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Thursday, September 30, 2004

End of day 3

I saw that the previous post said Sept 30th, but that was only because it was posted after midnight. Today is actually the 30th, being day 3 in the life of Darth Lance.

Took Logan to the hospital today in the mourning. He got a bit antsy, so we left for home, and took a nap. (Nap was supposed to be for him, but I crapped out next to him as well). We gathered up 4 rolls of film (some from Lance - some from previous zoo trips) - got them developed, and took them to the hospital to show momma. Logan did pretty good, only occasionally getting fussy at not being able to touch things. We eventually came home, watched WHeel of Fortune and Jeapordy - then I put him down for the night. I've noticed that he doesn't wake up around 1am if he is allowd to stay up till8-9, instead of putting him to bed around 7 like his mom does.

Another night of missed classes at the dojo. Testing for white sash is going to be soon (undetermined day as of yet) - hope he didnt decide to test early! It's weird - only been back into training "fullforce - and full spirit" for 2 months now (at this dojo), but when I miss class, it makes me feel very lacking. Not just a matter of "I have to go to class", but rather a feeling of knowing that some piece of wisdom was made avaliable for me, but I wasn't there to bring it home with me. A discussion was made recently on another blog I follow -( about how you perceive your training. Do you go to class when you don't feel like it - do you take a break - and such. That's a wonderful thing about cross training like I am. It's never boring. The jujitsu class is only for 1 hour, and goes by SOOO fast. The Kung Fu class is always making me look at my abilities, and go one step further than I ever had before. . The open mat time allows me to get ready for the TKD test coming up in 2 weeks. Gonna need the grandmas (both of em) help over the weekend when Im out working. Gonna also need them to stop over come Monday, so I can sneak off to class! (The wife had a c-section - and will need help not only with the new baby - but with 21 month old Darth Logan as well, when it's nite nite time).

I bought a neat blue racecar bed off of Ebay - a toddler bed. Once I post this, I have to dig to the back of the garage and bring in the bassinet for Lance. Think I might bring in the toddler bed for Logan as well. That way, if he craps out when Im not home, it'll be easier to put him on a low laying bed, rather than lift him into his crib.

Well, having said that, and havin heard that growlign from my tummy, Im off to the kitchen for a late night TV dinner, then off the the garage to bring in those baby beds.


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