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Saturday, January 08, 2005

I swear I entered another dimension

Not of sight and sound, but of things and ideas. Let me start off by saying that Friday sucked. So far, all week, I have enjoyed about an hour or so of down time when both the kids nap. Today, Lance decided not to nap. He did a bit, but only for 30 minutes, while Logan was up. Then, as I was trying to put Logan down for a nap, Lance woke up, and Logan never got a nap. It got very frustrating.....added to this was that Lance decided it was the perfect day to scream and cry as long as he could. He was fed, he was diapered, he was amused, but nothing would shut the little booger up! He even thumbed his little nose at his swing, which is generally a sure fire way to get him to sleep. It got so bad, that I finally snapped. I told Lance to shut up and sleep, told Logan that he was fired. When his mother came home, she could have both of em, and I quit. After this outburst, I must have scared Logan a bit - cause I walked out the door to check the mail, and when I go tback in, he was sitting ever so nicely on the couch. Normally, I can't get out the door without him throwing a fit. Lance of course didn't care one way or the other, and just kept screaming. About an hour later, things calmed down very much. Lance was still screaming - Logan was a bit more agreeable, and my mind had magically transformed itself from the stardard cranial matter into a brillliant display of the power of playdo. It was like that time I went to see The Wall - and all of a sudden, life is gooooood - oked dokey. I think I had a short sircuit , or a mind melt down, or something - but it was nice. I like to think of my head as a computer - and Friday fried the processor. When the wife came home, she asked if I wanted to leave for a while - to relax. I had no gas in the truck, no money, and no urge to do anythign other than sit there on the couch and keep munching on those Oreos. I was too far gone for escape.
THEN - I had the brilliant notion of taking in the Friday night Judo class with Kreese (which, form my previous posts, I've said was going to be Brazillian Jujitsu - ground fighting - regardless of the classes title). So, off the the dojo I go. Finally, I get to leave the house with a purpose - a destination - an opportunity to whallop the shit out of someone (with respect), and in return, vent some frustration that was inside that little shoebox in the back of my fried brain. I et to the dojo, and the teacher says that he forgot about class, and made other plans. In his defense, he DID offer to stay and work with just me for a while. But at this point, I figured why bother. He'd only get pissy about having his plans delayed. Had he have been a librarian or a Walmart worker - no problem - but this is a guy that was going to wipe the mat with me, to show me how it's done. Not a guy to have in bad spirits. The "team" ( the feel good kiddie club) is getting ready for some cheesy ass tournament, where Im sure their son will get first in - and if he doens't it's not cause he was beaten, but because he was robbed and the judges sucked-wink wink). So , ther ewill be no class saturday, or the next Fri and Sat. Serves me right for actually thinking that I could get more out of this place.
KUNG FU THURSDAY NIGHT: The previous night was strange. Have you ever had a group of people talk to each other, in your precense, and never seem to look at you, talk to you, or even respond to anything you say? That was my Thursday night KF class. It was about 15 mintues of KF, and 45 minutes of girlie girle getting " her flirt on". This sucked as much as having to chaparone a group of 11 yr olds, who think you suck. Then , after class, the sifu starts talking about crosstraining. Now, prior to this, the golden benefit of KF has been that you can learn different styles. "If I have a gap in my snake, my crane can close it up". All of a sudden, I swear Im at a church meeting - and Im possessed by evil. Without ever saying ME, or dirrect references, sifu goes into a 20 minute surmon about how you have to devote all of your effort towards one thing - 100%. If you try and learn 2 things, you only have 50% fo reach , and will take twice as long. 4 things, 20% and 6 times as long (yes, I know that the math is wrong - that only added to the humor of what I was hearing). And the assistant - man, I thought he was going to "testify" just like you see in the movies. YES LORD, ONE THING AT A TIME, YES!. Everything the sifu said, the assistant reinforced with short, "oh yeah", or "that's true". I couldn't help but with of the example of the Amish, and that I was being shunned for taking any other class than KF. Nothing was overtly said - but it felt that way. I also noticed, and I'll bring this up for more discussion at a later date (and try to be ethnically sensitive), that I was the only honkey in a class of all black students. Strange how minorities tend to gravitate towards KF, and white people gravitate towards Karate or TaeKwonDo. So being the only white guy, and the oldest, being the only one that crosstrains in other arts, and the only one that actually WANTED to learn some goddamned kungfu, really make me feel like I wasted my time coming in that night. It bites when the message is nice, but the messenger is unplesant.

So now I have a grappling instructor that hints at any other art not being worth the time, and a Sifu that seems more interested in flirting with the girles than focusing on teaching me things to prove the first guy wrong. (If your reading along, Adam, I hope you know how much I appraciate your time when he have class together). The only thing that's flowing well at the dojo is the japanese jujitsu class (hakko ryu). I just wish this class was longer than just an hour. By the time we're warmed up, and practice a thing or two, it's time to end. I'd like more time to explore some things that I feel Im rusty/uncomfortable at. Im just not feeling the umph out of this class like I want to. I learn techniques, and they work in class, but I don't feel like "WOW - look at what I can do!!". I want a bit of wow from my classes.

Well - time to wrap this up. Now that I have a wired connection, I'm venturing to write the blog directly, and not cut and paste it from a word processing program. Tomorrow is another day -


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