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Monday, August 09, 2004

20 hours in a fur covered bucket

What a weekend - and man am I glad it's over. In the last 3 days, I've spent a combined 20 hours wearing a complete fur bodysuit, with a fur covered bucket in my head - and walked aournd the mall (up and down and back up then back down..bla bla bla) - waving at people and giving hugs. I know - you're thinkin "Oh yeah - real tough job", and it really is - but after all that time in costumes, your feet hurt - your neck hurts - and your've vision takes a while to return to normal. Each of the costume (1 new one each hour) allows you to see out of it at different angles. Only 1 allows you to see straight ahead. All other require that you turn your head from side to side to see. Didnt get to spend much time with the little one - and that sucked. But tomorrow is a whole new day ( and one that Im not dressing up in fur for !!)

I get to try out the new dojo tonight - tkd class - juijistu class - kung fu class. The website says that you get 3 free classes to try them out. I hope they don't count Mondy as all 3. It really does help to go a few night, and see how things are before making a commitment. If you only go 1 night - and it sucks - you may have a wrong view of the place. Or the opposite - you may have been there for the 1 good night in a whole suck year! But we shall see........we shall see.

Denstist appt on Tuesday to start work on this toothache (actually - bad tooth - it's been pretty timid since my first visit - I think it's scared). After the dentist appt - if he don't mess my mouth up too bad - I hope to check out the Aikido dojo class.
Well - Now Im off to bed..
PS. thanks for the kinds words of encouragement Grant .


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