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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

One step forward

Well - it's Tuesday, and still no word from the YMCA instructor. Guess my spidey-sense was tingling for a reason. Time to re-evaluate just how useful the Y is - maybe give it the boot. The instructor had my hopes up, with talk of getting the Y to hire me as an assistant instructor - which would mean free YMCA membership! That fizzled out, and she never told me. I still got Bally's for working out...and the big news....I'm trying the 2 week tryout at the Taekwondo place. Actually it's 4 classes (I KNEW there was a catch). Anyways - I went to class on Monday night - and it kicked my *ss! I felt like I actually had done something for the hour. They used deep stances (like karate does), have a middle outward block in their technique, seem very pleasant (large class) far, so good. I still got 3 more classes to go (one tomorrow night). I picked a regular clas, a breaking class , and a sparring class. (and one extra to make it 4). I hope to get a well rounded impression of what the skool is all about.

BABY UPDATE: Spent the whole day with Logan (Al had skool). Had a blast, as usual. I could fill the entire blog with all the things he does that make me smile!

UNBORN UPDATE: Same same. She says this baby is VERY VERY active. Just like Logan,it calms to my touch. She'd say (and still says) "It's kicking - come feel " and as soon as my hand touches her belly - nothing. But I actually did feel one kick. Seemed like a snapping front kick.


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