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Friday, September 17, 2004

Ordinary Friday

Pretty eventless day - spent the day with Darth Logan. Went out on a few errands, like ot pay this months fee/dues/tuition at the dojo. Later we all (Logan, Al, me and my mom) went to a buffet for dinner. Rain is comin - hurricane warnings have started. Looks like my work for the weekend will be rained out. It sucks when moonwalks get rained out. Easy money, but only if the sun shines.

I gotta start hunkering down on the TKD stuff. If I can get my act together - I can test for a pretty high belt in October. Gotta figure out what I definitely know - to see what belt I should start with, and cram all the info to be able to test for the next highest one. Gotta learn 1 or 2 new forms - and memorize (in order) a buncha self defense techniques. Shoud lbe easy - but it's a lot of stuff. Also, I've learned the self defense techniques before - but with more detaisl/more intracses(sp?). Gonna be hard remembering to stop with a block and a kick , when you're used to doing a 7 step combo! So for anyone keeping track, I've passed the yellow belt test in jujitsu, will be testing for my white sash in Kung Fu in a month or two (when he decides to test us), and need to cram for the TKD test on Oct 9th. After the TKD test, I will be either a low blue or high blue belt, with only 2 degrees of red standing in the way of my black belt. Weird though - I joined up because I wanted my black belt. I wanted to finally have it - to be able to say "YES - I finally made it". After seeing the requirments for TKD, and compared it with what Im learning in the KF and JJ, the black belt in TKD seems almost too obtainable. But , one way or another, I will need one if I plan to start my own dojo some day. Most people don't care WHAT your black belt is in - as long as you have one. I used to care - now I just want one. Not purchased from Ebay or anything - actually earned. Just wish (in a weird kinda way) that there was more required for the black belt in TKD. I have years of experience - but will now look at a black belt holder in TKd with less , i dunno, respect? Maybe respect is not the right word - with less "awe". HAving a shodan in TKD will certainly mean less to me than if it were in Kenpo - or, when I test for my belts or sashes in JJ and KF, they will mean more to me. Weird feeling. Almost like a black belt in TKD is like a lifetime achievment award. You've done abunch of stuff - so here's a reward.

No offense to any of you TKD people out there.


  • At 2:42 PM, Blogger BBKidd0 said…

    Friday was actually my birthday!

    I used to feel that way about TKD, which is why I never walked down that road. (No offense to TKD, by the way) At this point in my life, to get a black belt in ANYTHING would be a major accomplishment.

    Do you know anything (I am spelling this WRONG) about Wah Rang Do?


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