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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sorry Ive not blogged sooner

I started to write a blog entry the other day, and the power went out - just as I typed the words "I will NOT be blog raped again". Guess I had another thing comin, huh?

Whoever it was that suggested typing the blog in NOTEPAD: great idea, but it's hard to get used to what seems like run on sentences. With a program like WORD, when you type, it goes to the next line when you run out of space - but in NOTEPAD, the words just run off the screen. Weird.

LEt's see - some updates:

BABY NEWS: Logan still is adorable when he plays with baby Lance - Baby Lance's favorite program is still the "Logan Show!". Logan has started to push my buttons more than ever - he won't sit still when it's needed - he bolts away from us when we are out (or sometimes out the front door- I had to install a latch for the door). When he does something wrong, and I try the usual (talking to him), he thinks its all a big laughing game. Seems like he is definitely having some trouble learing boundries. Before, when he saw that he was stating to piss daddy off, he'd calm down, he listen - but now, I have this little 2 year old monster on my hands. He just doesn't know when to back off. The other day, I lost it - I started yelling and yelling, and he just kept laughin g(which fueled my fire even more) - I eventually had ot lock him in his room, and sit on the front porch for a while. I love him dearly, but damn that child is testing my patience. I know that it may be a phase he's going thru, but when he starts acting up (exspecially in public), it starts to make me feel incompetent. I see some kids (like most teenagers), and think "What fuckups - guess their parents really missed the boat when it came to teaching your kid control and respect". Then, there we are, in a Walmart, him throwing a fit, and me looking around for a boat I may have missed.

MARTIAL ARTS NEWS: Well, I took a week off, and things got better. My back still has a bit of a tinge to it, but I'm running at about 90%, and returned to classes. Even took 2 Muay Thai classes since returning. Guess it wasn't so much a single thing I did, but having done too much too quickly. Now that Im ready to get back into it, things are fallign apart at the dojo. Jujitsu sensei #1 is fed up with not havin other students join, and is taking the summer off - maybe not even coming back. Muay Thai teacher is nice, but more like a coach or a commercial than a close friend/teacher. Jujitsu sensei #2 is chomping at the bit to open his own dojo (and leave), but his lack of current experience and his inflexibility (physical) makes him hard to work with. He's trying to get things back to how they were when his Dad taught, so he's trying to do things exactly like he's used to. I, on the other hand, am trying to learn as many arts as possible (and blend them into an eclectic style). So, when I talk about a similar (or more effective technique) that is from another art, he tunes out, and I feel like Im talking to a wall. Ohh, and the Kung Fu Sifu....thought things would get bettr when I talked with him about my dislike of "Ms Thang".....but now she is the teachers pet. Ive been avoiding kung fu classes like the plague, cause there are no more adults left - just a bunch of goddamed kids and teeny girls who want to flirt with the teacher. When we first started classes, I had mentioned that it would be nice to come up with a club name - to make us a tigher nit group. After all, we were the outcasts, as everyone else did TKD. I even suggested that we get the sifus name translated into chinese letters, and put it on our sashes. For 30 seconds, he liked those ideas, then shot then down cold - stating that it just wasn't the Shaolin way - "I can't think of anyone in Shaolin doing that". Now, all od a sudden, mr artsy is buddy buddy with the boss man, and created a kung fu club shirt. Guess my ideas are shit cause it wasnt HIM who thought of it. Just another example of the troubles when dealign with a young and inexperienced teacher. (I came across his phone number th eother day - when he wrote it down, he wrote SIFU on it as his name - not his first name, or last name - just sifu. It reminds of me of how the dancers used to get wrapped up in their stage names, and lost themselves in doign so.
SOOO - in conclusion, I left with a teacher who is leaving (who I admire), one who may leave at any time , one who is too busy having fun to actually teach an adult class, and a teacher who acts like a coach (I hate coaches). This sucks.
But I did come to a suprising revalation the other day - the owner guy (who refues to let me into the sword class) is shaped like a potato - wears those ankle high sissy socks - has spiked blond hair - just like most butch dykes Ive seen. I think he may be a lesbian.

TRUCK NEWS: Got to get it inspected in a few days. State Inspections suck - just anothr way for garages to make easy money by telling little old ladies that they need a $200 idler arm replaced. There ought to be a law prohibiting places who can work on the car from doign inspections. The wifes new mini van got new tires today, and they told us that there was a lot of play in the front left wheel bearings. $300 to fix it. We spent $15 on a manual - and will order the part for $80 tomorrow. Im suprised at the part though - Ive replaced bunches of inner and outter seals and bearings on my Firebirds - seeems shitty of the auto industry to make it one big ass $100 part.

Well, I can't believe that they kids have stayed asleep long enough for me to type this!

BTW - how the hell is Bret Michaels Nashville?? Im watchign the ending of Nashville star as I type this, and see that Erica Jo won. I think they made a msitake. The guy should have won. Don't get me wrong - Erica was my favorite - Id love to get a cd of her singing - but I really think the remaining guy was better - more Nashville. Oh well - at least this way I should be seeing more of Erica (sweeeet).

Night all ----time to cut and paste



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