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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Early bog today

Had some time, so I figured I'd post early today. The rain washed out a $400 event. It got postponed, and downgraded to $175. That sucks. Still have an hour party today - and a telegram tomorrow -so the weekend isn't a total loss. I just hope we don't have bad weather next weekend. Lotta work booked - and all of it's outside!

Went to breakfast with the family this mouring. Fed birdies - and now it's nap time for Darth Logan. Wife said that her contractions are definitely becomign stronger when she has them - but they are not happening faster (like what would indicate actual labor - baby time).

Well - I have a bit of time before work - gonna go study some TKD stuff.

Ohh - wife just walked by and said that they little one is fast asleep ---but won't let go of his baby. Gotta get a pic of that..


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