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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Car crash

Last night, after leaving a resteraunt, a minivan tried to turn in front of us, and we smashed head first into them. The driver of the other car was given tickets for everything that they could throw at her...including being arrested for driving on a suspended license. And of course, bitch aint got no insurance.

Things like this never seem to hapen when you're alone in the car. Or in a car that you really don't like. We were in the wifes truck (Chevy Blazer), she was driving , and both the babies were in the back. Wife got taken to the hospital , and we demanded that both babies be checked out. Few hours of waiting later, all were cleared with no injuiries. With the exception of a smashed truck....we suffered no loss except being scared and having to wait 4 hours before finally getting home.

The right front area of the truck took the worst hit (and damage). Thankfully, this was were I was sitting. The right front of scruched up , and the only thing remaining fron the original "front" of the truck is the drivers headlight.

So, we are all safe at home....with a wrecked truck in the redneck woman in jail,(did I mention that she also had warrants out for her arrest?)......and no insurance company to sue.

Within seconds of inpact, I assessed the wife and ids and knew that there was no major damage. But I gotta tell you, it was all that I could do to keep from going after the driver of the other car...and ripping her out through her window. Amazing the thoughts that cross yoru mind in a split second.


  • At 8:03 AM, Blogger Grant said…

    Sorry to hear about the damage done to your Blazer. I'm glad to hear y'all are all right. I hope y'all have uninsured motorist coverage. If so, have your insurance companies lawyers go after her.

    Happy Halloween...the devil is chewing my butt today also. Major plumbing problems at the rent house and I have a cold.


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