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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Wanna watch Babar? Wiggles? OUCH ! MY SHIN !!

I couldn't be more proud of the baby. He can tell you if he wants to watch Babar the elephant by saying Ba-ba-ba-ba-babar. Or the Wiggles by wiggling his fingers. But WATCH OUT if he wants to see The Karate Kid. He starts kicking the hell outta anything in reach with his right foot. And says "Kick - kick - kick". It warms my heart! After watching it today (and I'll return to movie issues in a sec) - we (Darth Logan and I) visited the Chuckie Cheese Karate dojo. Had about 3 minutes to talk to the director before a bus load of children pulled up and filed in. Long enough , at least, to pick up a free uniform that their website offered (along with 3 free classes). Logan loved it there- all the pictures of Spiderman, baby hulk, Daredevil..all the kids to chase after. Got me thinking - maybe this aint such a bad idea. It seems like there are 2 options in my area - 1. Train at a place that is strict, and may overlook you for testing, and focuses on one style. or 2. This place - which doesn't seem like it will "teach" me much (in Taekwondo) - but will allow me the flexibility to practice whatever I want to (open mat for adults is wherever we want). Teaching will be in Jujitsu and Kung Fu styles. Once I get Shodan (black belt), I may consider opening my own small dojo. (Just dont feel right doign it without earning a shodan - credibility and all). They even say that they will teach weapons - and actually called it a SAI. God, that urks me thinking of that beotch from the US TKD center insisting it was a Chinese Fork. Someone should strap her ass to a chair and make her watch the Ninja Turtles Movie - over and over and over. SAI dammit! Okinawan! Not Korean! Not Chinese! Duh. **Warning - the rant you are experiencing is about to come to a stop - please remain seated***
I offered a trade to the Director - since they are non -profit - and seem like a day care - I offered to give them moonwalk rentals and DJ their events in exchange for free tuition. For the life of me, I still can't remember which way her head rattled! She said something about the owners having a comic book store behind the dojo....then a swarm of kids flooded in. Holding this womans attention is like holding a handful of sand - it just sliiiiiips away. She gave me a medium weight (yeay!) uniform - but the wrong size pants. (I wear 6 top- but 5 bottom). When I told her just to keep them, that they wouldn't fit - she declined - and explained how to hem them. That's so odd - they are offering a free uniform - gave me a MEDIUM (not a lightweight) one - then declined when I tried to give part back to them. It didn't seem business savy - but it did seem very polite. [US TKD Center charged me $39 for 4 classes (now $59 cause they raised their rate) , and gave me this cheap ass uniform that is so scratchy (canvas type material) that I cant wear it.] I may not get direction from these people - but they are friendly.

Im considering singing up. I'll go for another free class - then see if they are willing to trade - or at least do a short term (3 month) contract. That way, I can get a better feel for it - and not be locked in for a year. Still need to see how Unborn Baby Frye will change the family schedule/dynamics. 7 weeks to go! Boy? Girl? I don't care - it will enjoy 80's tunes and learn karate like Miagi did ...."Father teach".

Oh - movie rant from above : In The Karate Kid - they move from New Jersey to Raceda cause the mom has a new job. He tells the "gate guy" - the one he hits with the kick to open the gate door - that his mom got a job in computers "Building rocket ships of something". Next scene - she a lowly waitress! Talking about how she's being considered for "manager trainee". Hello! Is there a Directors Cut somewhere that explains how she lost the other job? Or did I just miss something.
ALSO - there are basically 5 bad kids (Cobra-kias). Johnny, Dutch, Tommy, Bobby - and who the hell is Tony O'Dell? He plays a character named "Jimmy" according to a cast list - he's the silent, forgotten Cobra Kia. He can be seen dead center of the group, when Daniel tried to get the teacher to tell them about the indians. Other than that - I got no clue where he is. The skeleton scene is a blur to me - they all got the same outfit on, and are built alike. Johnny is the chief bully. Dutch has the Elvis hair. Tommy is the tall smiling dork. And Bobby wants to stop the asswhoopin- and is the one who pegs Dan's knee in the tounament. I guess Jimmy is the forgetfull one who forgot his lines too damn many times 0 and had his Big Line taken away from him?
On a KK search - I found a site with someone as bored as I am , and he has some intereting questions as well..

Well - enough for tonight. Tomorrow , the Emporess and the Wicked Witch of the west have a lunch date to shop for clothes. Good riddance. It'll give the miniature Dark lord and I a change for some serious play time - ball in the house - coloring the wall with crayon - and of course, watching the Karate Kid.
Night all - good night Grant - good night saga - good night John Boy...


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