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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

It's cold season

Well, November has finally arrived, and my son is the first victim in the house to fall prey to a nasty cold. The por thing has a faucet where his nose used to be. He has "up " times, and is happy, but then those dreaded "bla"s happen. Duringthis time, he whines and complains, and just can't seem to figure out just what he wants (Lord knows I'd give it to him just to quiet him down!!!). The wife took baby Lance (now a little over a month old), to shop for a new car/truck/minivan. She seems hooked on either a Dodge Caravan or a Chrylser Town and Country. I think it'd be totally ironic if she ended up with the Town and Country. The hearse that I've been modifying, fixing up, or pimping if you a 1977 Chrysler Town and Country. It's a very rare hearse. Interesting that it evolved into a minivan from a station wagon.

Let's see..what else......I fixed the windshield wipers on the hearse today. The last time I had used them( and they broke on me) was over 5 yrs ago. Hard to imagine that the car has just sat in the driveway for that long.

It's starting to get down to around 45 degrees(F). The dog has the garage to sleep in, but it's still gonna start gettign rather cold in there. Tomorrow I gotta decide on whether to make her a super dooper insulated dog house....or figure out a way of keeping her in the kitcken overnights. Kitchen is perfect to keep her....tile floor( I say tile cause I cant figure out how to spell linoleum right), back of the house. Only problem is the kitchen is where the cats food and potty are located. Ohh....perhaps I should describe thier potty. I had the standard sized kitty litter box. After one day, they'd fill it up(3 cats), and each morning (like clockwork) of those little fuzzy bastards would shit on the floor right outside the entrance to it. So.....I invented the CrapMaster 2000. I took a HUGE rubbermade storage container....cut an entry hol ein it, and VOILA..the Crapmaster 2000. It easily holds an entire box (40 lbs) of litter....and now I can go about 4 days without seeing poop on the floor. get back to the doggie story....moving the Crapmaster 2000 is a rather big task. Also, keeping puppy OUT of the CM2000 is an issue too. We'll see how this one works itself out.'s almost midnight now.....time to get somethign to eat and watch some tv. Need to wind down from a great night at Jujitsu and Kung Fu.


  • At 9:21 AM, Blogger Grant said…

    Shelby has had a runny nose too, now it is cough. Melinda and I have not caught it yet, Thank God. I will Pray for Darth Logan to overcome the darkside (his cold) and regain his Positive Force.

    A mini-van? Would Elvis drive a minivan? I don't think so...Elvis would drive a Pink Escalade!

    Good luck in your Karate/Kung Fu classes...Grasshopper.


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