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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Sleeping with the enemy

Had a opportuity to get some first hand info on Sensei Kreese today. We were over the
inlaws, had an early dinner, then I headed off to the dojo. The strrets are icy, freezing cold
outside, but still I venture to train. I was prepping my “this pisses me off” speech on the way
(expecting that the dojo may be closed/closing early), but it was open. My instructors, on the
other hand, ended up being the flies in the ointment. As I was stretching, getting ready for
the JJ class, the Kung Fu sifu popped in , and said that he may not have a class tonight.
He’d let me know. THEN , the JJ sensei never showed up. To cover for this, the owner lady
asked Sensei Kreese to “show us some things”. While I was pissed about missing 2 classes, I
welcomed the opportunity to meet this guy first hand. He’s teaching different classes, listed
on the schedule as “Brazilian jujitsu, judo, Hapkido, and Muy Tai”. Turns out that he is an
advid UFC follower (Ultimate fighting championships), and specializes (favors) ground
fighting. He told us that although the classes are listed as different arts, he will teach ground
fighting for all of them. Meaning, no matter what class you show up for, or what art you
want to study, he is going to teach the same thing for all. (That sucks - was looking forward
to getting a bit into Judo). Let’s see - my overview of todays session::::: This guy drops
more names than I would if I flung the White Pages out of a window. Seems like he is
tryign to impress people by throwing out names of important people. He was a bit heavy
handed (considering that he thoguht he was dealing with inexperienced yellow belts). I have
to say that what he is offering seems kinda interesting. The JJ class is neat, and is focusing
on the traditionalism of the art ( and I like this), but at times it seems kind of boring.. The
kung Fu class is facinating, but seems to be dragging a bit lately. I’ve heard from several
sources that Kreese has been badmouthing the KF style, then the first thing out of his mouth
tonight was “You should always crosstrain - it’s very important”.He showed us a few
techniques - foot sweeps, chokes, throws (stuff I already knew), and it seemed to be effective.
I should mention that I played almost completely stupid tonight, showing almost no skill,
and letting the othe ryellow belt ask all the questions about his background. I thought it was
best to be open minded, and see if he’d open up , and start badmouthign other arts. He
promoted the hell out of himself, but never said a bad thing about any other art. I dare say,
Im genuinely considering takign a few classes with him, to try it out. While I think he has a
few marbles short, I also feel 1. He may have something to teach me, and 2. Im paying
full price for the martial arts buffett, why not sample everything. After all, had I not decided
to “sample”, I wouldn’t have discovered my love for Kung Fu. I’ve always said my ground
work needed work - maybe this is the opportunity to fix that. I just have to look over the
schedule and find an open slot for his classes. Most of them conflict with either the jujitsu or
the kung fu class.

( A long time later - )
Well - I started to write this around 11pm, and and now getting to finish it around 4am.
Logan hasn’t been feeling quite right the last few days, and he woke up crying a few hours
ago. The only way to stop him from tossing and turning was to lay down with him. Next
thing I knew, it was 5 hours later!

Good night all..


  • At 2:11 PM, Blogger Joe said…

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  • At 2:17 PM, Blogger Joe said…

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  • At 2:19 PM, Blogger Joe said…

    Great title for this blog entry. :)
    I think I feel exactly the same way you do about the situation at the dojo. For a funny picture of the real Sensei Kreese use the following link:

    I enjoyed talking to you today about "dojo issues" and our "big decision" on whether to join Kreese's class. I really need to stop calling him that otherwise I am going to accidentally call him that one day, lol.

    See you in class Wednesday.



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