to impress the family, so I decided to go to church with them. There are a number of Roman Catholic churches down here (and they belonged to one, of course) - and at the time, only 1 hard to find, and sometiumes not there Byzantine Catholic one. Back to the Roman escapade. I go to church with the future inlwas, and Alicia gets sick cause of all the incense the priest was using. She passes out, and doubles over the pew in front of us. Scary at the time, but funny as hell . So, with that in mind, I think shed better stay clear of this new Byzantine place for the time being.

The experience wasnt as bad as I had thought - the service was the same that I was raised with, even using some of the slovanic in places (Slovanic means Slovak, or from Czekoslovakia - or however the hell you spell it) . My grand parents on moms side were 100% Czec - that means mom was too - and Im 50%. It was good hearing a foreign language from the past ( and one that wasn't friggin Spanish!!). I plan to start attending, and eventually get the boys baptised. Need to find out what kind of groups or activities they have to offer. Mens groups - kids groups. It's a rather small congregation, so they may not have anything. Always thought it'd be neat to be a Knight of Columbus. But, at the time, I lived in Cleveland. Are there Knights of Cleveland? Can you be one if you live in CHesapeake? (ok - dumb joke) But they do wear neat costumes.

COSTUMES: Since I work in costumes, and practice my martial arts in various costumes (uniforms), I wanted to find a good looking "catholic costume". Tore the house apart, and could only find a crappy pair of cargo pants, and soem jeans that I used to work on the car with. SO, Im off to church, and deside to make a detour to a local cheapy store, and get a new "Catholic " costume. Picked up a pair of pleated navy blue dress pants (with belt included) for $10, and a very nice matching polo shirt for $4. Felt much better about being seen in public. When I have the kids, I coulnd't give a shit what I look like - as long as I have enough pockets for everything. But when you don't have any kids with you , it felt good to look good.

I doubt very seriously that Im going to fall victim to the typical brain washing techniques (like the baptists and Witnesess), and start quoting the bible and all that shit. BUT, if I start to become "preachy", someone please let me know.

also stopped off at a local aikido dojo, and got some info from them. I had just missed their bo training class, but I would really like to see their adult class. It's always been stuck in my head "Did i make a mistake by not going here instead of my McDojo". Even though I still have another year to go at the current dojo, I plan to pop in at the aikido dojo on Tuesday, just to watch. I'd really like to find a good judo place, to compliment what I already know. Just don['t want to pay an extra $100 a month for a dojo taht I can only go to 1 or 2 times a week.

FAMILY NEWS: My oldest son in in league with the Dark side of the Force. Ordinarily, Id say that was pretty cool , but he has been amajor pain in the ass today. He has the same cold that I do - and has been overly-tempermental. Today, at Arby's, he refues to share my chocolate shake with me (it was mine ti start with -we always share one). He throw a fit, and squeezed the cup so hard that it all squished out, all over him. Not sure what his malfunction is, but he needs to get over it soon. Temper tantrums combined with a stubborn refusal to listen. Wearing dada's nerves dangerously low.

Well - Im off to cruise the web. Gonna search for any judo dojos around here.


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Up to date with things

I have an old laptop computer, which is for back up programs of my busnies related software. It's also great for surfing the web at night, when I cant get away (upstairs) to the main computer. Problem is, it has that small ass keyboard, and Im always mistyping (worse than usual). Also, I keep hitting the keypad by accident, sending my cursor somewhere between the left margin, and Cleveland. All of which has kept me from blogging on a more steady basis.

MONDAY at the dojo: We had a new guy come in - to check things out. He's only a shodan in judo, but is very impressive. I had the honor of having him sweep the mat with me - and loved it. Typically, everyone is always afraid of the BIg guys - the more I get into my arts, the more Im afraid of the smaller guys. He was kind, and took it easy on me, but I have to say - I have a new found respect for the art of Judo. I hope he sticks around, although knowing what a piss ant dojo this is, he'd be smart to run like hell.

TUESDAY at the dojo: Tested for Green belt tonight in jujitsu. My techniques were great (I think), and even my endourance was better than the last test. I completed the test without too much trouble (I admit I was very winded from time to time, and needed a few seconds to recover). But at the end, during the finaly (a barage of punches meant to show that you have spirit), I ended up showing that I had too much fruit punch for dinner. Luckily, it was only a spit up, not a throw up. Having a really bad cold (with chest congestion), I had a spit rag (from the baby) tucked in my gi. Good thing too. Felt a lot better afterwards, and finished up the test (sensei shortened the amount of punched required - I feel bad that I didnt complete the entire test as it was meant to be). Anyways, I am now a green belt in jujitsu. (Those times when I turned and rested for a few seconds, I kept hearing Darth Logan's voice - when he rides me like cowboy, and I lay flat, he'll start yelling "DADA GET UP! GET UP !")

After getting my second wind, I was again honored by some randori (matt play) with our new judo guy. Again he won, but I felt a bit more confident this time. Not cause of the new belt, but because I knew a bit better what to expect of him. (Just not WHEN to expect it!!)

(SIDE NOTE: Rank order of the Hakko ryu style Im taking: White- yellow-orange-green-blue-brown1-brown2-brown3- black.)

In addition to my bad cold, and having to test tonight, Logan decided he was not taking a nap today. His nap time is MY time to clean, get things done, or even nap myself. I heard that he was a holy terror after I left.

Well - Logan is the antiChrist - Lance has learned to role over (and translocate using a skooch and role combiniation), my jujitsu is better, my judo sucks, and I feel like a truck ran me over. Im off to bed.

Night all

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

non- eventful Tuesday - well, kinda

Freinds of the inlaws were in town today, so after a pretty pleasant day with the boys, we went over her parents house for dinner. Somewhere between the start and end of dinner, I think the following may have happened: 1. My motherinlaw made a lasagna that included peppers and onions (I detest both), and made some comment about "I thought You'd like it". Yeah - same way I'd like my nuts crushed by a tube of frozen cookie dough. I admit, Im a picky eater, and I really do wish there were more choices for dinner than sem to be presenting themselves lately. But anything , regardless of how NEW it is, that includes peppers and onions aint worth eatin. 2. I think my son became victim to the inlaws determination to inject religion on the boy, and also became center stage at a horse and pony show for their friends. Let me explain - They are catholic - the wife is catholic (kinda), and although raised Catholic (Byzantine Catholic for church, and Roman Catholic for skool) I now find that I despise most organized religions. Let's say that if religion is the opiut of the masses - I weened and am now clean and sober. Ive often considered the issue of religion and how to introduce my son to it, how to introduce the topic. Church just aint for me anymore. ANYWAYS - the iwfe has started taking Logan to church ( from time to time) on various Sundays (with the inlaws). I have no problem with this. They usually say grace before their meals (no problem here either). But it seems that lately, they have been making it a point to say grace. Not so much as a matter of their own religious choosing, but as if they feel they are God's appointed religion installers. Don't want the poor child to grow up a heathen , and go to hell cause daddy never bothered to teach em bout Jesus. They have been, under the supervision of my wife, been teachign Logan to bless himself (making the sign of the cross). Again - no big issue here, cept that they really made it a point tonight. Almost like "Look what WE taught our Grandchild to do". This is starting to piss me off the further we get from the incident. The other day, he refused to do it, and I made a joke that "I guess today he's a Buddist". Today, he didnt want to do it, and I said "Today, he's a Hindu". Still, they pressed the issue, till he "performed" for the friends. Logan went along with it - had he gotten upset, there would have been an open fight. Daddy dont take no shit when it comes to his babies. (ONe note of neatness that I can mention: Roman catholics and Byzantine catholics bless themselves differently. Both make the sign of the cross, but Romans go UP-DOWN-LEFT SHOULDER- RIGHT SHOULDER. Byzantines go UP -DOWN-RIGHT SHOUDLER- LEFT SHOULDER. Logan , by trying to mirror what he sees, has actually been blessing himself the Byzantine way, not their Roman way . If they correct this, there again will be an open argument.

So I guess this raises the issue - and I invite anyone to pipe in here with personal stories, on how to:
1. Introduce religion to a child?
2. Religions aside, what age is best for introducing the concept of God?

I believe that there is a God, but that he has mor eimportant things to worry about than you and me. Pray all you want to , He won't make your sports team win, or hold off the rain till your cookout is done. He doesn't have time for bullshit. If there is a hell, I think the road to it will be paved not with good intentions, but with the self richeous, who thought les of others who didn't have "THEIR" religion. With people who thought you can be a complete shit all your life, and then turn to God at the last mintue, and be "saved". People who simply thought that they were the focus of God, and bugged Him with so much simple petty shit, that He simply had enough.

I have had a recent (past 5 years) run of even temperment with the inlaws, and have enjoyed not havin to put up with all the trouble they gave me sicne I first started dating their daughter. But if this religion issue is pushed, before I (As their Dad) am prepared to make decisions on it, I have no problems stating my opinion, and declarin war. Hate to do it , for the sake of the kids, but I'll not have outside influences (even family members) determining how my kids are going to belive (when it comes to the issue of God). I know that it must seem like Im being a hard ass - and perhaps I am - but it's one (of a few) issues where I draw the line.

Anyone have situations develope with family members reagarding their kids and some kind of relious trouble?

DOJO NEWS: Will be testing for my green belt in jujitsu next wednesday ( white-orange-green-blue-brown-brown-brown-black). Very confident about the material, just hope my endurance has improved since my last test. Took a kung fu class (JJ teacher #2 on vacation), and had one hell of a class. Only students were me and an 8 year old, but things went very well. Reviewed previous stuff (5 animal set pattern), went over 12 level fists, and learned somethign new : 18 deadly (or earthly) hands. Really neat shit. The 18 hands incorporates the use of 18 different animals (a stance and a hand shape for each). Not sure if this was taught to the Sifu, or if he just made it up, but it's pretty neat. I'll see (once I get it down pat) if I can record it and post it online somewhere.

Well - been up here for a while - got to go check on the kids before turning in.

May the Force be with you....


Sunday, May 01, 2005

Darth Logan, and my vintage R2D2 and C3PO figures Posted by Hello

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Sorry Ive not blogged sooner

I started to write a blog entry the other day, and the power went out - just as I typed the words "I will NOT be blog raped again". Guess I had another thing comin, huh?

Whoever it was that suggested typing the blog in NOTEPAD: great idea, but it's hard to get used to what seems like run on sentences. With a program like WORD, when you type, it goes to the next line when you run out of space - but in NOTEPAD, the words just run off the screen. Weird.

LEt's see - some updates:

BABY NEWS: Logan still is adorable when he plays with baby Lance - Baby Lance's favorite program is still the "Logan Show!". Logan has started to push my buttons more than ever - he won't sit still when it's needed - he bolts away from us when we are out (or sometimes out the front door- I had to install a latch for the door). When he does something wrong, and I try the usual (talking to him), he thinks its all a big laughing game. Seems like he is definitely having some trouble learing boundries. Before, when he saw that he was stating to piss daddy off, he'd calm down, he listen - but now, I have this little 2 year old monster on my hands. He just doesn't know when to back off. The other day, I lost it - I started yelling and yelling, and he just kept laughin g(which fueled my fire even more) - I eventually had ot lock him in his room, and sit on the front porch for a while. I love him dearly, but damn that child is testing my patience. I know that it may be a phase he's going thru, but when he starts acting up (exspecially in public), it starts to make me feel incompetent. I see some kids (like most teenagers), and think "What fuckups - guess their parents really missed the boat when it came to teaching your kid control and respect". Then, there we are, in a Walmart, him throwing a fit, and me looking around for a boat I may have missed.

MARTIAL ARTS NEWS: Well, I took a week off, and things got better. My back still has a bit of a tinge to it, but I'm running at about 90%, and returned to classes. Even took 2 Muay Thai classes since returning. Guess it wasn't so much a single thing I did, but having done too much too quickly. Now that Im ready to get back into it, things are fallign apart at the dojo. Jujitsu sensei #1 is fed up with not havin other students join, and is taking the summer off - maybe not even coming back. Muay Thai teacher is nice, but more like a coach or a commercial than a close friend/teacher. Jujitsu sensei #2 is chomping at the bit to open his own dojo (and leave), but his lack of current experience and his inflexibility (physical) makes him hard to work with. He's trying to get things back to how they were when his Dad taught, so he's trying to do things exactly like he's used to. I, on the other hand, am trying to learn as many arts as possible (and blend them into an eclectic style). So, when I talk about a similar (or more effective technique) that is from another art, he tunes out, and I feel like Im talking to a wall. Ohh, and the Kung Fu Sifu....thought things would get bettr when I talked with him about my dislike of "Ms Thang".....but now she is the teachers pet. Ive been avoiding kung fu classes like the plague, cause there are no more adults left - just a bunch of goddamed kids and teeny girls who want to flirt with the teacher. When we first started classes, I had mentioned that it would be nice to come up with a club name - to make us a tigher nit group. After all, we were the outcasts, as everyone else did TKD. I even suggested that we get the sifus name translated into chinese letters, and put it on our sashes. For 30 seconds, he liked those ideas, then shot then down cold - stating that it just wasn't the Shaolin way - "I can't think of anyone in Shaolin doing that". Now, all od a sudden, mr artsy is buddy buddy with the boss man, and created a kung fu club shirt. Guess my ideas are shit cause it wasnt HIM who thought of it. Just another example of the troubles when dealign with a young and inexperienced teacher. (I came across his phone number th eother day - when he wrote it down, he wrote SIFU on it as his name - not his first name, or last name - just sifu. It reminds of me of how the dancers used to get wrapped up in their stage names, and lost themselves in doign so.
SOOO - in conclusion, I left with a teacher who is leaving (who I admire), one who may leave at any time , one who is too busy having fun to actually teach an adult class, and a teacher who acts like a coach (I hate coaches). This sucks.
But I did come to a suprising revalation the other day - the owner guy (who refues to let me into the sword class) is shaped like a potato - wears those ankle high sissy socks - has spiked blond hair - just like most butch dykes Ive seen. I think he may be a lesbian.

TRUCK NEWS: Got to get it inspected in a few days. State Inspections suck - just anothr way for garages to make easy money by telling little old ladies that they need a $200 idler arm replaced. There ought to be a law prohibiting places who can work on the car from doign inspections. The wifes new mini van got new tires today, and they told us that there was a lot of play in the front left wheel bearings. $300 to fix it. We spent $15 on a manual - and will order the part for $80 tomorrow. Im suprised at the part though - Ive replaced bunches of inner and outter seals and bearings on my Firebirds - seeems shitty of the auto industry to make it one big ass $100 part.

Well, I can't believe that they kids have stayed asleep long enough for me to type this!

BTW - how the hell is Bret Michaels Nashville?? Im watchign the ending of Nashville star as I type this, and see that Erica Jo won. I think they made a msitake. The guy should have won. Don't get me wrong - Erica was my favorite - Id love to get a cd of her singing - but I really think the remaining guy was better - more Nashville. Oh well - at least this way I should be seeing more of Erica (sweeeet).

Night all ----time to cut and paste

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