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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Up to date with things

I have an old laptop computer, which is for back up programs of my busnies related software. It's also great for surfing the web at night, when I cant get away (upstairs) to the main computer. Problem is, it has that small ass keyboard, and Im always mistyping (worse than usual). Also, I keep hitting the keypad by accident, sending my cursor somewhere between the left margin, and Cleveland. All of which has kept me from blogging on a more steady basis.

MONDAY at the dojo: We had a new guy come in - to check things out. He's only a shodan in judo, but is very impressive. I had the honor of having him sweep the mat with me - and loved it. Typically, everyone is always afraid of the BIg guys - the more I get into my arts, the more Im afraid of the smaller guys. He was kind, and took it easy on me, but I have to say - I have a new found respect for the art of Judo. I hope he sticks around, although knowing what a piss ant dojo this is, he'd be smart to run like hell.

TUESDAY at the dojo: Tested for Green belt tonight in jujitsu. My techniques were great (I think), and even my endourance was better than the last test. I completed the test without too much trouble (I admit I was very winded from time to time, and needed a few seconds to recover). But at the end, during the finaly (a barage of punches meant to show that you have spirit), I ended up showing that I had too much fruit punch for dinner. Luckily, it was only a spit up, not a throw up. Having a really bad cold (with chest congestion), I had a spit rag (from the baby) tucked in my gi. Good thing too. Felt a lot better afterwards, and finished up the test (sensei shortened the amount of punched required - I feel bad that I didnt complete the entire test as it was meant to be). Anyways, I am now a green belt in jujitsu. (Those times when I turned and rested for a few seconds, I kept hearing Darth Logan's voice - when he rides me like cowboy, and I lay flat, he'll start yelling "DADA GET UP! GET UP !")

After getting my second wind, I was again honored by some randori (matt play) with our new judo guy. Again he won, but I felt a bit more confident this time. Not cause of the new belt, but because I knew a bit better what to expect of him. (Just not WHEN to expect it!!)

(SIDE NOTE: Rank order of the Hakko ryu style Im taking: White- yellow-orange-green-blue-brown1-brown2-brown3- black.)

In addition to my bad cold, and having to test tonight, Logan decided he was not taking a nap today. His nap time is MY time to clean, get things done, or even nap myself. I heard that he was a holy terror after I left.

Well - Logan is the antiChrist - Lance has learned to role over (and translocate using a skooch and role combiniation), my jujitsu is better, my judo sucks, and I feel like a truck ran me over. Im off to bed.

Night all


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