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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Some late night enlightenment for my martial arts readers

Passed my belt test tonight in jujitsu. My technique is pretty good - but I think my breathing can use some work. There are times when I am focusing on the technique, and realize that I'm a bit winded. I have good recovery once I realize - just a bit embarrassed at realizing I'm messing up something so simple as "breathing".

Some enlightenments that I may be able to share tonight ---- when practicing jujitsu - always start with a relaxed state. It is easier to move from, and presents a more deceptively advantagous situation to the attacker. If you look big, your opponent will expect strength. If you look meek and relaxed - your opponent will expect nothing.

If anyone has/or IS taking Snake Fist boxing - or Shaolin Kung FU - it occcured to me tonight that you can use "numbers" to practice Following my thinking for a moment. You learn the "floating snake" - you learn snake both with paml down - and with palm sideways - snake goes both high and low - SOOOO if you envision a BIG number in front of you, trace that number with your hand, while holding the form of the snake. The number 3 (for example) if started at the top, like you would draw it, would start with your hand on theupper left - and make 2 circular motions from right to left - just like if you had a pencil and wrote the number down. A number 7 would have a swift motion from left to right - then drop at an angle.

Another thing that I thought of was that it would be really neat to create a form (kata or poomse - all the same thing) coreographed to a few songs. I was driving, listening to "Slow" by Kylie Minoug(sp?) and also a song called "My immortal" by Evanescence. For SLOW I thought of a bo staff form - ---for My Imortal" I thought of a slow , flowing kung fu form. On a side note, when I had heard the song My Immortla before - its an ok song. But I pulled up the lyrics and read them as I listened this time. Enlightenment. Sounds like the song was sung buy someone who lost a loved one (perhaps by death). But the on thing that struck me was the following line:
You cried , I wipe away all of your tears,
You 'd scream, I'd fight away all of your fears,
I held your hand through all of these years
but you still have all of me.

If you were to change BUT in the last line to AND, it really sums up how I feel about Darth Logan. Wipign his tears when he cries - assuring him when he is scared - holding his hand - and giving him all of me. I actually started to cry when it thought of it that way. Little man is such an important part of me. Of course, to any macho readers , I can simply explain this touching sentimental moment as a bit of "chi" leakage.(hehe). I have 2 headbands that I wear when I practice the arts. Each has japanese characters (symbols) on it. One is for Ronin (water people) - lordless Samurai - a term/title passed on to my buy my first sensei. It reminds me that I have no master - that I am to act honorably - and that I am to act alone (responsible for my own actions - but also to acheive to any and all costs - total commitment to a cause). The other is for Dada - this is what my son calls me. It is to remind me of my duty - my commitment - that it is important for me to walk a path worthy of walking with my son down. When I see the kanji /katakana in a mirror - it reminds me why Im there - to better myself not just fo rme - but for him too. Tonight , I think he would have been proud of Dada.

Well - enough ranting from Grasshopper - --Master Po says "lights out" - so till tomorrow - may your cups never be empty, may your path always be enlightened, and may you never be behind some jackass at 7-11 who wants the only damn brand of cigarettes that are currently out of stock.

PS --heres to hoping that Im not woke up by a phone call tomorrow like the one I got today - telling me that "It's time for baby!!". I still need a day or so to charge all the camcorder batteries!!!


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