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Friday, February 04, 2005

The Grudge and Almost blowing up the house

Ok - we went to HomeDepot, got a gas heater, and brought it home to install. I had to disconnect the old heater first. I thought I had turned the gas shut off completely off. The rest went something like this....

"Hey hon, I cant get this damn thing to budge - any idea where my hack saw is?"
Wife" Nope"
Me " Ok - AURGGHGHHG - I think I got it"



Turns out the old shut off valve was decptive, and I turned it open instead of closed. Good thing I didnt find that saw! She grabbed the kids, and ran out the front door, into the van. I grabbed vice grips, and hauled ass outside to the mainshut off valve. It was stopped immediately. We confirmed that it was safe, vented the the house, then brought the kids back in. After that, installation was a snap.

The new heater is much quieter than the wall furnace. No blower fan, yet it warmed the house very very nicely. There is a blower fan you can buy for $35, but they were sold out. We may not need it. Today, when I was partialy disassembling the old wall furnace, I saw that holes had been rusted into the vent shaft, which explained the smell we were getting in the living room. Good thing we made the decision to replace it. With both kids playing tag team on me, I didnt get much done, but I got enough done that it shoudl be easy to remove tomorow. Biggest fear is that I dont know how much of a hole in the wall I'll have to replace. Good thing is, with such a big hole, it should be easy to build an inset for the new heater.

MOVIE REVIEW: I bought The Grudge. I fiured any movie with Sarah Michelle Gellar in the shower can be all bad. It was. I liked The Ring, which people compare this movie to, but this movie sucked eggs. The bigest moment IN the movie happened OUTSIDE of the movie. A small boy in the movie is a ghost. Logan was woke up, crying, so I paused the movie, and went in to calm him. He was sitting on his bed, facing away from me. For a moment, I thought "This better not be a small japanese boy". But, putting fear and terror aside, I calmed him, layed next to him, and got him back to sleep.


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