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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Star Wars compared

I've watched the first dvd (Star Wars), and it is pretty clear. Of course, I compare it with my memory, not side by side with the vhs tape. But I found a few websites that are really neat - they have a side by side comparison of all 3 versions (original vhs, special edition vhs, and new dvd release). Drunk Uncle George even changed the damn movie again - so the dvd version my son will watch is not the same as what I saw as a child. Ex: Greedo still fires first, but the response shot is much faster. I'd recommend searching google for the web sites that show the quailty difference, as well as the CONTENT differences. I watched my original vhs copies to death. I bought, but never bothered to open (or watch) the special edition. The dvds will never be more than 4 ft away from the player.

I popped Star Wars in this mouring - and the baby was captivated! I was 7 yrs old when it came out - and if captivated me. He sat there, on my lap, entranced at 21 months old. Touching moment for me. We also re-enacted some of the scenes with my 12 inch action figures that I let him play with. The Jawa atttack was the most fun - R2D2, C3PO and the Jawa chased each other around the living room while he laughed and giggled. The Force is strong with this one....

TODAY: We (all 3 of us) went out to Wendy's for lunch, then played at a local park for an hour or so. I got snubbed by the moms group. No biggie. Then off to McArthur mall for a dads club meeting (that I was the only person to show up for). But the play area there was really nice. Gonna have to go back to play there again some time (they charge for parking). A quick stop off home for a nap, then to Pizza Hut for dinner, and then fast asleep. I booked 2 telegrams for tomorrow - got the costumes and paper work in the car ----just gotta get up early and blow up all the balloons. Hard to do when you're still half asleep.

No karate/kung fu/tae kwon do today - needed to rest a bit . Knee's hurting a bit, as well as a thigh muscle. I must have overdone it a bit last class.
******************Less than 1 week to go for the unborn arrival!!*******************


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