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Monday, July 26, 2004

Rough day

First day that the wife has been home all day in a while ( no skool for her this week).  We slept in late, as did the baby. Olive Garden for lunch .  He took a mid-day nap, and we went out to eat with my mother to IHOP.  The poor baby spewed all over the table, right before the food got there.  Luckily, we had a change of clothes for him.  It's weird..Im the one that has to clean it up, but all I could do was feel sorry for the little guy.  He had not only this sick look about him, but looked like he was worried that he was in trouble.  We kept reassuring him that it was ok -that dada would take care of everything.  Got him changed - got the food to go - and brought him home.  We have a 9:30am dr appt for him tomorrow.  The wife's assleep - she'll have to tend to him tomorrow.  I'm keeping watch over him tonight.  He stirs alot, grunt, just seems really wrestless.  Hasn't woke up yet - I got a sippy cup of water for him when he does.  He's been sleeping face down, so I haven't been able to feel his forehead.  His legs seem ok - and his neck seems warm to the touch.  I don't want to go for the forhead, for fear of waking him.  Better to be sick and asleep, then sick and awake.

A few more minutes, and I'll check on him again.  Been leaving this entry to do so occasionally.

Oh  - I've been in contact with another Shannon Frye.  Really nice girl. Now if I could get the others to chime in, it'd be nice.  Been checking the ShannonFrye blog, and nothing new yet.  Maybe it just takes some time.


  • At 10:28 AM, Blogger Grant said…


    I hope Darth Logan feels better, soon. Great Job, with the puke incident. I hope the wife and you, have a good week, with her being off.



    Heal little Logan, of the virus that is attacking his body and restore him, to his normal, healthy, happy condition.



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