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Monday, November 29, 2004

New stuff

Well, let's see.....

TRUCK NEWS: Got the grill, and bumper, and the lights all installed. Looks good. Only thing is...when I bent the frame back into place, (about 2 inches), i didn't realize that even though it was "evenly pulled out), the whole damn thing was still 3 inches impacted. This means that the grill and the frame won't meet up nicely. So much for my "only take cosmetics to fix it" idea. It looks good, but if you open the hood, you'll be able to see that it's been "modified". Only a problem if I try to sell it.

Darth Logan: Still exhibiting some terrible 2 periods. He'll be fine, then just SNAP. And by snap, I mean turn into a non-listening, evil, and sinister little shit. The kind of kid you see in the grocery store and think "I'd beat that kids ass if he were mine". We really are trying to strike a balance between "calmly setting limits and guidelines for him" and "aint takin no more shit from this little menace". He's only testing his boundries....but often test our patience as well. Overall, we still our lovable little karate kid! He'll come in the room, and give me a big hug and a kiss. Then want me to follow him to the other room , and show me some toy that he wants me to play with. I love this "daddy" job!

Darth Lance: This little munchkin has suddenly developed a personality! He now will smile, anmd giggle...and, when I drop something and swear outloud (Im trying not to..really), he'll even start laughing. Now that he's started to put on weight (he's around 9lbs 2 oz now), his little cheeks are starting to get chubby! I'll post a photo or 2 if I get the chance.

Karate et.all. : Sucks missing practice cause of a holiday. I will probably pass on this coming Thursdays practice too....we're having a birthday party for Darth Logan at a Pizza Hutt (same as last year). Last year, I dressed up as a Teletubbie, and made a "guest appearance". This year, I was thinking either Scooby Doo or Spiderman. Too bad I didn't order that Schrek costume. He'd go nuts!! Due to the dojo owners trying to sell me my $15 test for $50.....I think Im going to seriously re-evaluate ANY testing that Im going to do while training there. Only 3 TKD belts to go before I test for black, but the tests increase in price as we go along. Im really starting to wonder just how much this black belt will mean to me, considering I don't really like the style, or the owners. Paying too much for a test makes me get a "Damn right I passed....I payed for it.....give me my friggin belt" type attitude. And that's not how I want to think of testing. I want to feel happy that I leanred something new..and am now proficient in it. Ive decided to at least skip the December TKD testing. Thi swill give me more time to decide if I want to test at all inTKD. Ive already decided not to test in Kung Fu. I know I can pass..the Sifu knows I can pass.....that's good enough for me. It's not like there is some nationaly recognized Kung Fu Union that will back up my rank....or give me a nice certificate to display that shows that I am "legit". I just wonder how long the Jujitsu testing will go unnoticed. As soon as they decide to get their grubby little fingers into THAT as well, I will stop advancing in rank in jujitsu as well. Money grubbin people piss me off. Ain't no Zen to help with that.

Well, I've typed enough. I broke my "split keyboard" the other day, and am having a hell of a time typing on a standard one. My hand are big....and I keep having to backspace to correct spelling mistakes. I was hoping not to have to spring the $20 for a new keyboard (another one that is split)....but as my fingers are cramping, it looks like i may just have to!

Off to the kitchen....then to B E D .


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