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Sunday, February 13, 2005

If not one thing , then another

Well, the heat is fixed - the washing machien is it's the plumbings turn. The kitchen sicks drains fine, but the bathroom(our only potty), wont flush. Well, it's a lot sadder then just that....the main sewer pipe won't make the water go away. I spent the last 2 days with plungers, closet augers snakes), Drano, Liquid Plumber, a shop vac, and at one point, an air compresor ...and nothing. I even tried liquid dishwashing detergent, and no luck. In desperation, I uprooted the toilet, to get a straight shot at the pipe having the trouble (by this point, I had determined that it was not a simple clogged sink drain or an action figure stuck in the toilet workings). I ran a snake 47ft down that damn pipe, and accomplished nothing. What's odd is that the kitchen still drains without trouble. If ther eis one main sewer pipe going from the house to the street, then we have a clog somewhere between the bathroom pipe and the intersection of the bath pipe and kitchen pipe. Odd thing, though. One neighbor (her son actually) works installing bath fixtures, and we noticed that he had a drain snake loaded in his truck today. Then, later tonight, I saw that the other neighbors had a box at thier curb, for a portable potty. Hmmmm, I thought....maybe we're not the only ones with trouble. It was too late to pop in, but Im going to have to ask both neighbors tomorrow if they are also having potty trouble. The kids have it easy - they are both in diapers.....but the wife and I are, well, shit outta luck!

Took the kids to the mall today - the wife got a haircut / Logan played at the indoor playground / Lance fell asleep in the belly pouch. Except for having to come home, the day as pretty good!


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