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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Still here

Damn Windows SP2 !!! My system is better now, but Microsoft doens't get any thanks for it. SP2 trashed my operating system. What I ended up doing ( to save all file on the hard drive) was to install a second hard drive ( a new empty one), and reinstall windows from cd to the new drive. All my old stuff is there, just on a different drive. And it actually runs a bit faster now. Tomorrow, I start the long task of backing up all the files that should oughta been backed up already.

DAMN HOLIDAY !!! The dojo was closed after 6pm today - just as I got free to go there. Closed Saturday and sunday AND MONDAY too. Dammit! I enjoy my time there.

Took Logan to the zoo today . He ran ALL OVER! We had a blast - and it pooped him out real good for his nap.

As fate would have it: I only have 1 job (ONE JOB!!) booked for this month . A dj job on the 25th. A Saturday. And DAMn if that aint the day the doctor scheduled us to have the baby. Pissed me off! We've been asking for 2 months now " When will we schedule the C section?". We keep getting "We do that later". Then, with NO 25th burned into my short term memory, he says "Ok we have baby on 25th." I told him we NOT have baby on 25th, unless we have baby after 7pm when Im done working. For a few days, I carried around a bit of guilt - at having to rearrange my childs birth ( a very important day - that I MUST be in attendance to, by my own standards) for work reasons. But then I got to thinking- my problem isn't with "baby time" - it's with the Dr.'s schedule. If he'd have taken the tim eto listen - or kep me "in the loop", we wouldn't have had to switch days. They phoned yesterday, saying that they were able reschedule us for the 28th. (Imagine someone huffing and puffing, like they just mowed your back 40 acres with a push mower). Glad to have a date set - pissy to me made to feel bad at moving it around due to work. We're all taking bets on whether or not the baby will wait that long. Full term would be Oct 3rd. I just hope it doesn't decide to POP out on the 25th, just to spite me!
Oh tat reminds me - I gotta take a look at the horriscope month charts - and se if my moving it from the 25th to the 28th changes anything.

Off to Google - night all


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