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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Screwed again

Well -= it snowed today, which meant when the phonerang at 5pm, I knew it was the dojo calling to say classes were cancelled. I was supposed to test for Orange belt tonight (in jujitsu), but it will be delayed till Monday. Im not really stressing the test very much, just annoyed that the dojo again made all their money staying open for the daycare, and decided to screw the adults that train there. I also got to thinking - this place is set up as a Non profit organization. Our tuition is recorded as a donation to the organization. But we had to sign a contract to start going there. Im not trying to figure a way out of it, but I wonder how that would play in court, if someone decided to drop out. If the payment we give them is a "donation", can they contractually hold me liable for "promising" to donate for a period of 2 yrs? If I told a charity I would give them $10 a month, they can't sue me for the rest if I stop donating. Just something to think about.

Anothing sucky abou tno class tonight is I was wanting to see how the Kung FU class is going. Rather, IF the KF class is going. Im still half expecting to come in one day , and have them tell me that there's no more KF classes.

ON to other matters- like my wife, who seems to lack the simple skill of soothing a 3 month old baby. With the tag team taht Logan and Lance are doign on me during the day, it's hard to get anything done (cept for if I can coordinate their naptimes). So when the wife comes home, i don't think it's too much to expect that she take over for a bit. Last night, I was finally upstairs moving furniture around, when I hear the baby cry and cry. I coem down to find here on her laptop, with Lance layign next to her - and he's wailing. I asked "what's going on?". She told me that his diaper was changed, he was fed, and that he simply wouldn't stop crying. There have been times, during the day, that he has done the same thing to me. And I admit that there are times when Ive had to set him on the bed, and let him be for a few minutes, while I clear my head. But when IO picked the little guy up, after a little more crying, he calmed right down. She disapeared into the other room. I propped the baby up on my shoulder, and he was asleep in about 45 seconds. I really think all the little tyke wanted was to be held. There really are times when I wonder what she's thinking. AND, after I layed him down in his crib, I found out that she had headed off to bed - no goodnight or anything. Rude. Today she told me that she was just so tired that she went off to bed. I don't want to sound like a bitchy housewife - but sometimes...just sometimes.....

This mourning was soo cute. Logan woke up, then he woke me up, and Lance was still asleep. I turned on the tv for Logan, and layed down on the floor. The next thing I knew, Logan was plopping somethign down next to me. He had gone into the kitchen, and come out with not only a clean sippycup for the day, but he'd gone into the fridge and brought back the gallon of chocolate milk. He started saying "da milk". It was adorable! Maybe in a month or two, I can get him to bring back some waffles and scrambled eggs? (I joke about that, but the other morning, I told m\him I woudl make breakfast - waffles. He went in the kitchen, dragged a footstool over to the fridge, opened the freezer door, and started looking for the waffle box. One smart cookie!

Lance had another amazingly fine day - it started off with him peeing out of his pajamas (and the blanket and sheet as well), but after that , all went well. I've really been making an effort to balance my time either between the 2 boys, or to include both of them. Biggest problem is when Logan says he has to pee, and Im half way finished giving Lance his bottle. Taking an unfinished bottle away from Lance is like trying to get a cheesburger away from me when Im half way done. There's no understanding -- there's just a fight! Logan seems to be dealing with me telling him - "We'll do that in a minute - let me finish with Lance first". Ive also been sure to let Logan hear me tell Lance " Just a second - Im doign somethign with Logan righ tnow". That way, he feelslike he is important too. I hope to avoid ( or at least delay) any jelous feeling that Logan may develop over having to share daddy with the baby.

The inlaws brough tover their dog for us to dogsit. Their plans fell thru cause of the snow, so we're just keeping her for tonight. I cleared out the kitchen, and have both dogs in the house. Using a kiddie gate to keep them in. The cats think it's fun - they keep jumping the gate, and walking around the dogs. No trouble so far. Logan is in heaven - having both dogs in the house.

As Im typing this, the new series Battlestar Gallactica is coming on Scifi. It don epretty well- nice story line and effects - but I still would like to kick somone in the ass over it. They took the characters of Starbuck and Boomer and made them females. Starbuck (Dirk Benedict) is now some blond chick, and Boomer (a black male actor) is now an asian girl. Don't get me wrong, both are pretty hot (as a matter of fact, the asian girl strongly resembles Phoebe Cates!!) - but it's just not right to screw with characters like that. It reaks of modern "multiculturalism".

Well - time to figure out what to do tomorrow. The wife will be home (school canceled cause of the snow) tomorrow - I figure by about 11am or noon, she'll be annoyed with the kids enough that I'll have to take at least Logan out somewhere - just to get him out of the house. There are times when the poor boy is just bored, and ends up getign yelled at by me, then her - finally I realize that it's not his fault, and I take him on a road trip - somewhere fun, just to get him out for a while.

Ps I should note - if my wonderful wife is following along with the Adventure - that she has recently becoem aware of the wonderful world of blogs, and is adicted. Im sure she's foudn mine - I never kept the name a secret from here. She has her own, which I have never visited. I figure if she's got somethign to say to me - let her say it in person. While I must admit times of balancing what "personal" info I want to share with the world, I will still write it as I see fit - even if "big sister" is watching now.


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