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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Darth Daddy Turns 34

Well friends and cyber neighbors...Althought the actual "time" hasn't occured yet, butconsidering we’re into the 14th day of’s my birthday! Darth Daddy turns 34 today. We will probably go to Shoguns for dinner to celebrate. It’s a japanese resteraubtwhere they cook the food in front of you. Pretty neat place. I hate to admit it, but I’vebeen looking forward to this day for quite another reason....The Lord of the RingsRETURN OF THE KING extended edition dvd is released today!! I wanted to go toWalmart tonight (they put them out as soon as midnight strikes), but the Walmarts by mehave not been discounting new releases like they used to. I will wait till tomorrow, andgo to a non-Super Walmart (meaning they may NOT be open 24 hrs, and definitely don’thave a food section). It’s a farther drive than the other 3, buyt worth it if the dvd isdiscounted.

In a pains me to make this entry. Not because of my age, or my position inlife....but because I still haven’t gotten a new split keyboard, and this friggin one iskilling my hands!! ( just a small joke...but it really is a pain. I keep mispelling words,and having to backspace to correct them.

Below me, the children are all nestled, all snug in their beds. Still no Christmas tree upyet....and no lights on the house. Gotta address that soon! When we first moved in here,we were the house everyone envied (or despised at halloween). I’d go all out to decoratefor holidays. And nicely done too, not just like those people who throw as much shit asthey can on the lawn, and call it decoration. But I’ve been so busy with “stuff” lately,that decorating just hasn’t gotten done. The last 2 years I decorated for halloween ONhalloween night. Same goes for christmas last year. I’m sure the baby(s) will like thepretty lights on the house, and a tree that they can either knock over themselves..or watchthe cats knock over for them.
Tonight, I checked the odometer on the truck, and I’ve broken the 100 mile driven point. Hopefuly, anything that should have broke because of the accident would have already. Gotta gut the firebird, and prep it to be sold. Ths mean uninstalling my mp3 stereo, andreinstalling the old one the car came with. Installing stereos is very easy in aFirebird....Im not looking forward to figuring out how to get the truck dash apart toreplace it. I’d keep the old’s pretty nice, but for some reason, the rear speakersdon’t work anymore, it doesn’t have an AUX in for the dvd player I want to install, andno pre-amp outs for amplifiers. I’ve not had a decent sound system in my vehicle forover a year they just weren’t reliable. No use spending time and effortinstalling, only to have the car go KAPUT. The truck seems dependable though. I crave the clear, loud , powerful system I had before. It will, one day, regain it’s glory. And weshall all THUMP!

The house is starting to come together, but is still in shambles. I mentioned earlier thatwe are rearranging everything. The final layout should be much better than the previousway. Just a matter of moving everything somewhere else, to move something else to it’snew place. Major pain the the ass.

HEALTH NEWS: I had hoped that my back pain would have gone completely away, butit still lingers. I pulled my cyatic (sp?) nerve the first day I was redecorating. Not nearlyas back as the first time I pulled it. I think I posted about that time. Last time, I stood up,and screamed out like an Orc with a mortal would. I started swearing in some languagethat even I didnt think I knew. This time, however, it was just annoying. I could’t carrythe baby at all, or lift Darth Logan. When I coughed, my back would (and still does, to apoint) shoot forward, making me lose my balance. I could go to jujitsu class, andperform rolls, but if I tried to get off the at floor 1 or 2 particular angles...OUCH! Theheating pad I used did wonders, and now it’s just an annoyance that reminds me of it’spresence every few hours. (Unlike those damn collectors, who are still haunting me forpayment on those credit cards.)
Today, at the wifes request, I went to her school and performed as Santa. She is a specialeducation teacher for younger kids, and always gets them a little something for santa togive them. We brought along the mini dark lords, and got a few nice pic of them, I mean Santa. At least them tell me the pics are nice...they are still in the camera.

DOJO NEWS: Tonight was another neat night at the dojo. The married couple will test for their yellowbelt on Wednesday (and unfortunately, I have a Santa job booked, and can’t attend thetest). We reviewed all their stuff for yellow, and my stuff for orange (although I’m nottesting till after the new year.) Wednesday’s test is just for them. Found out after classthat the wife is dropping out. She hasn’t told the sensei yet. Looks like, very shortly,it’llbe only the husband and I in the class. And the occasionsal “think I’ll show up for classthis month” student or two. Considering that he’s pretty smart, and that at this level ,things are pretty basic, I’m thinking that it should be rather easy (regardless of our rank),for him to pick up what Im learning, and we’ll be on the same level. So far, no word ontesting fees. Have to wait and see if the evil empire wants to try and get in on that bycharging a big testing fee.

After the JJ class, I went over to the Kung Fu class, which had only 2 kids in it tonight. They left early, and shortly aftger I joined them, leaving only the sifu and I to train. Hecommented that he really liked the 1 on 1 time that he had, and how it always seemed tobe with me. He said that he enjoyed having me as a student. This was very flattering. And welcomed, since I was starting to feel like an outsider. He shinted that as we start toprogress in Lohan (closed fist fighting) , that we may begin to do weapons. The Lohanfist method is very similar to weapons method, so once you learn the proper way to moveyour fists, you can simply put a weapon in them, and perform the same moves. Sweet!

LOOKING BACK: Wow - 34 yrs. I’ve been a McDonalds closer and crew chief, a theatre ticket taker, a bouncer for nightclubs and big concerts, a state certified police officer, an exotic male dancer, a covert government narcotics operative, ran my ownmale dancer group, DJ’ed as a country western bar, organized a team of female jello wrestlers, been a child and family therapist, received a BS in Psychology and Criminial Justice, a masters in Counseling, became an ordained minister, started my own enteratinment company, perfomed magic shows at city events, been officially thrown out (and later reinstated) of 2 colleges for misunderstandings, a martial artists.... at any given moment, I could get a phonecall, and be on my way to do a magic show, a singing telegram, anElvis impersonation, a moonwalk guy, a dj, a superhero, a joker (jester), or any of a number of cartoon characters. But I have to say that next to my wedding to my best friend (my wife...I know that can sound so gay intodays climate), the birth of my children gave me the best title that I ever could have asked for. And the most interesting ( and sometimes terrifying ) job I’ve ever had before. Looking back over the last 34 yrs, if anyone were to stop me today and say “what have you been doing?”, or “who are you now?”..I’d have to say

“I’m a DAD!”

Good Night All

“Happy birthday to me....Happy birthday to ME..”


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