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Monday, September 27, 2004

Day of preparation

Went to Walmart today, and got all the last minute "gonna need em's". Mostly just things like infant socks and an outit to bring the baby home in. The master plan for tonight is to end up over the inlaws around 6pm (close to Logan's bed time). Hopefully, he will fall asleep without too much fuss. That way, he can spend the night there, and we can get a good start in the mourning. We're scheduled for 9am, but they want us there around 7am. It just hit me though, that if we both go over to the inlaws, I'm going to miss jujitsu and kung fu class tonight. That part sucks. But, martial arts teaches us "balance".

That's all for now. I'd put pics of the unborn up sooner if the hospital had WIFI (too much to ask for , I guess). So I'll be taking them and uploading them in a day or so [after (s)he's born.]


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