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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Stopping for Direction (s) - Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The last post was actually made latelate Tuesday night. I can't remember what I did yesterday (cept is was another awesome day with Darth Logan!!)
I'm reminded of my graduate counseling program at Old Dominion University. Seemed like LPC (Licensed Professional Counselors) really had a chip on thir shoulder against LSW (Social Workers). Many times , I remember getting the feeling that Profs were conveying the message "See? We can do that too". When I did my internship, the only place I could find was with the enemy social workers.And I LOVED IT! I fit right in. And have much more respect for social workers (due to more training) than any counseling graduate. Anyways - I am now thinking that the training I got from the YMCA class was likened to the counselors. As a reference, it was suggested that I buy a book called "Modern Taekwondo", by Grand Master Soon Man Lee. We'd often look up things in the book. Turns out that they author of the book is none other than the Master at the Taekwondo skool I am "trying out". I knew this earlier, but had chosen "free classes" over "per month". But man what a difference. Not just in intensity, but in practical application. Master Lee is linked to Olympic TKD, and I had feared that everynight was nothing but sparring (Im really good at sparring, but want a more rounded and spiritual experience).
What Im experiancing is short of Jenny McCarthy asking me for a date!!
I was told a few times to lengthen my front stance. LENGTHEN!! YEAY!! I had scolded TKD for only using a "walking" stance...which is just, um, standing there. Also, they use horse stances - chamber the non-used arm back with palm upward (not raised up on the side of your face like a boxer). I even was told to chamber it farther back. WOW!
One thing** I was dead on balls accurate about this Korean chip on the shoulder of TKD teachers. I was warned by the assistant of the skool that they consider it(when you bring in anything japanese) insultive. So no wrap style uniform. Small price to pay.. No wearing the kanji for Ronin. This really sucks. It was a tradition passed to me by my instructor. I'll find a way ot sneaking it on my somewhere. ALSO, I couldn't find any decent headbands (before this latest TKD skool), so I make my own. I have one with the kanji for Ronin on it. And another with the katakana for "dada". This is what my son calls me. I feel inspired when I wear it. Coulnd't figure out howto put it in Korean character, so I ventured to ask the Grand Master myself (and himself). This is something that simply was not done, when I was under Hanshi Sensei Hamada at ODU. But Grandmaster Le seems so much more approachable. He wrote it down for to make a hachimachi. (BTW- no one else wears a this alone will make me either stick out like a sore thumb, OR allow me to express my compliance with TKD and Korean stuff, while still showing a sign of individuality. (Hopefully the later!)
In short (TOO LATE) - While I now questions wasting my time at the Y TKD class, it has at least pointed me in the right direction, and given me a head start. Thanks to the Y class, I now have a cd of all the katas (forms/poomse) up till black belt. They are all detail in the book, but it's soo much nicer to see it done with motion. If all goes well, and they let me wear my headband, I will be a happy camper. Still got 2 more classes to go in the "trial", but after 2, Im really liking what Im seeing.

Well....a really bad thunderstorn is rolling thru. Better go check on the doggies( we have ours, and are babysitting the inlaws dog). They seem to be getting along fine - but Pooh is scared of storms. I had to chain her up a while ago, to make sure she doesn't jump the fence and run away. This is the first time we've babysat her with gates up, and allowed her to roam freely. Roam freely - kinda like my friggin cell phone!! But that's another story for another night.....


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