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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Normal day at work

Not a lot to report for today. The sun shined, and the son shined too. I had a few jobs today - a jester, Mickey Mouse, Pooh Bear, and a Magic Show. Little on the warm side today, but things went well.
Only problem today offered was when I looked over my cell phone bill and saw that I was being charged $7 for roaming. Suncom Att sucks. They have to have the weakest signal in the world. All the other companies keep snatchign my signal, so it's considered roaming. I have refuted and refused to pay any roaming charges over the last 3 yrs (I only stay with them cause they gave us new phones and a $10 per line/per month discount.) After disputing it with Customer Service, she told me to call back on Monday. I asked her what the hell she was answering the phone for, besides wasting my time, if I had to call back on Monday and go over the same shit. For some reason, when I get a either a black woman, or a hindu man on the line (as a cust serv rep) - I can never get shit done. The Hindu's take advantage over their lack of English to get you frustrated enough to hang up - and the black woman feel that she "got's enough shit goin on" she don't give a damn about some white guys problems. Sometimes I repeatedly call back until I hear clear english on the other end of the phone. It's a shame it's come to that.

Well - it's 2 am - watched Rocky 1 and 2 tongiht - and I got an Elvis Telegram tomorrow - Im off to bed.


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