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Monday, July 19, 2004

Sunday, July 18th, 2004

Worked most of today.  Two magic shows and a "Bob the Builder" party.  When I showed up at the door, the father freaked.   He forgot that his wife had aranged for entertainment, and thought I was from the power company (and there to turn off his power).  Guess my costume looked real enough!
Logan has a bit of a cold.  I overheard him coughing, went to check on him, and ended up holding him for while.  Actually, he wanted to lay down with AL, but she's got skool tomorrow.  So when he was and back to me, we did the "joining you" sleep manuver. This is where he goes into his crib, and I lay down on the floor next to the crib.  He can see me, reach me if needs to touch my face, and I can talk to him or sing him to sleep.  It takes a bit, but its worth it.  I'll remember these days when Im older.  Most times, in my trying to "act" asleep, I actually do fall asleep.  SO I guess it's beneficial for both of us. 
Got a really nice pic sent to me of a dedication ceremony.  (I hope things went as well as the pics look they did, Grant! Congrats!!)   Started thinking of Logan's baptism again.  Haven't done it yet....the church wants me to be active at least 4-6months before they'd do it.  Just don't see myself as the church goin type anymore.  Not Godless.....just "churchless".  I try to view it not so much of that he is "without" baptism, but that he is "with" (or will be as he grows) much more knowlege of God and the universe than I ever had at that age.  All without the pressures of a man-made religion. God made man -man made religion. Anyways.... it's not my fault I feel this way - I was born with a "Doubting Thomas" gene which makes me's not a choice (HAHAHAHHAA).


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