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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Just another manic Monday

Darth Logan has a bit of a cold, so he woke up last night at around 3am.  I went to get him, so Al could sleep (she had skool today), but as soon as the baby sees her, he has to be by momma.  So she didn't get much sleep last night.  He was fine for me most of the day - nose a little runny, and a bit clingy, but nothing too unmanagable.  Cept for when we went into the backyard to play, and he opened the gate (allowing the dog to escape).  She went on a "tour de'hood".  I got the baby in my left arm, finally catch the damn dog, and have no leash.  Can't hold her collar and march her home - it started to choke her. SO I had to hoist her up in my right arm.  Must looked funny - t-shirt and shorts, no shoes, baby in one arm, medium sized dog in the other, walking down the street.  Oh well - at least the situation was remedied with humor, and not too much trouble.
TKD UPDATE:  I guess for every performer on stage there must be an agent offstage. (I just watched Jerry Maguire!)  It would be horrble if things were reversed, but while the "mat" area seems really nice (meaning that the class is run well, and I like it) , the "office" seems to be in need of work.  When I first signed up (I gathered info , then came back a week later), the trail cost WAS $39, but had been upped to $59 in the week that I waited to return.   I went to say "Thank you   but goodbye", but she offered to give me the lesser price.  (Good thing).  Later that night, in my first class, she came in to ask a question to the head hancho, then started to complain that it was HIS decision, and she's just trying to run the office.  Turns out someone came in for a trail, like I did, and had a coupon for $39.  She was throwing a fit over $20. How cheap.  Makes me wonder if the whole business would come crashing down over $20.  THEN, she sets an appointment for me to come in and discuss "per month" fees and "how many classes a week" options.   She sets the appointment NOT after I finish my 4 trail classes, but rather 15 minutes before my final class.  Seems to make more sense to let me finish all 4 classes...THEN hit me with the sales pitch.  ANYWAY_ I show up, and she is planning some wedding. She was bothered that I disturbed her.  She checked her calander, and told me that someone crossed my name off.  Shitty way to run an office.    We set another appointment tomorrow (at MY convenience...well, actually at Logan's convenience.  She wanted a time during his nap time, and I told her no way.)  Let's just hope that the "mat" part doens't start to floow how shoddy the office appears to be run.
I picked up a chest protector (used for sparring) on Ebay for $20.  Need one for the Thurs & Fri sparring class.  I bought all this damn sparring equipment (hand covers, feet covers) , and all they wear is this big ass chest protector, and cloth styled slip-on shin and instep protectors.  Im used to a bit more coverage of the foot.  I was sparring a black belt in the Fri class, who ran all over the place like a 3 yr old at a toy store.  I had to overextend my kicks to get anywhere near him.  We clashed at one point, and he jammed up 2 of my toes.  May have broke them, but I only hobbled around for the next day.  I can move them, even though they do have this really pretty purple color to them.  Next time, my strategy wil be to stand there and make him look stupid (and not to overextend my kicks!)
UNBORN UPDATE: Everythign is still fine.  Im starting to get a little worried though.  A month ago, I told Al that Im afraid that the baby will not be born "happy".  She asked what I meant, and I told her that between her stressful job, college courses, and her unamusment with me lately, that she had really started to turn into a grumpy bitch.  If the baby could sense her emotions, it was gonna be born just as pissy as she's been lately.  She took this well.  It still doen't easy my feelings that I've missed 7 months worth of talking to the baby, reading to the baby, playing music for the baby....all the stuff that I did for unborn Logan.  They say that at 7 months, the baby has been listening to us for a while now.  I gotta admit, Im scared that the baby hasn't heard me say much worth listening to.  Im not abusive, or verbally mean to her.  With Logan, we seemed more bonded during the pregnancy.  But afterwards, we started to kinda drift.  The baby was a major rift between us - once I was primary caregiver.  Everyone said that I was like a mother hen.  Watchful, making sure that everyone supported his head, that he was covered when we went out, - hell, I got a diaper bag that would make Boba Fett jelous.  I appeared to me that I was into my job (likie a champ) - and she just kinda made guest appreaances.  Between my being primary caregiver, and her ( I swear i really started to perceive this) treating me like my IQ was around my shoe size, I pulled away from her, and had a beautify baby to give my attention to.  We started to get a bit closer (she eased off treating me like I was a firggin moron)  just as she became pregnant with "the Unborn".  We have been getting better - but I still just don't feel that closeness that I want.  Ever make sure to ask someone how their day was, only to have then never ask you in return?  It's not spiteful - or intended meaness - just , um, neglectful. Sometimes it seems like all I got are my cats, my Son, and all those damn voices in my head.  And some of them don't even speak English!
Im looking forward to the challenges that another baby presents.  Good thing I got strong shoulders (physically and metaphorically!)
Well, this is a shitload more than I had originally intended to write.  But at least its good to document what's going on .  In case my kids want to read later what was in my head when I was this age. It may not be petty, but it'll showthen a human side, that we are all falible, and the best we can hope for is to wake up to greet the new day full of answers, after a night with meandering questions.  Time to go check on the baby.  My job - my pleasure - and my honor. I'm to give him direction in life - I wonder if he'll ever know how much direction he's already given me..


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