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Monday, November 15, 2004


Not much to post today. I renewed with Suncom (cell phones) for anothe ryear. They suck, but I dropped us down to the $5 a month plan (with 12 cents per minute usage). This way, we'll still each have a phone for emergencies (rather than stopping at a payphone). Since I will have both babies with me once she goes back to work, I'd fel more 'safe' if I had emergency services on call at an arms reach (if needed).

Tracking some auctions on Ebay for truck parts to fix the wreck. Found a really neat looking grill for $100....then found a stock one for $60 (both prices include shipping). Now Im torn. I don't have much money to start with, but Im getting the truck for basicaly free. Do I go with the cheaper stock grill? Or splurge, and get the aftermarket sportier one? I have to tomorrow to decide on that one. I think I will slip away to the junk yard tomorrow, and scan the yard for pieces parts. If I can't find anything, I'll go from there (make a better decision on what to buy off of Ebay). In the long run, I'd even like to get that big ass metal grill protector, that you can mount spot lights on. Maybe turn my wife's ex-sissy truck into Jungle Shannon's Action Adventure Outback/Swamp Vehicle. Sounds more manly that way (HEHE).

Lance is getting over the cold - we occasionaly have to suction the snot out of his little nose. Logna is almost 100% back to normal. He is going thru the independant reellion of the terrible 2's. At this rate..the poor child may not make it to see 3. It's the simple things that he throws the biggest fit over. Like morning diaper changes. Or, another example...we'll say that he wants to go for a road trip, then refuses to put on "going out" clothes. Finally, when the fight is over, and we get him dressed, he's happy to go on a trip (like to eat). Happy, that is, until the house door is open...THEN he wants to run around in the yard. Try to put him in the car seat, and you might as well prepare yourself for a 15 minute lesson in the finer points of jujitsu. (which I am more than prepared for...but this doesn't amuse me or the child). He started to get violent when he throws his tantrums. Swinging and kicking...he's a hazzard to pick up. We've decided, for now, to discontinue his access to the Karate Kid dvd, and to any Jackie Chan movie. I wanted to train him in martial arts...but not to have him turn it around and whoop my ass when he's only 2 (not even 2, really....not till Dec 2nd.)

I've started my Xmas shopping. Unfortunately, Ive only shopped for myself! Got a nice blue kung fu uniform , a 3 section ( screw it together) flexible staff, and a 3 section nunchuck styled staff (all from Ebay for really cheap). Mom asked what I wanted for Bday and Xmas.....and its easier fo rme to get things, and give them to her to wrap. (she just reimburses me whnever). This year, she will suprise me with Seasons 3 and 4 (boxed set dvd) of Farscape. I just have to remember to give them to her to wrap for me. Gotta figure out something nice to get the wife. Maybe I shoulda waited and not opened up that new shop vac. A big bow, and I coulda made her happy thinking it was hers! (just a joke).. However, my wife is a big tomboy. She actually DOES perfer to get tools instead of jewelry. We are quite a pair ----she's one in a million/ Im won in a raffle!!

Guess I had more to say than I thought. Let's see- some final notes......The inlaws have taught Logan how to make the sign of the cross, and fold his hands (they say grace before every meal). He looked so cute doing it. Gues they took for granted that he'll be raised Christian (no dirty looks now, Grant). Maybe I'll suprise them by teaching him a Buddist prayer chant or something. The issue of what religion (or religiosity and raising your kids) is approaching fast. Better give THAT ONE some thought soon as well.
-----Oh - another plan of mine - I hope to go back and print up a hard copy of each of my Blog entries soon, then have them bound at Officemax, into a small little book. The Chronicle of Me. I'm just worried that one day, this blog host will be gone, and all my entries with it. Need to make a printed copy soon.


  • At 8:51 AM, Blogger Grant said…

    My 24 year old was raised a Lutheran and went to private Christian school. Now she hates christians (especially me) and wants nothing to do with organized religion. So, we should have raised her a satanist, then she could have rebeled in the right direction.

    With Shelby I am going to take the soft pedel approach. I will take her to Church services (Sunday school) till she is 13. Then I will ask her if she wants to go, if not she can stay at home, while we go. No private Christian school this time...public school for her.


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