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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Happy 62nd Birthday to Grandma

My mom turned 62 today. She doesn't look or act her age. It's so hard to imagine that my mom is 62. That seems ancient to me. But I guess so did 34 at some point, when I was younger.

TOday, I ended up sleeping in late cause of all the cleaning up I did in the cold garage. (And all the web surfing I did last night). The internet suggests that the washign machine needs the "water valve" replaced. No biggie - 3 hoses, and 4 wires. I even know where I can lay my hands on a workign valve, to maybe save myself the $20 for a new part. The wife and kids are going to her moms house tomorrow to visit (and do laundry!), so I'll see if i can fix ours. The washer /dryer used to be in the kitchen, but I wanted more space. SO I moved them out to the garage, wired an electric dryer instead of the gas one (I hated to see that gas one go - it was nice---very old, but effective). The water for the washer ended up being delivered with super strength garden style hoses, run from the house. So when it gets really cold, they freeze up, and that means no laundry. The water valve cracked a few years ago (on an older washer we had), flooding the garage like what just happened. So replacing this one isn't a massive task - just an annoyance (if it's what is really wrong).

We took my mom out to a steak place for dinner tonight. Couldn't have gone better. The baby was passed around the table for all to hold (even 2 watiresses that we are friends with held Lance for a while.) Logan was the normal flirt he wlways is (to the waitresses), and Mr. Social to all th neighboring tables. THis place has a series of brown bear pictures (photos that are poster size) on the wall, and he LOVES them. He had to tell everyone about them. When we were done, we came home, put the little ones to sleep (she crapped out too), leavin me some time to myself.

Not much else going on - tomorrow, I hope to fix the washer, do lots of laundry, and not much else.


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