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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter 2005

Family news: Well, easter went off without much trouble. Really, not any trouble at all. The inlwas (they always have easter and Xmas over their house, as they have more family and larger houses) were sick, so we made dinner here. My mom made the traditional Catholic easter basket, complete with Paska (easter bread), kabasi, ham, easter eggs, and a cheese ball (actually, a large egg ball, with vanilla, sugar, and salt added.). For easter, Mom always comes over the saturday night before, after she attends a local mass. So, around 10pm Sat night, and again at 3pm Sunday - we feasted like Klingons!! For Sunday, we also roasted a chicken.

Although rain was coming soon, after we woke up, we geared up for an easter egg hunt. Despite my best hop hop hopping, as soon as the front door was opened, and Alicia said "Look who's's the Easter Bunny!"...Logan pointed and said "DADA!". So, we hop hop hopped together, then went on an egg hunt. Wish I had recorded it with the camcorder, but it's impossible to be the easter bunny, manage a 2 yr old and a 6 month old (he turns 6 months old tomorrow!!), and deal with camera and camcorders. Maybe I should hire a personal photographer to follow us around.

DOJO NEWS: Man, I swear this place never fails to piss me off. I passed up a last minute telegram (is was possible, not guarenteed) to attend saturdays 430pm Judo class. I was the only one there...and found a hand written sign on the door "No classes Saturday - see you Monday". Damn I was pissed. I made SURE that the instructor said he would be there. Between Strider (my name for the new instructor) and Kreese, seems like a plot to make sure I dont get in any classes on saturday. Im really into the jujitsu - finally feel it as a natural reaction rather than a learned responce. Same goes for the kung fu - soft style and circular are second nature to me now. But I really got to say that as soon as my contract is up - Im outta here. It may be hard finding an open minded dojo after this one (that will allow the practice of various arts), but it'll be nice ot knwo that classes are actually held, not just on paper to look good. Many students, instead of a struggle to find a workout partner week to week. I also think Im going to try to network with some people over the web - see if they'd be willing to share info on the arts I want more from (like kung fu weapons and such). I may also check out that local Aikido dojo - but after taking jujitsu, it seems dumb to study a limited form of what I want to know. Specially when I want to vary my arts like I do - Tae Kwon Do for cardio, kenpo
+ kung fu and jujitsu for defending and controlling an atacker - brazillian jj for takign it to the ground.

SPRING BREAK - the wife has the week off for Spring break - and of course, it supposed to rain. I need to find things that we can do that will involve getting either her or all of us out of the house.

RANDOM THOUGHT: Between Kohls, McDonalds, and those little tarts on the Disney channel, Im getting sick and fed up of that song "Do you belive in magic?".

Well. enough for one night. Off to cruise the web in search of wisdom and mispelled words.


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