Adventures of Darth Daddy

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Early post tonight

Decided to skip the YMCA Taekwondo class tonight.  Let's see if anyone notices. 
Spent the day with Darth Logan - Al had skool today.  We had a blast, as usual.  But Im all "Wiggled" out. 
Whoa - I just noticed...the Blog Board was down for repairs, and now there are all these "font/type" options. KeeeewL.
Logan is asleep....and all is well.  Time to go play in the hearse some more.  Logan has started asking to play in it when we walk past it.  Glad to see he likes/shows an interest in it.  Hope he stays that way!  I once again saw a few other herses on Ebay that perked my interest.  Caddilacs, that are bigger inside.  Very tempting to sell the Chrysler.  Tempting indeed!


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