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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Not much goin on

The wife had to go off this mourning (stuff to take care of at her job), so the baby and I had some time alone. We watched Karate Kid again (we have GOT to find 2, 3 and 4 !!) Gonna try to get him to watch the Lion King, or Beauty and the Beast. If he don't like those..there's always Top Gun. At least he kinda allows me to watch my Kung Fu season 1 dvd's occasionally. (I ordered a black Kung Fu uniform from Ebay.....gotta find a way of getting a grasshopper patch, or embroidery on the chest!!)

Today - Darth Logan and I just chilled round the house till about 11 or so. Then it was off to Boston Market for some lunch. I got 2 kids meals..and we split them. Works great. Gonna be hard to split things 3 ways once the new baby arrrives...but at least for a while he'll/she'll be on formula.

Went to China Sea Buffet for dinner ( chinese food and all you can eat crab legs.). My mom came along. Good food, pleasant conversation..all went well.

Just came in from the car - earlier, I was off to my Kung Fu class.....when the check engine soon light came on. I was only a block from home - and got a weird feeling to to risk it. So I returned home and played a bit with the baby before his bed time. The trouble light won't come on now. Maybe it was a fluke - maybe iut will return tomorrow....or maybe divine intervention . Who knows. I missed a night of martial arts class....but had fun with my son and kissed him goodnight. Everything takes a back seat to Darth Logan.

Not to leave you stuck sharing my boring day - I leave you with this quote:
TIME -flies like an arrow - - - - - - - FRUIT- flies like a bannana

(Think about that one!)


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