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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Progress and Success (with everything except sex)

Thought of my day: I hereby move to make the word DAD verb. No longer will I be
satisfiied to have the word DAD considered a simple title (although much higher in rank
than FATHER). I was doing some mental word play today , and I thought about the word
BUILDING. It can be a physical place (A noun), or can refer to the act of creating (a
verb). ALl without any spelling change. Thus, it led me to the ward DAD.
“What do you do for a living?” some ask me. I used to say “Im a stay at home dad”.
Now, I think I’ll just say that I DAD (professionally).

DOJO NEWS: Heart to heart time. Well, almost. Without all that sappy muchy shit that
is involved when chicks have heart to hearts. After a very nice review class for Adam
(who is testing for Orange belt on Wednesday), and a nice hour sharing class with the
new judo/jujitsu teacher, I got some private time with the new judo / jujitsu instructor as
well as my Sifu.. Tried to fill in the new guy about some of the bullshit that goes on , and
not to get disheartened by it (and what to expect). Also explained that I was in it for the
knowledge, expecailly since I cant afford $50 a belt. I explained how I was going to test
in kung fu, but then they (the evil THEY) decided to jack the price of the test from $15 to
$50. He understood. Sifu was present at the time, as we were the only ones left in the
dojo. Once the new teacher left, I decided to take advantage of the time to talk to sifu
about some things. Like how he said he’d loan me some movies, then never did. Like
how Ms Thing was a major pain in my ass, and was driving me away from classes when
she attended. I tried to express that I respected him as a teacher, but sometimes, the
classes were stressing me out. I hope I got thru to him - it seemed like he took what I
said with an open mind. He also said he’d bring in some movies for me.(Kung Fu

DARK LORDS OF MY SITH: What can I say ? Both of the kids have been very VERY
good this week (well, the last few days - I just remembered it’s only Monday). BUT - we
are goign on the 10th straight day without daddy having a break. Logan’s tyrannical
outbreaks have ben almost non-existant, or easily de-escalated when the begin. Lance
has started to babble, and thinks he is carrying on a conversation. He’ll be sitting there,
and “bla ballaaad dadadadadadad”. To look at him, he looks liek he’s really talking.
And he’s definitely throwign DADADADA into the mix!! HURRAH!! One problem Im
having, that I hadn’t expected though - when Im out of the room, and Lance starts to
bable, and say DADA, it sounds EXACTLY (mind you, im in a different room , and its
muffled) like Logan. I expected them to look alike - but guess sounding alike never
crossed my mind.


Well, that’s about it - I’ll see if I can find some cute pics to post...


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