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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

In response to a comment

Wow....In pouring open my soul for a brief moment, I didnt mean to offend or get anyone pissy. By "tween" I mean that annoying age of 11-13 (even ranging into the actual "teen" ages of 13-19). Those ages when every little thing that happens to you means the world is, like, totally going to end. Or, more adultly put, an overemphasis on self, an exaggerated emotion investment on how the outside world effects you, and thinking that the entire planet is focused only on you (how you dressed, if your hair was messy, if your boyfriend brought you a pink rose instead of the red one ..bla bla bla). I'd hardly consider a 24 yr old woman, with an adorable little girl a "tween". I enjoy reading your entries (. appreaciate you leaving the cyber door open, to share your experiences with others. I can almost sound like a joke at first.."Have you heard this one? What do a 34yr old martial artist stay at home dad, a 24 yr old mother, and a heartbroken kid have in common?" There's no punch line....the answer is that we can all share each others experiences..and maybe make a better day from having done so.

Back to daily stuff: Darth Logan is spending a few hours over the motherinlaws house. Plan to go over in a few hours to have an early dinner there, before karate. Monday, I was the only student to show up to the jujitsu class. I had lots of quality time with the sensei. The Kung Fu class was kinda slack...hopefully, it'll be a good class tonight. I dont want to sound bragging, or boastful, but because I've had prior training, have lots of time to dedicate TO training now, and am at an age when I have both the experience of hindsight to benefit from, as well as the drive to do SOMETHING to prevent atrophy (stasis), I need a challenge to get me motivated. Someone my own skill level to train with..someone to give me a run for my money. So far, with the exception of the teachers, Ive yet to find anyone at this dojo that is my match. I knwo Id train harder if this were not the case. I enjoy friendly (constructive) competition. But, if nothing else, going there really is giving me an outlet to kinda regroup from any frustration Im getting from the home life. to clean, find lunch, and discover where the loving wife hid that damn tray of brownies I made last night. I think she's hogging them!!


  • At 2:59 PM, Blogger CV said…

    How do you manage to practise both Kung Fu and ju-jutsu. Do you practise Karate also?
    Dont you mix it? And that you have time, you also have a job and two kids. I admire you energy.

  • At 9:17 AM, Blogger Grant said…

    I'll answer that last comment, Elvis. Darth Daddy is an awesome specimum of manhood. His abilities are far beyound normal and not be questioned but worshipped.

  • At 11:46 PM, Blogger miracle said…

    I didn't mean to sound pissy. Looking at the comment again it does look kind of pissy though. Wasn't how I intended it. Sorry, I didn't mean to make you edit or rethink anything you wanted to say - its your blog after all. You sound like you have a wonderful family, your two little boys are just gorgeous.


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