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Thursday, May 26, 2005


Lots happened- but not much exciting to write about. Our tiger cat Tigger had to go to the vet today. He has a very bad infection, but is expected to recover.

The boys were fun as ever .

I took a job (refered by another company) that turned out ok, but was a cluster fuck at the beginning. It started off as a moonwalk rental, but because of rain, turned into an indoor magic show. I was told a magic show was an acceptable alternative if it rained (and it did), but when I got there, they bitched at me, wanting to know "Where is you Spiderman costume?" I told them - "It be at the office, no one said nuffin bout Spiderman". They asked "Can you go get it?". I said "Sure - for triple the pay, and it'll take me about 2 hours to get back". After that, the magic show proceedd without further interuption. These people are 26 minutes travel away from me, and wanted me there at 6pm - I had to fight rush hour traffic from hell. Around here, if you need to go any distance, you either have to go over a big bridge, or thru a tunnel. All of which back up really bad when its rush hour. Took me over an hour to get to them. Anyways, they paid me, and I can now pay my McDojo fees for the month. Gonna have to think twice about accepting any other jobs that other companies book.

That about it - cept that the jujitsu teacher called and said she wasnt goign to be in class on Monday. So there was no use in my going. Then, cause of the job I took, I had to skip Wednesdays class too. The only class Im going to get this week is the Muay Thai class on Thursday. Sucks not having a decent dojo to go to. On the other foot, I finally took my hakama and top out of the bag, and tried it on. (The gi top and puffy samurai pants that are work for various arts). I have ot say, I look smooooooth in it. Have to wear it to class on Monday, and see if I can function in it.

Night all


  • At 9:06 PM, Blogger Chip said…

    oooo, I really hate the traffic in Tidewater, it's among the worst I've ever seen. Amazing you could make in in 1/2 an hour, seems anywhere you want to go takes at least an hour...


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